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  1. And in the future it’ll be muchbeasuito go from ER to anywhere else then from the OR.
  2. SC_RNDude

    I'm shocked

    Whatever terminology is used should have been covered in hospital orientation.
  3. SC_RNDude

    HELP! I don't know what to do?

    If you know you want to be a doctor, spending time and money on nursing school is a very bad idea.
  4. SC_RNDude

    More proof (in case you needed it) that HCA is evil

    I can certainly appreciate that!
  5. SC_RNDude

    More proof (in case you needed it) that HCA is evil

    Not that it is all that relevant, just an observation....the one patient they talked to in the article was a married nurse who lives in Centennial. I'm making assumptions, but probably not poor and without insurance.
  6. SC_RNDude

    More proof (in case you needed it) that HCA is evil

    I'm sure you are aware in that DH and UC have a different mission and financial structure then HCA. I'm not a huge fan of HCA, but they aren't by themselves in wanting to shed some Medicaid business. That doesn't make them evil, imho. You are more knowledgeable about the field, so I'll believe you when you say there are plenty of midwifery practices that take Medicaid are are financially viable. I was only going by the article you provided. It seems then, there is an opportunity for someone to come in and fill the void, and probably do a better job.
  7. SC_RNDude

    Best RN Health Coach Program??

    If you haven't already, I would first figure out how and how much money you can make doing that first. My instincts would say it's not very lucrative.
  8. SC_RNDude

    More proof (in case you needed it) that HCA is evil

    Having worked for them, I have my own negative thoughts on HCA. "Evil" might be a bit strong, but they definitely run their business different then I would. Regarding this situation, the article indicates that many other clinics and midwives in the area also accept a very low number of Medicaid patients. I don't see that HCA is any worse in this regard then all those entities.
  9. SC_RNDude


    Yes, take more days off and during the same week. I guess I don't understand what the problem to be solved is.
  10. SC_RNDude

    Resignation, What To Do With Accrued PTO??

    I'm afraid your "little known loophole" is inaccurate. If it were true, I'm not sure how it would remain "little known". Your 401k and 403b will be taxed at some point. Even if you withdraw them after 55. What you are probably thinking of is the 10% penalty for early withdraws won't apply after 55. Getting the PTO payout to a retirement account isn't a bad idea, but I doubt it's possible. I doubt you can direct just that part of your paycheck to your retirement contribution. You could up your contribution amount, but then they would do that to your entire paycheck. And usually there is a max contribution. Something along the line of 15-20%. So, not really worth the bother. My advice is just not worry about it. It's just extra income that when all is said and done counts the same as the rest of your income.
  11. SC_RNDude

    Resignation, What To Do With Accrued PTO??

    While this will give you more cash now, at tax time it will only make your amount due more or your refund less. Check with your CPA? Just for my own curiosity, do many here have a CPA, and why?
  12. SC_RNDude

    Lost 15 yrs of Senority by changing departments

    If that's the policy, yes you push it! Some might be upset, but they all would do the same.
  13. It's debatable whether revenue has been impacted. However, it doesn't matter. There was negative publicity associated with it and many fans voiced their displeasure. A business has a right to be preemptive and protect themselves.
  14. While they might be different, both are bad for their employers. Everyone thinks the NFL is making a political statement, when in fact they were simply reacting to protect their business interests. The fans, who pay the bills including the salaries of the players, don't like the kneeling. Doesn't really matter why.
  15. SC_RNDude

    Resignation, What To Do With Accrued PTO??

    Yes, this is correct. When you do your tax return, your income from this job is going to be one amount. There isn't line items for hourly pay, pto, bonuses, etc. that are taxed different amounts. I here your concern all the time at work when people are cashing out pto or we are getting a bonus. It's discouraging to me how many people don't have a basic understanding of this works, and that they only seem to know about how much taxes they pay in how much us taken out of their paycheck and how much refund they get when they file tax returns.
  16. I agree with just about everything you said. However, as a business, his employer really had no choice but to fire him. I wonder how many people here who agree with his firing are also folks who believe the NFL players should be able to kneel for the national anthem? The nurse and the players are both expressing their opinion, and the way each if them is doing it is bad for business for their employer.

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