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  1. Whyknot

    Chamberlain FNP Program February 2016 acceptance

    Hi Featherbrown, I took Informatics and Nursing Theory together. This semester I am taking Health policy and Advanced Evidence Based Research. The first 5 classes are the same no matter what track you are taking. After that they specialize (FNP, Informatics, education etc). I should have noted in my post earlier that the classes (so far) are pretty heavily weighted on papers, and the discussion posts have to have sources and be cited in APA format. For me writing papers comes naturally, so that helped me balance everything.
  2. Whyknot

    Chamberlain FNP Program February 2016 acceptance

    Hi! I started Chamberain's FNP program in September 2015. I took the first class alone, as required, and doubled up the Nov/Dec semester. I am getting ready to start 2 classes for Jan/Feb as well. All of your e-book access is included in your tuition. I don't like e-books, so I have been using the "print on demand" option. For $16 each I get a nicely bound black and white soft back book. Well worth it to me! I work full-time as a hospice case manager. I also have an 11 year old and all his activities and horses and dogs and cats... whew! So far I have a 4.0. The classes are very well laid out and the electronic interface is very well done. I have been very impressed with the tools Chamberlain gives you to succeed. I never have to guess what is due when. It does take time, you have to stay on top of what is due when, and allocate substantial time to each class. I have given up TV and my weekends are not always spent doing what I want!! So far I am very pleased with the program. I have also found the financial aid and registration people more than helpful. So far no glitches with registering or paying. Overall I give the program thumbs up so far. Let me know if you have any further questions!!
  3. Whyknot

    What do I buy as a nursing student??

    HI, I am a first year nursing student. I live in a rural area and my cell provider does not offer the I Phone. I am looking at purchasing an I-touch. My Blackberry screen is not "user friendly" to my 40 year old eyes. I have looked throgh many posts and have not found the exact info I am seeking. Are there plenty of nursing apps for the I touch (drug guides etc)? Is it easy to use and read? Is there a better option? Should I just try to use my Blackberry? I am not overly concerned about having phone/PDA in the same package, as we are not allowed to use phones or text on clinicals anyway. Help?
  4. I am a new nursing student, though not a new human being, nor a new student. You well stated answers to some concerns I had, and clarified some things I might have. Well done. Only flames are to you as a "hot" instuctor!
  5. Whyknot

    I just lost my brother, hoping to get some feedback

    Story I don't really want to post... Losing my brother to cancer (he is 34). Will probably not see summer, I am in my 1st semester. Reply privately, I would like to share. dennali2000@yahoo.com
  6. Whyknot

    If we had a conservative nurses forum

    I am a student Nurse, non-traditional (40). Very conservative.
  7. Whyknot

    Pregnancy during nursing school

    Hi, I have a BS degree in Business I got when I was 28 and am just now (I am almost 39) taking the pre-reqs to get into a nursing program. I had my son when I was 2 months from 34, and I felt I would have had PLENTY of time to have had more if that is what I wanted. My advice, and that is all it is, is that you have time to finish your program and then have a little one. With the flexibility nursing offers, you should be able to find a position when you are ready that works with what you want out of motherhood. So get your certification then have the kiddo then look for the big job. I caution against having a child while in the program just because the emotions are so intense, and nursing is such a demanding program, that you may lose your focus and drive for a while after the babe comes. Given that, each age of the child has it's own pros and cons as far as what you want to be with and away. My son is now 5 and I am more than ready to jump back into school and work, but I was DEFINITELY not interested 2 years ago. Good luck, and folks have made all types of situations work, just don't let anything scare you (like a ticking clock) into a decision that will put your plans on hold. One more point, I found out that my pre-req classes had an expiration date of anything form 3-10 years, so if you wait too long, or have to drop out for a while, you may have to repeat more than you think.