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  1. One2gofst

    Morphine PCA

    Just a sort of aside, but if folks aside from the patient are pushing e button it is no longer a PCA, by definition.
  2. One2gofst

    What to do?

    That's up to you. I always ask the question when I can expect to hear something back whenever I speak to someone. This serves to avoid the crazy speculation about what might be going on. It also gives you justification for making contact and following up. If ey said you will hear on Tuesday morning and it is now Wednesday afternoon, no one is going to hold following up against you if you do it in a professional manner. It could even be seen as a positive in that you are proactive and thorough.
  3. One2gofst

    What to do?

    Why not complete the app for the second place. It isn't like they are going to offer you a job tomorrow and only give you 5 minutes to make a decision. Plus, more options is always better for the job seeker, IMO. Good luck.
  4. One2gofst

    How much pain medicine is too much?

    Judging the patient as a drug seeker and addict is not advocating for the patient, FYI!I don't think examining every option for the best possible pain control is a bad idea necessarily. However, what one person does when experiences pain is a horrible indicator of another individuals pain.
  5. One2gofst

    Morphine PCA

    In my hospital only the patient is supposed to use the Pca. If the patient is unable to use a Pca another method of pain control should be used.
  6. One2gofst

    Fraudulant charge, should I still apply?

    Most likely no one will vote in your "poll" as no one here is allowed to give legal advice. Your best bet would be speak to the board, the school and an attorney, not necessarily in that order.
  7. One2gofst

    Aviator Scrub Sizing

    Thanks for the input. Any others' input before I order in e next couple days would be appreciated as well.
  8. One2gofst

    How can I start with Oncology Nursing?

    Take my story with a grain of salt, but for me, it was just about applying to units. I graduated in Dec., passed boards first week in Feb. and was looking for jobs the whole time. Often I didn't even get an email that the units applied to declined me for interviews. As just would have it I applied to a lymphoma/leukemia floor and got a surprise call with phone interview on the spot. The interviewer called me in to interview with the nurse manager then a second interview with my recruiter. During this time I had another interview for another unit at the same hospital but much preferred this position. Got the job offer a couple weeks later. So, that's a long winded way of saying just apply, IMO. You have more RN experience than I do, even if it is in psych. Aside from that it can be a crap shoot about getting an interview. Myself I interview well and am very confident and that goes a long way. The hard part was just getting the interview. Best of luck in your job search.
  9. One2gofst

    Stethoscope for New Grad

    No knowledge about your particular needs. Just wanted to say I am jealous you get to use your own stethoscope. Working on a lymphoma/leukemia floor, most patients are on precautions and have a disposable in each of their rooms. I have a Classic II that doesn't get used :-(.
  10. One2gofst

    Aviator Scrub Sizing

    Getting ready to order some scrubs from Aviator and want to do my bet to make sure I order the right size the first time so I don't have to deal with the hassle of exchanging. I am 5'10" about 195 right now. My jeans are 34/32. When wearing generic scrubs I generally wear large pants and tops, but I have heard that aviator runs large. Looking at the sizing chart I am still not sure if I should stay with large or try mediums. Any words of advice from guys close to my size would be appreciated. Thanks
  11. One2gofst

    Is it True?

    I took my NCLEX (and passed) first week of this past February. As I recall the drug names were generally the generic and not the trade names.
  12. One2gofst

    Interviewers asked me about other job interviews...

    My apologies. I did not register that part of the post.
  13. One2gofst

    Interviewers asked me about other job interviews...

    I don't think that lying is the best idea to land a job.
  14. One2gofst

    Being a male nurse?

    Plenty of time buddy. I graduated my ABSN program and turned 30 last year. My advice will be to look at what you really want to do. I too love the excitement of emergency services. However, I do believe that nurses have better long term career prospects. While doing my prerequisites I also beame an EMT. It is a good way to get your feet wet. Understand that you might not be able to start in an ER depending on where you are, the economy and luck when you graduate. Also, once you get your RN you can always get your EMT-P as well, which makes you a good candidate for such high adrenaline specialties such as flight nursing. Bottom line, you are young and have time to do whatever you want. Best of luck with your decision.
  15. One2gofst

    will a titanium watch stop me from getting wrist rash?

    From another watch guy, make sure the stainless watches are using a high grade like 303 stainless rather than some cheap Chinese pot metal. That said, if you are super sensitive, high quality titanium is more hypoallergenic than high quality stainless. Have you tried something like a G-shock. Resin band with stainless back. If you break out only under the watch portion and not the bracelet we will know that it is truly a stainless allergy. As already pointed out, a cuff bracelet is also an option, though the chemicals used in leather tanning might irritate someone with very sensitive skin as well.
  16. One2gofst

    Is this a common feeling?

    IMO, you are doing too much. I am not saying the way I did it was the only way but I finished the NCLEX in 43 minutes at 75 questions and passed. All I did was Saunders exams over every content area. Go back and read the rationales. After a while you will start to get the same questions, but still think them through and understand why you are choosing that answer. Good luck.