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Anisettes has 26 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in ED, OR, SAF, Corrections.

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  1. Anisettes

    Most relevant specialties for nursing abroad

    Regarding OR nurses - you must be able to circulate AND scrub. Most of the overseas NGO's operate on the European model where nurses do both, unlike the US where most places hire RN's to circulate and scrub techs to scrub so nurses very rarely, if ev...
  2. Anisettes

    Terminated After Two Months!!

    I hope you hang in there and find your niche! Just a caveat though, I really wouldn't recommend jail or prison nursing for someone without at least a year or two of hands-on nursing care. Often you are alone (MD usually only comes at certain times o...
  3. Anisettes

    Etiquette in the OR?

    I've seen this happen quite a few times and I don't like it either. It's more than gossiping, it's something more, another level entirely and I don't like it. I have a strong personality (re: a *****, if you like) and I call people on their crap. The...
  4. Anisettes

    "Listening to nurses is key to being a good doctor"

    I love me some Ibee Grumpy. He's one artisanal doc...
  5. Anisettes

    Image book for OR set-up

    You know YouTube has videos of everything and guess what I found? and you'll find other videos on the same topic. Hope it helps
  6. Anisettes

    Image book for OR set-up

    Epona, I don't have an answer for you - but you might get more bites if you post this over in the Specialties section under Operating Room Nursing, I'm sure there is someone over there who'll be better able to help you. Good luck! Operating Room Nurs...
  7. Anisettes

    Patient died...

    As hard as it may to accept, we all are going to die one day. And many of us won't make it into our 80's even without all his co-morbidities. It's just the way it is. It might help if you remember that even when we 'save' a patient, it's not us that...
  8. Anisettes

    instructor says nursing is not for me..

    I agree. Almost 30 years ago I was told by one of the nursing instructors (at the school I ended up enrolling in) during a nursing orientation for PROSPECTIVE students, that she didn't think me and nursing were a 'good fit'. How this ridiculous woman...
  9. Anisettes

    Personal advice needed!

    I'm the last person who'd ever tell another that nursing isn't the field for them. I remember being told that several times early on - one of them was a nursing instructor on my admission board before I was ever even formally enrolled and she'd not k...
  10. Anisettes

    how does one become an OR nurse

    Only requirement is being an RN (any degree). You can't just 'drop-in' to the OR, though. Depending on your hospital's program you'll undergo a 6-9 month training period - paid on the job training. And because of that, most places require you to sign...
  11. Anisettes

    How to start the new job????

    First - take a deep breath. NEVER lie, if you don't know how to do something - admit it - then ask for assistance or information. I've been doing this for 20+ years and I still don't know even half of everything there is to know. There is NO shame...
  12. Anisettes

    What the what??

    I don't think this one is necessarily wrong, but I had an instructor who always said res-PYRE-RA-tory. She also said vege-TABLE which drove me equally crazy - strange how a non-nursing word was said so often that semester. Or maybe I only remember it...
  13. Excellent article. I don't want to die at this moment either, but neither am I afraid of it. Only, as the author noted "dying in pain or alone." Though I don't even really mind the alone part either, mostly the pain. I guess because I've never been a...
  14. Anisettes

    "That nurse is vile" (long)

    Hang in there. I know it doesn't feel like it, but the truth is that nothing, nothing that another person thinks, feels, does, or says is about you - it's about *them*, where they've been, how they cope, what they believe, etc... Whoever this patient...
  15. I've had several patients come in with shaving cream cans, potatoes, apples, etc... shoved up their butts. If they can get it in there, they'll try it out, though I don't understand the non-phallic shaped ones. When I would get them in the ER, they'd...