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  1. FLmomof5

    Retraining Displaced Workers As Nurses

    Regarding retraining into STEM fields....THOSE fields are ripe with outsourcing! I did IT for 18 yrs. I got laid off every 2 to 3 yrs during that period of time. My retraining into nursing was paid for by the state of Florida (Worksource). You can't send nursing care to a foreign country. Yes, you can bring foreigners IN, but you can't send the job out. This keeps work here. Now with honesty (hah) in talking to the Government, a glut of nurses looking for jobs should eliminate the H1B visas allowing foreign nurses to work here. We would have to hire our own. Yes, older nurses stayed or returned to rebuild their retirement accts. If they LEFT their $ in stocks (which caused them to lose so much), most of it would have returned at this point. (DJIA et al were 13 - 14K, dropped to 9K and back up to 12 - 13K) Once rebuilt, older nurses should take the advice of changing their portfolios to stable bonds so this never happens again. Since I entered the workforce in the 80s the financial planners always said, "stocks in the early years, stocks + bonds in the middle years, bonds at the end." It may have been hard to take your portfolio out of a system that was earning over 10% per annum in stocks and transition to lower yielding bonds.....but, you risked losing $ if you didn't. They didn't and they lost. At some point, the body gives out. Those older nurses will retire. We will need to replace them at some point.
  2. FLmomof5

    Bullying--The Other "B" Word

    Absolutely on target! Fantastic article and well put. As it was once said,"Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission." The fact is we have to own our choices on how we feel. Victimization has never helped anyone. Even a true Victim gets counseling to learn to cope and move past the pain and hurt.
  3. Such a lefist attack. I said that the left will promote the Muslim wearing a head scarf yet when a CHRISTIAN wants to say that they conform to their faith, the LEFT wants to force them to do otherwise in the interest of "freedom" of NON-religion. Hypocritical....don't you think?
  4. Yes. The Uneducated. That is what the pro-abortion group wanted. Don't let them know that it has all the parts of a person yet. In doing so, they will still abort. It is the LEFT that promoted this...NOT the right.
  5. FLmomof5


    @Diane... Here is the issue. There was a PTI, charges dropped, record expunged. This means that there was no formal conviction. This is why the BON states that you much claim these in very specific terms. Normally the benefit would come after the BON check and license award. Employers do not get to see the same "record" that the BON gets to see. There should have been no record of this on the background check and she should be able to tell employers that she wasn't convicted. {There MAY be an exception for certain types of employers, but I don't know this for sure.} Unfortunately, it is a day late and a dollar short for the OP. I would have recommended hiring a lawyer and refusing the PTI....I would have fought to have charges dropped. Sorry, OP, that you are having to deal with this.
  6. FLmomof5

    Married RN Considering Career in Air Force

    He can get a Civil Service job with his education....then he is always building his career as you build yours. BTW, YOU won't enlist. Officers don't enlist, we get commissioned! I LOVED the AF. My father retired as a LTC and I left as a 1LT...(Democrat POTUS evicerated the the military..... ) If I were still young, I would go back! My parents owned many homes during my Dad's career. Additionally, they have reduced the number of relocations that are required (last I heard anyway). Good Luck to ya!
  7. FLmomof5

    Nurses with criminal background

    I had 3 of those in 2003. I am a nurse....just not employed yet! You can do this!
  8. FLmomof5

    Finding a Job with a Probationary Status License

    Tiger, I feel your pain....but, much of what you say is not true. I have misdemeanor theft by check convictions. I was able to get employed...AND by a financial services company! I was able to get my nursing license in FL and have applied for a SC endorsement....and I have been applying for my first nursing job. Will my history make me ineligible? I don't believe so....but, it is possible and I will post here as soon as I get my first nursing job. You *are* correct about the legal system in some regards to what is happening out there. If the laws were the same when I was growing up, both of my parents would have been convicted of crimes. Yet, they are now enjoying their retirement: my mom from 35 yrs of nursing and my dad from being an officer in the USAF. Liberals have gone too far in "protecting" children and conservatives too far in continuing to punish a 'convict'. I found out that if you "strike" your child (regardless of age) anywhere but on the buttocks (in the State of FL), then you are committing battery/child abuse! Wow! Now, if they actually arrested every parent that has hit a child anywhere else, then we could simply put barbed wire around the state and the whole place could be a prison! If you convict someone, they serve their time...then you won't let them live in your neighborhood (any neighborhood), won't hire them, etc... what choice do we as a society leave them with?? Life will be a bit more challenging when you have a conviction, but it doesn't mean that you cannot succeed. Think positively. You can do this!
  9. FLmomof5

    MUSC New Graduate

    Just checked the status' the Neonatal ICU position is now "In Progress". That would be SWEET!:redpinkhe
  10. FLmomof5

    MUSC New Graduate

    Neurology/Neurosurgery Neonatal ICU Maternal/Infant Medflux Team I spoke to the NG recruiter before I applied. I had been wondering the wisdom of applying before I got my SC endorsement. She told me to apply now. She also expressed that I should definitely write a cover letter since they are getting about 60 apps per NG slot! I did write a cover letter, so I hope it helps distinguish me from the bunch. Just checked the current openings and all of the NG slots are gone. (She told me that they are usually open for only 5 days.) I hope to hear about an interview soon, then!
  11. FLmomof5

    MUSC New Graduate

    I have applied to a couple of openings at MUSC (New Graduate) positions. The status says, "Referred to Hiring Manager". I did a search and saw that in 2008, some new grads saw that status for 2 weeks. I am curious...how long does the application process now take in 2011 and if you aren't chosen for the positions, does the status get changed? I currently hold a FL RN license and have applied for licensure by endorsement. I would like to get working ASAP since my prior employer decided that it was time to end my contract. (I was a contract mainframe programmer.) It was good timing because I was getting burnt out (no vaca in 2 yrs and I was TIRED) and now, I can finally live with my husband!!!!
  12. FLmomof5

    where can a RN FIND A JOB WITH A FELONY

    Understand that this is a tight economy. If the hospital has multiple applicants: one without a criminal history, one with a misdemeanor history and one with a felony history....easy guess as to who gets the chance first!
  13. FLmomof5

    Do you do venipunctures as a nurse?

    Wow. I just graduated an ASN program this past August. We had to perform all our skills on dummies before being allowed to go to clinicals and then we were expected to perform all those skills while at clinicals. I performed numerous IV's and venipunctures. I was thrilled to get the vein I couldn't see on a very large pt and I got it on the first try! We did leave the seriously hard sticks to the 'resident Guru' nurse, though! Not all hospitals have ancilliary staff to perform these tasks. Even when they do, sometimes there isn't the time to wait for them. I knew there were some hospitals that don't have these done by RNs, but not even to TEACH it in school.....wow.
  14. FLmomof5

    How to get the BON to talk to me about misdmeanor?

    @Rose, I had 3 misdemeanors in SC and applied for a FL license. No delay. No hassle. Got my license 2 days after I took NCLEX. I really wouldn't worry so much. Give your explanation and show that after XX years, you haven't had a repeat...learned your lesson...etc.
  15. FLmomof5

    Pay rate is significantly higher...

    What I find unfair about HRs is that they are often unwilling to disclose what they may offer, but demand in an application for you to enter current income. This feature cost my father job after job because he was so highly paid at one point. Instead, he ended up fully retired. I would have no problem disclosing my current income, but I have been a mainframe (contract) programmer making $39/hr. So....I apply for a NG RN position in the south....and they could think, "Wow, she won't like our offer....and will leave for higher money at earliest opportunity"...and they would be wrong. It sux, but it is the system we have to work within.