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  1. FLmomof5

    BSN nursing informatics class

    Nursecasey2, you beat me to the punch! I am also taking the same class and need to interview someone in nursing informatics! Did you ever get a reply? Anyone want to help this student out as well?
  2. FLmomof5

    Who's ready for a hospital hurricane party!?!

    Our hospital has an exception for nurses that have family members that are first responders. My own situation is a bit odd.....my hubby is Active Duty National Guard. One of his primary roles is the planning, preparation and execution of hurricane plans.....but he is in a different state. His state getting hit doesn't mean that my state is getting hit. For that reason, I did not take the exemption. Check with your hospital, you may have an exemption and will not have to report.
  3. FLmomof5

    If you worked FT during nursing school...

    I worked an IT job (full time + OT) while going to t FT EVE/WE nursing program. Honestly, I used the weekend to catch up on all studies and assignments. I went straight from work to my evening classes. It was tougher during the first semester because we had more classes that term. I also had kids at home (teens) and a hubby in Afghanistan. You can do it. You do have to choose school over anything else though. During term 3, my youngest (HS) daughter asked, "When are we gonna do things together again?" I honestly replied,"August 2010"...my graduation day.
  4. FLmomof5

    Hospital Beep Syndrome

    Ahhhh, the joys of being hearing impaired! When I get home, I pull out my hearing aids......and the silence is blissful! :)
  5. I had a 2.1 at the end of my BE-EE/minor in Physics with 154 credits. The NS I attended counted your pre-reqs only (3.8) and your test score on the NAT. Choose the right school and you should have no problem.
  6. To highlight the examples above.... My brother makes 6 figures as a nurse in NYC (Manhattan specifically). His measley eff apt ran $3K/mo! Then there is the NYS income tax, the NYC income tax, 8.25% sales tax, yadda yadda. I earn $22.05/hr + diffs. (I am still NG status.) My mortgage on a 2K sqft 4 br 2 ba house is $1300. I pay no state tax. Sales tax is 8%. Gas is currently $3.47/gal (not sure what it is in NY right now, but I guarantee it is higher! ) Because of the housing market crash, you could buy my house for $70K less than I paid right now and the hiring of RNs is up here. If you have exp.....a specific hospital in this town pays $25 + diffs. We have a few good neighborhoods and 2 HS's in the top 10 in the country (they are magnet schools so your kids would have to have great grades to get in.) There are problem neighborhoods and schools so you would have to avoid them. The crux....I make far less than my brother but have a better purchasing power! Also, in many smaller areas, you may have census issues that cost you hours or PTO usage. Here...we never have census issues! In fact, my hospital allows OT if they have need and many nurses do it to pay off debt....including paying down their mortgages before retiring! With 'average' salary sites out there....I wouldn't give much credibility to them. They are usually higher than what you can expect to earn. Cost of living sites are fairly accurate. Cost of Living Calculator, Salary Comparison - CityRating.com this site says that if you earn $50K in Jacksonville, FL....you would need to earn $156K+ to have the same standard of living in NYC!
  7. FLmomof5

    Which shift do you prefer, 7pm-7am or 7am-7pm and why?

    7p -7a! I love the night shift. You are crazy busy until about 12, but then you can slow down, check charts, clean up stuff not done on days, get things ready for the day shift so their shift is smoother. Get your charting done. Check on your patients simply because you can! :) I try to work 3 in a row. This gives me 1 day to sleep and then a 3 day weekend every weekend (that my hubby doesn't work....'cause I choose to work that weekend too!) At my last hospital, I HATED having to wake doc up in the middle of the night, but at this hospital, the PA is the on-call person and the PAs we work with are pleasant! No grief and we get our jobs done and the patient gets tx he/she needs! Another cool thing is when we get a late admit to the floor, the teammates chip in to get all the paperwork done before days comes in! How cool is that?!
  8. FLmomof5

    Stopping patient care for another patient

    In the LTC where I worked, AO3 patients and those with demanding families got the priority because they COULD say bad things, file complaints, et. al. It was a sad state of affairs. In my humbleness, I will state that I no longer allow anything short of a code to interrupt a current med administration (I now work in acute care).....the reason why is that I allowed my precepter to interrupt me in the middle of a task (I had pulled meds but had not gone to the patient's room yet). Crux of it....I made a med error. I had to go to the ANM, risk management, the MD and the patient to 'confess' what happened. Ultimately, no harm. Thank God. It is a lesson I will never forget and never repeat.
  9. FLmomof5

    When the hospital cancels you for a shift...

    At my last hospital, this was a weekly/bi-weekly occurrance. We would be paid $2/hr for being placed on stand-by. Once on stand-by, you could be called in at ANY point during the shift. This seriously sucked because I worked nights. When you didn't end up going in (which was most of the time), you either went for the $2/hr or used PTO. At my current hospital, census is NEVER low! :) Sometimes a "bid-shifter" might be sent home @ 11P and his/her patients split among the rest of the staff, but I have never seen a regularly scheduled nurse called off. There have been times where our "extra nurse" (the bid-shifter) is floated to another floor. I am looking forward to being able to bid shift off my floor (you have to be with the hospital 6 mo to do this). Many of our nurses get 48 - 60/hr per week. In doing so, (like one nurse I chatted with) they have paid off all consumer debt! This same nurse, after paying off her consumer debt is now paying off her mortgage early so that she is completely debt free when she retires! BTW, this is at a not-for-profit religious hospital in a major city. We also have a 1-4 or 5 ratio on nights! (once in a blue moon, it might be 1:6 if a nurse called out and we couldn't replace the nurse...)
  10. FLmomof5

    Dismissed charges 3+ years ago in Florida

    In FL, CONVICTIONS are all that matter. I had a domestic arrest for which the charges were dropped. They presented NO issue in getting my license. I have been an RN since Feb 2011 and have not had ANYONE bring up the dropped charge and I have been able to get a hospital job. I think you will be fine.
  11. FLmomof5

    At what age do you plan on retiring from nursing?

    My plan is d/t nursing being a 3rd career choice... I am 50. I plan on working in the hospital until I get my MSN (by Aug 2014). I then plan on changing to VA or Navy(civilian) nurse....I have 5 years federal service, so I can retire 15 yrs later....(2019 or 2020). That makes me about 67 or 68.
  12. FLmomof5

    What advice would you give me?

    At 38 you are not that old. Also, I wouldn't necessarily rule out your prior college credit. At *47*(!) I started an RN program at the local CC. My first degree was awarded in 1984! The school transferred all eligible credits! I still had to take some pre-reqs but did those online. I got my RN at 49. I was lucky, insomuchas my local CC did admissions based on a point system, so no waiting lists. NG hiring was down when we graduated, but most of us had no problem finding jobs eventually. I went $20K into debt. Since the hospital has a tuition reimbursement program, I will be starting my RN-MSN in Jan. With the MSN, the original $20K will not be much of an impact against that higher level pay. I agree with the poster that said that an LPN may not bring a good enough cost/benefit situation. An RN program at a CC would take 15 mo after pre-reqs are completed, so I would think you would be better off thinking a bit bigger. Is there a reason why you wouldn't want to shoot for RN?
  13. FLmomof5

    Do you have family members who are nurses?

    Mom is a retired nurse (35 yrs), Sis is a nurse, Brother is a nurse and my daughter is in nursing school (after a few years of being a combat medic). I chose nursing because it required the shortest amount of retraining time for the most amount of money AND most importantly, you would NOT have your job sent to India. So, no, it was not a 'calling' for me.
  14. I was 47 when I started NS. I graduated in Aug 2010 and passed the NCLEX in Feb 2011 (I was still working in IT, so I delayed taking the exam.) I am currently an RN on a Med/Surg/Tele floor. You can do this!
  15. FLmomof5

    Senate Investigates JACHO Big Pharma Pain Link

    Let's not forget this recent article: Prescription Painkillers: Record Number of Americans Pain Medication - ABC News "The United States makes up only 4.6 percent of the world's population, but consumes 80 percent of its opioids -- and 99 percent of the world's hydrocodone, the opiate that is in Vicodin." I find it highly likely that big Pharma had a lot to do with the focus on pain since 2001!
  16. FLmomof5

    Quick survey for group project