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Mom of a girl and boy, nursing student, CNA

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  1. FSCJ Chem Prereq

    any of them. as long as it has a lab then it doesnt matter
  2. I hate being a tech. will I hate being a nurse too?

    There is a childrens hospital in my town. I wonder how I should go about getting my name in their ear
  3. I hate being a tech. will I hate being a nurse too?

    I would love to try peds! Did you get hired there as a new grad? Any advice? I have 2 babies myself so I thinkId be good at it
  4. I have a serious question

    Im assuming this is a joke question. I hope you have some burn ointment cause you're about to get flamed my friend
  5. Work bags: What do you take and what's in it?

    snacks, mints, candy, gum, makeup, old papers, my nursing school books to study if i get down time (Im a tech), pens, my badge, a sweater, steth
  6. What was the MOST ridiculous thing a patient came to the ER for?

    Im amazed at all these stories about people with things stuck up their @$$ What is peoples obsession with sticking things up their butt??? Am I missing something here?:uhoh3::uhoh3:
  7. Will the nursing shortage ever end?

    Nursing shortage? What nursing shortage? You can't sling a dead cat without hitting a GN
  8. AND WE HAVE OUR WINNER!!!!:yeah: Holy crap, that was epic. WIN!:yeah:
  9. Dang it u took mine!!!! Lol:lol2: How bout: what's an online bsn program thats easy to get into with a low gpa?
  10. Are we overworking the CNA's or are we lacking teamwork?

    The only thing I want to address is the issue with the drains. Im a cna and I assure you I'm perfectly competent and capable of emptying a drain and measuring the output. It doesn't take a rocket scientist. Other than that, I appreciate your post a l...
  11. I hate being a tech. will I hate being a nurse too?

    I really think that me being floated all over the hospital has a lot to do with it too. When I was hired on, the manager told me I would float "occasionally". Fast forward to now, I haven't worked on my floor in a month. I dont know anyone, and I hav...
  12. I hate being a tech. will I hate being a nurse too?

    Its surprising that I would have to deal with this as an RN b/c the ones at my work dont help me one dang bit with any of the things I listed above And please dont get me wrong. I know theres an insane amount of paper work and charting with nursing. ...
  13. I dont need any judgement with this, b/c it truly is a deep concern. I am a 1st term nursing student, and a tech at a well known hospital in my town. I can say with all honesty that I hate my job. My floor is a small med-surg floor with only a handfu...
  14. First RN job & it's pay

    An ADN is an RN
  15. What money can get you.

    I agree w/ above. Karma is a b****. She'll get hers one day. What goes around comes around