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  1. AgentBeast

    Is a pension really worth it?

    You forgot to multiply by years of service. It's $1075.90 in your example.
  2. AgentBeast

    Nicotine Screen Austin

    They will tell you whether or not they test for contine (a nicotine metabolite) should you be a candidate for a position. Otherwise who cares?
  3. AgentBeast

    Letting a license lapse

    No real consequences what so ever. What you would need to do should you ever choose t reactivate that license varies from state to state.
  4. The Nazi's at the concentration camps were just doing their jobs and how did that work out for them?
  5. AgentBeast

    Discharging patients on the board

    It's falsification of documentation. Documenting that a patient is discharged when they are not. Seems pretty cut and dry here. I'm sure CMS, TJC, and your State Board of Nursing would love to here about this...
  6. AgentBeast

    cleveland clinic PCE Pre-Employment

    This is the machine they use. Basically you flex and extend both knees and raise and lower both shoulders. It's mostly a pain in the ass, but not many people fail it.
  7. AgentBeast

    Duty to inform?

    Ohio Has a law that sex offenders must register with the county sheriff and then deputies verify that address and a mailing goes out to any residence within a 1000' radius along with their location going into a public database.
  8. Patients will refuse all sorts of stuff. Patients have a right to refuse, however they must competently refuse. Determining competency is easy explain the risks and benefits of not performing something vs performing something and then have the patient repeat back what you told them in their own words. Most people that are refusing to get cleaned of their own excrement aren't competent to refuse to get cleaned up. As others have said it's worth investigating why someone is refusing something, but in cases such as refusing to get cleaned of excrement it isn't likely to be productive.
  9. AgentBeast

    Nurse vs social worker

    Probably more job opportunities as an RN than a LISW.
  10. None of those labs mean much of anything. The K+ is slightly low because well the K+ is slightly low. The same thing with Ca++. Who really cares about a low creatine? The Dilantin level is slightly sub-therapeutic and so the patient needs a slightly higher dose, or not since it's not so far out of whack to really matter much.
  11. AgentBeast

    Navy Corpsmen Caught

    Corpsmen are the Navy Equivalent to Army Medics. Closest civilian thing is EMT-P.
  12. AgentBeast

    Flushing a Foley catheter

    Pretty much insane, but most nursing homes are and couldn't care less about evidence based best practices or patient safety. The only thing they care about is the almighty dollar. Flushing an indwelling urinary catheter is an aseptic procedure. Catheters should be flushed with 30-60cc of sterile water from a sterile 30-60cc syringe. Water and not normal saline because water will lyse any clots or cellular debris clogging up the catheter.
  13. AgentBeast

    Rocephin Injection

    IM Rocephin should be mixed with a little lidocaine especially in kids because it burns like hell.
  14. This is the way the police operate. You are either going to do what I say, or I'm going to make you do what I say. That's the mentality of law enforcement and it stems from their ****** training.
  15. AgentBeast

    Hemiplegia after BP reduction

    Not sure about the rest of the story but giving IVP hydralazine for a BP of 175/90 in an otherwise asymptomatic patient makes 0 sense.