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  1. JacknSweetpea

    What did you want to be when you grew up?

    Parapsychologist....wanted to explore the "paranormal"!!! I wanted to investigate haunted places and possessed people. Heck, sounds kinda like my job description now!!
  2. JacknSweetpea

    As a nurse, how do you perceive that physicians feel toward you?

    I treat everyone the same. I don't care what others, including MDs, think of me. It's not so much high self-esteem as it is just having more important matters on my mind.
  3. JacknSweetpea

    I hate what's happening to nursing...

    Alaine, I'm certain you mean well, but Puh-lease dump the rest of the Kool-Aid down the sink!!!
  4. JacknSweetpea

    Appalled at LTC standards of nursing care

    Nightengale....sounds like that facility has a lot of problems, but have a care as to how you talk about LPNs. I personally don't give a rat's patoot about what other LPNs or RNs think about me, but have a care. Oh, and I'm in an LPN to RN program at my local community college, and we utilize the same textbook for basic nursing skills....infection control, calling MDs, etc.. for both programs.
  5. JacknSweetpea

    Any nurses out there willing to be interviewed?

    Lady Voldemort, LPN staff nurse, nurse for 3 yrs., duties out in the workforce a lot better as a nurse than student nurse, salary approx. $35,000 per annum, my advice for someone pursuing this field to find out what the job market is like for nurses in your area, get not only a good foundation in nursing practice and skills, but also labor laws, personal finance, and how businesses operate. As an LPN, there really aren't any advancement opportunities in my area, but depends on the state and hiring market. The thing about my job that surprises me about the nursing field in general is how many of the management have gross personality disorders!!! Thus, a course in Abnormal Psych is beneficial. The most exciting thing about my job....well...there really aren't for me, I wouldn't call it boring either. Tedious, at times though!! After one graduates from nursing school...the NCLEX has to be taken to receive licensure. Some states like mine required continuing education hours....those are done through one's employer, nursing journal, online, etc..I spent approx. $3500 on obtaining LPN licensure, I would have been more if I hadn't been given a scholarship.
  6. JacknSweetpea

    Supplies You Can't Live Without

    Zoloft and Lortab....for me, of course!!!
  7. JacknSweetpea

    Anyone run into this....??

    Not trying to start an LPN vs. RN argument here, but just want to inquire if any LPNs have run into nurse managers who make it clear they don't like to have LPNs on staff? The home health agency I work for has a DON who makes it clear during meetings and in conversation that she has no liking for LPNs or their role on the healthcare team. Aaahh....where do these managers come from?
  8. JacknSweetpea

    concierge ? Really?

    Don't care about that other stuff....meanwhile...I'd like to have an open bar should I be admitted to a hospital!!*wine
  9. JacknSweetpea

    I hate what's happening to nursing...

    you forgot to say "hope you enjoyed your stay and have a nice day"!
  10. JacknSweetpea

    I hate what's happening to nursing...

    A lot of older nurses I work with talk a lot about "how things used to be"....but what really sticks out in my mind is the times they've told me how nursing management would actually have their backs instead of being "the enemy". I don't know...the management I've been around seem to worry about making themselves and their endeavors look good, and woe betide anyone with the cajones to challenge them. I recently switched jobs, from working in a LTC, to doing home health, and it isn't any better. However, I'm glad to have more pay and a safer, saner workload.*wine
  11. JacknSweetpea

    Administration okays family's mental abuse of staff

    I'm so glad I found a part-time gig doing home health...actually it found me!! My last day at the LTC facility I'd been working at for a few years was last Tuesday. One of the reasons I left was because of how administration treats staff. I coped by keeping a "poker-face" in all situations at all times.
  12. JacknSweetpea

    What are the top 5 medications YOU administer daily?

    Aaahh...let's see...seroquel, risperdal, ativan, prolixin, and haldol.
  13. JacknSweetpea

    You know it's going to be a crazy night at work, when

    When it's chili night.....
  14. JacknSweetpea

    Any nurses understand how isolating infertility is....

    You took my post all wrong. I meant whether or not nurses whom have dealt with this have anything scientifically "interesting" about this subject. Get off your high horse. I'm 29 and went through total ovarian failure at 25. I cannot have children without an egg donor. I understand firsthand how tragic infertility is because I go through it on a daily basis. I do feel like people judge me all the time because I cannot have biological children; it's like my worth as a woman is tied up in this. My mother-in-law refers to me behind my back as an "old lady who is only 29". I'm sorry about your experience and I understand that you mourn everyday for someone that can never be. God bless.
  15. I'm not sure where to post this, but I'm in need of some comfort, I guess.... any of you ob/gyn nurses come across women who cannot have children? If so, have you any interesting stories? Thank you:)