Male nurse crying!!!

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    Hi guys,
    As I was reading one of the posts about this nurse's first encounter of a patient demise and how she couldnt control her emotions and started crying, I became curious of the following:

    1. How did you handle such a situation, demise of a patient you cared?
    2. Did you cry? If you cried, did you go to a private place and cry while controlling yourself in front of others? If you did not cry, what was your feeling at that time?

    While I usually do not cry, I believe I would cry if I am deeply affected emotionally but in a private place (I guess it is the male thing in

    Want to hear your thoughts/comments....
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    I do not cry

    maybe if they closed my favorite Golf Course

    outside of that never

    men dont cry
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    I disagree w/Tee's post..and actually think it's an utterly ridiculous statement. But, I think it IS agreed that everyone has an opinion (not to be confused w/fact or reality at times).....

    I will be 35 y/o next month...and I just found something out about myself a couple years back....I never believed crying was ok (FOR ME)...I was NOT taught that or was my blood, per se. My Mother was a nurse (40 yrs) and we never saught healthcare unless we were bleeding out the eyeballs (which I assure you was never, lol) ....there was just something in me that thought crying is weak. I had NO idea until a couple years back where it came from came from MY MOM. Like I said -- I was NOT taught's just the way SHE is...and the way I was just an inherited belief I guess I'd call it. One day when I called my Mom SHE was crying and she sniffled it up (we grew up w/the "suck it up" mentality..then I went into the military and just advanced that, lol) and felt silly for having been was at that moment that I realized I just took after her.

    Well -- I babble all that just to say ...just like everything's individualized. It is ABsolutely ok to's what you feel comfortable doing, etc....People's opinions should be your last concern regarding this.

    I took care of cancer patients for 3 yrs. Most rewarding experience of my life so far. Yes, I've cried. No, I've never ever been ashamed of doing so.

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    Quote from teeituptom
    I do not cry

    maybe if they closed my favorite Golf Course

    outside of that never

    men dont cry
    Sure they do.

    Maybe it's just you, and you're not really a man...

    Or something.
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    The last time "being a nurse" made me cry?

    Thank You's - Most Memorable Ones You've Received

    The most poignant image of a man crying that has affected me?

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    [QUOTE=teeituptom;2291935]I do not cry

    maybe if they closed my favorite Golf Course

    outside of that never

    men dont cry[/QUOTE

    Well, tee..i'm married to a real man..have been with him for 23 yrs.........he has cried at the birth of our children, at the death of close ones,all the while being there for his wife and children, supporting , nurturing doing the Real man thing!!
    No, he would not cry at the drop of a hat, movies do not move him as they do me, but with deeply personal stuff, yes REAL MEN CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (oh also my daddy...anything hurting his kiddos, injustice to wee ones..he has tears of frustration....and he is whats termed a hard guy!)
    get a heart tee!

    And roy...that picture..heartwrenching!
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    I've cant' say I've ever cried over a patient death. But I've gotten teary eyed in dealing with some of the familes.
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    I'm female and could not physically bring myself to cry for around 20 years following the death of my spouse, due to PTSD resulting from how I was treated during this time. I can honestly say it was a pathological state for me. I do not know how many men can control their emotions that well. And I also can see how somebody in that pathological state could easily get violent or kill. Just speaking from my own experiences.
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    Hell I teared up a little just reading Roy's link from his thank you card.
    4 yrs Army, was a carpenter and machanic, 6'1" 220lbs--hunt, fish eer, eer eer<-----Tim Allen grunts:spin:.
    I tear up all the freaking time, Actually cry though...very rare...but it does happen.
    Real men DO cry, just not very often.
    P.S---I have been on here for awhile now and got to say, ROY- I love those Pics from Iron Madien, I saw Bruce Dickensen (on a solo tour) while in Germany. It was a little bar in Frankfort--wow that ROCKED.
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    We cry....I cried for the first time in clinical while doing Hospice. Seeing this woman who had just deteriorated so much that I think a holocaust victim had more muscle just made me loose it. I did it right in front of my clinical instructor, I didn't care it was sad so I let my thoughts be known.....just as I always do.

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