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ClassQ1 has 1 years experience and specializes in ER/ICU.

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  1. ClassQ1

    ICU experience

    Hi guys, Coming back after a long hiatus. Since my last visit, I finished nursing school, currently working in ICU/ER for almost a year now in a 300-bed hospital. Now, it is time for next step in the career journey and as usual here for some advise... Unfortunately, because of my personal situation (family/finance/time), I cannot afford to go to CRNA school now. However, I still would like to someday after my kids grow up and am financially able. That said, my question is Will ICU experience as an advanced practice nurse(critical care NP, I know some NPs who rotate in our ICU) qualify for CRNA school as opposed to RN ICU experience? I know things can be different several years from now and it is best to always check with the respective school. However, was wondering if any APN did this and went to CRNA school. As always, thank you in advance for your responses...
  2. ClassQ1

    What do you guys during your off-time?

    Movies, golf if the weather permits, socialize.
  3. ClassQ1

    Males and Technology

    Is it true that males are more tech savvy than females, especially in the nursing field? When I was doing my clinicals, I noticed that. You know every unit has this one male nurse who is called for everything...lol...I was wondering if it is just the hospital I was in or pretty much the same across the nation or is it just a general perception?
  4. ClassQ1

    Docs yelling at nurses....

    Thank you all for an overwhelming response...
  5. ClassQ1

    Male nurse crying!!!

    Thank you everyone for such an overwhelming response...
  6. ClassQ1

    Male nurse crying!!!

    Hi guys, As I was reading one of the posts about this nurse's first encounter of a patient demise and how she couldnt control her emotions and started crying, I became curious of the following: 1. How did you handle such a situation, demise of a patient you cared? 2. Did you cry? If you cried, did you go to a private place and cry while controlling yourself in front of others? If you did not cry, what was your feeling at that time? While I usually do not cry, I believe I would cry if I am deeply affected emotionally but in a private place (I guess it is the male thing in me...lol) Want to hear your thoughts/comments....
  7. ClassQ1

    Drug names and dosages

    Thank you everyone for the wonderful feedback. Truly appreciate it.
  8. ClassQ1

    Docs yelling at nurses....

    Hi guys, I have been reading the several posts about doctors yelling at the nurses. I am wondering: 1. As a male nurse, is it any different? 2. Have you ever had to deal with yelling physicians? If yes, what did you do? How did you deal with it? I read several posts stating from mouthing off to cry in the bathroom (mostly women on how they react). 3. It is my second career moving from a corporate environment with lots of politics. We cannot tolerate such things. A person can be written up for such behaviors. However, me going into nursing, I carry the same habits. I cannot put up with such behaviors. I am just wondering how to prepare myself. It is something common and have to learn to deal with it or there are ways to handle it without feeling embarrassed such as involving HR,etc...? The politically correct way that I know is to let the physician know that he doesnt realize that he is yelling and to go to a more private place to discuss it and if he doesnt listen, just walk away from him (ignore him). Please enlighten me with your experiences and advises....
  9. ClassQ1

    Aesthetic project for school

    Wow guys, not even one response out of 33 views??? does it mean no one had to do an aesthetic project in school or just that no one has any ideas or what? Just wondering...I thought with so many members, someone will be able to give some ideas..??? or is it not a forum to ask for such help??? please advise...
  10. ClassQ1

    Aesthetic project for school

    Hello everyone, I am looking for some ideas for this aesthetic project that I have to do for school. I have no idea what I am going to do. Just trying to see if you guys have any ideas on how to incorporate art in all aspects of caring and how can it be demonstrated? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time...
  11. ClassQ1

    I am starting nursing school Help!!

    Hi there, I am a male nursing student who just got accepted to the program. Taking pharmacology and concepts. I have 2 girls, 2 yo and 11 mos. I also work full time (good news is work from home). My wife works full time also. So, I take care of the kids during the day. They are handful. With all said, I have been able to manage so far. However, not sure how long I will survive. Dont know the challenges ahead when I will start clinicals. At the end of the day, it is all about prioritizing. Prioritize, prioritize, and prioritize. You should be fine. If your husband/bf is supportive of you studying, he can help as well. My wife is very supportive. After she gets off work, she takes care of the kids. Goal, faith and persistence will take you a long way... Good luck.
  12. ClassQ1

    Drug names and dosages

    Thank you guys for all the responses. It definely helps. Piperglen, I am a chemistry graduate too. Love it but it's been so long (graduated in 94 with BS, never used it) that if you ask me formula of water, I will think twice...anyways, yes that is how I am trying to study, first by class and then the drugs. Are there any websites that lists in an outline form listing classes and their primary mechanisms of action and then examples of drugs and common uses? I can type it on my own but was wondering if it is already out there, why not use it....
  13. ClassQ1

    Help with ADN Nursing School tests!!!!

    Hi Michael, you are not alone. I am on the same boat. Let's see what responses you get...am in first semester as well...so cant give you much advice...
  14. ClassQ1

    Getting into ICU...exploring

    Thank you Scrubz. What semester are you in?
  15. ClassQ1

    Feelin Discouraged

    Dont be discouraged. Not everyone who is a nurse is good in science. It takes hard work, memorization and understanding. If you are good in math, understanding and critical thinking is not an issue. As far as memorization is concerned, you just have to keep studying the material again and again until you remember it. Secondly, regarding getting 100% on tests is not true. To be a nurse, even 80% is good in the sense that if your goal only is to get through the course. Grades dont matter if you cannot clear the NCLEX (licensing exam). What is important is learning the concepts as someone mentioned understanding ABC's, what it means, how to apply, understanding nursing process and Maslow's pyramid, etc., etc. This should not be an issue because you are good in math. I know nurses (personal experience) as well as heard about nurses who have no knowledge and still are nurses. If you are true to yourself in studying, keeping in mind patient safety, you are good. It is all about understanding and applying your material. Just like in math, need to know the formulas to solve a problem. It is that simple but requires practice, which takes time. So dont worry, you are doing well... I am just a first semester nursing student but pretty sure practicing nurses will agree with me and may include more tips which I do not know...
  16. ClassQ1

    Getting into ICU...exploring

    Hi everybody, I am new to this website and I very much love it so far. Question to you all--How realistic/reasonable it is to get into ICU after you graduate (as a new graduate)? I see several saying they got into or want to get into ICU. I have read other posts that say it is not easy to get into ICU and were unsuccessful. Also, read that several senior nurses hate the idea of new graduates entering ICU directly without med/surg experience. I am just trying to get ideas as to what does it take |(what kind of a person, someone really good with critical thinking or just anyone who works hard and knows the stuff or someone only with experience) to be an ICU nurse as a new graduate. Is it the grades or something extracurricular or what? or is it just some states that offer new grad orientation in ICU? If the details can be posted, that would be awesome. Hoping to get some response. If this topic is redundant or has been beaten to death, I would appreciate the link posted to that forum. Btw, I am a new student just started this semester. If I am thinking about this too early as a student, please let me know as well. Thank you for your time. Male student No experience in nursing Second career