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PMFB-RN has 16 years experience as a RN and specializes in burn ICU, SICU, ER, Trauma Rapid Response.

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  1. PMFB-RN

    Docs & Nurses = Murderers

    Obviously I'm dismayed at how evile these people are and showing how we are targets of evil, deranged people now.
  2. PMFB-RN

    Docs & Nurses = Murderers

    Exactly. Nailed it.
  3. PMFB-RN

    Docs & Nurses = Murderers

    Scott Quiner Update: Criminal Investigation Into Doctors, How They’re KILLING, Payoffs for MURDER!
  4. PMFB-RN

    Vaccination Mandating

    The ignored really is the nine people I zipped into body bags over the weekend, the people why are dying from treatable conditions thanks to the unvaxxed choice to clog up the ICUs. The frenzy is from watching our friends and coworkers lives fall apa...
  5. PMFB-RN

    Vaccination Mandating

    Do you enjoy depriving others of our rights, or do you support vaccine mandates?
  6. PMFB-RN

    Vaccination Mandating

    Why do you hate freedom so much?
  7. Its no science experiment, but your dishonesty is noted. I understand it may be uncomfortable for the freedom hating anti vax bullies when their victims start hitting back, but after more than a year of their abuses and total disregard for our feelin...
  8. PMFB-RN

    Vaccination Mandating

    Tyranny wins, freedom loses.
  9. PMFB-RN

    Patient Abandonment

    Once you have accepted care of a patient by taking report on them you are responsible until relived by another appropriate health care professional and have given them report. If you haven't handed off care to another appropriate health care...
  10. PMFB-RN

    Writing “poop” is unprofessional?

    No, you are correct and your DON is incorrect. It IS no big deal. No way I would have cooperated or complied with that write up. I would have refused to even address or discuss it. Any good manager would have round filed (thrown away) that ...
  11. PMFB-RN

    Writing “poop” is unprofessional?

    Whenever I feel my nursing notes lack professionalism I simply go read physicians progress notes and appreciate the poor grammar, spelling and use of non medical terms one often find in abundance in them.
  12. PMFB-RN

    Diploma and Associate Degree in Nursing

    I don't know what program you are in so I can't refute your particular claim. However in general your claim is false. Generally there is no difference in the A&P requirements between ADN and BSN programs. Do you know that RN to BSN programs do no...
  13. PMFB-RN

    Vaccination Mandating

    I suppose the irony of YOU, of all people saying this is totally lost on you? I mean you've proven that you aren't even capable to determining when you are and are not involved in a debate.
  14. PMFB-RN

    Unvaccinated: Indefensible

    As is my practice I do not debate with your kind. Doing so only provides your disinformation and half truths with credibility they do not deserve. In reference to the quoted question above. I've long been of the opinion that the unvaxxed are...
  15. PMFB-RN

    COVID Vaccine Nurse for New Grad Position

    Sounds pretty typical for an agency to me.