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  1. tgb3rn

    The 10 REAL Reasons Men Don't Go to the Doctor

    Well, I can understand some of the points she was attempting to point out. The problem is the fact that it was written by a Female. Don't get me wrong here ladies, I love ya to death, but you really have no idea how my head works and thinks any more than I do yours. After working in a hospital for 7 years as the ONLY male nurse, the only thing I really understand is that I will never understand women in general. You know, the Mars and Venus thing. JMHO Tom Disclamer: I intended no blanket statment about women in general. Everyone is different. Your experience may vary....blah, blah, blah......
  2. tgb3rn

    no policy or protocols

    I am guessing due to your title--Cold in Alaska, that you are in a small critical access hospital, small anyway. I would guess you are not JCAHO certified. The hospital I work at is not. In the situation you are in, it will be a problem. Small will often mean the very few set the rules for the rest of us. It is almost impossible if you are not already one of the special few. If you step on toes then you may get the whole foot in your backside. Try to make changes in small steps. After everyone gets used to the first step, take another. Good luck, Tom
  3. tgb3rn

    What exactly is Rural Nursing

    If I had to take a guess, I would say you were talking about Rolla. I vacation down that way. Nice place. Tom
  4. tgb3rn

    Is it possible to work full time and become a nurse???

    I did it, but it almost killed me. While in LPN classes I worked full time. I took ALL of my RN pre-req's at that time as well. 23 credit hrs in first sem. I found a school 2hrs from me that had pre-req's one night a week. I was in class from 7am untill 1030pm 3 nights a week Mon, Tue, Wed. I worked night shift as an NA 12hrs Thu, Fri, Sat. Then went on for my RN through Excelsior while working TWO full time jobs, 12hr nights. I worked 2 full time jobs, watched our youngest all day (3) while my wife went to LPN school. She was a whimp---didn't work at all while in school. As a side note, ALL of my school was paid for by my employer/pell grants/scholorships. I am now an RN working only one job, 3-12's on nights. I make 30$ an hour with differentials and all in a low cost of living area of rural Nebraska. Good luck.
  5. tgb3rn

    I suck.

    Well---I blow so we cancelled each other out......wait....I'm a guy and that just didn't sound right. Tom
  6. We all know how that would work out. If the state, hospital, HH agency, or ANY employer were to be held accountable for an injury caused by this vaccine, said emplyer would do the very best to prove it was not from the vaccine. There is no way in hell anyone will ever tell me what I MUST put in my body. If I do not want it, it is MY choice. It is different if it is a condition for employment--if you don't want it then you don't have to work there. For the STATE to mandate------I see a tea party in my future----our government has become to big for OUR own good. Lets start over. Tom
  7. tgb3rn

    Salem, Rolla, Huston

    Does anyone know anything about the hospitals in these towns? I am looking at relocating to Licking in the future and would like to know any of the "BAD" things before going to work in one of them. I am an experienced ER nurse from another rural area and I would like to stick with ER. Any thing you could tell me would be nice. Thanks, Tom
  8. tgb3rn

    Passing clinical exam after lpn to rn online course

    GOOD NEWS FOR YOU!!I am the one you need to speak to. I was an LPN-C in Nebraska first and went through Excelsior (the school in question). I have been an RN for about 3 years now. Unless you live in or around Omaha, there is no such thing as a night nursing program anyplace in this state. Most people in the U.S. just do not know what rural, REALLY means. Excelsior is not all that bad. If you PM me I will tell you all you want and even have some free stuff to help you out. There is also a forum on here for students that has ALOT of good info for Excelsior students. (by the way---it is NOT online but distance learning.) Tom
  9. tgb3rn

    More than half of ER nurses have been assaulted on job

    If they are A&Ox3 you have every right to defend yourself. If confused, do what you must to protect yourself. I am a 6'1", 220+lb male nurse but it never fails that the 6'2", 230+lbs drug seeking nut job comes in on MY shift and wants a fight.