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donsterRN ASN, BSN

Cardiac Care
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donsterRN has 10 years experience as a ASN, BSN and specializes in Cardiac Care.

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  1. donsterRN

    Ask Me If I'm Safe At Home

    I'm in tears, and I'm speechless. I think you are one of the strongest women ever. Thank you for writing this.
  2. donsterRN

    S & M Nurses

    How bad is it that my mind went immediately there? Whips, chains, leather,...!
  3. donsterRN

    I Fear for the Future of Nursing

    When patients became "Customers", nurses became Customer Service Representatives. Nursing has been going downhill ever since.
  4. donsterRN

    August 2015 Caption Contest. Win $100!

    He gave me $50 for an introduction. The least you can do is say "Hi!
  5. donsterRN

    So I Have This Rash... What Do You Think?

    I laughed when I read the first paragraph. I got tired and frustrated with friends and family because of all the free advice I was being asked for. No matter how many times I suggested contacting the doctor, I would get tons of questions. Does this look like a rash? Is my urine supposed to be that color? My gas really stinks; what do you think it is? I finally just started telling these people that they probably have a tumor. It stopped the questions pretty quickly, but apparently I terrified an aunt or two. Now it's a joke. Someone will sneeze or cough and several of us will shout out "tumor"!
  6. donsterRN

    The Long Anticipated Wait: NCLEX Scores

    I remember those days!
  7. donsterRN

    Using my nursing skills on vacation.

    (head hung in shame...) But fairly certain I'll get over it...
  8. donsterRN

    Using my nursing skills on vacation.

    Well, OK... maybe once. But I fought the urge. However, I did awaken once after surgery with a Foley. Then two days later, I removed it. I think that was the same day I removed my NG tube, too. Aahh. Good times...
  9. donsterRN

    Using my nursing skills on vacation.

    You two are crazy! *wine
  10. donsterRN

    dont know what to do now....

    That's a tough one. Several years ago, I took Chemistry during the summer session. 5 hours a day, 5 days a week for 6 weeks. Lecture AND lab daily. Seriously, it was my job. I had no time to do anything else. I was in school from 0800 to 1300 daily, then came home and studied that days material then read the next days material... it was exhausting. It was well worth it because I finished it in 6 weeks and will thankfully never have to do that again. This is just me, but if I had had to work a job and take another class at the same time, I would have been toast. I truthfully believe that A&P is important enough to devote all of your available time for. Your chances for success are definitely improved. However, you're the only one who can make that decision. I know that whatever you decide will be the right one for you. And again, I wish you much luck and success in school and in your career!
  11. donsterRN

    dont know what to do now....

    Yes, please try again. It is very frustrating to work that hard and not succeed, but in the long run it really will make you stronger. Anatomy and Physiology is tough! However, you know that it is the foundation of everything else you'll study in nursing school. A good mastery and understanding of it is key to your success in school and in your nursing career. It is doable, I promise. Please take it again. The good thing about repeating the subject is that it isn't an unknown any longer; you've been there and you are familiar with the material. I'll bet you'll succeed wonderfully this time around. Much good luck and success to you!
  12. donsterRN


    Our instructors repeated that very thing many, many times... YOU ARE NOT ALONE...
  13. donsterRN


    I've worked on a tele floor since graduation, about two years now. ACLS is required for our staff. I just took the two day course a couple of weeks ago. It's very challenging, but certainly doable. I loved it! Much luck.
  14. donsterRN

    If you could meet an AN member who would it be?

    I've had the honor and privilege of meeting Elvish; WONDERFUL woman. She's kind, witty, smart and has become a dear friend.
  15. donsterRN

    Daytonite has passed away...

    I have such difficulty believing it's been a year. You know, Joyce would have been so humbled and grateful to know of the impact she made on the education and the careers of so many of us here at AN. I personally have benefitted greatly in my career because she made difficult topics understandable. She had such an interest in the people she helped, and she cared deeply about the profession of nursing as well as those who chose to pursue it. She was a treasure here, and I know she's missed deeply by so many.