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  1. I'm sorry for the difficult time you are having & wish you good luck....like the others said...keep applying, etc....I'm relocating & am struggling finding a job as well....Here's to us!!

    Pitt County Memorial Hospital (now Vidant Medical Center)

    Gifted: Don't be depressed:) Keep your chin up:) I'm sad that it isn't happening as quickly as I'd prefer, but I can feel it in my bones that it's finally going 2 happen;) It's been my dream 2 live @ the beach for 20 yrs now...& things have never been so aligned as they are right now for me...the only hold up is the job:) I may overlook that @ some point, risk it & move anyway & let the cards fall -- we'll see! BEST of luck to you on your search!!! Stay encouraged:)

    Pitt County Memorial Hospital (now Vidant Medical Center)

    I'm sorry it has taken me so long to reply.... Thank you kindly for that useful information! I appreciate it. I live a little west of Winston-Salem, NC. I'm disappointed I haven't found employment yet, as I am long past ready to move:) Again, thank you bunches!!
  4. Does anyone work there or know anyone who does? Know anything about the facility? Would you recommend working there?

    PLEASE SHARE YOUR 1st time traveling Exp...

    Greetings Everyone & Happy Memorial Day weekend! Be safe !! & Thank you to ALL Veterans who have served in war & peacetime!! I have 18 mo Med-Surg experience & have considered traveling from the beginning.... I'd LOVE to hear about your 1st experience....bad/good....scared?? How you did? Did it work out, etc etc etc....ANYTHING you'd care 2 share w/someone who is considering traveling..... Way back when, also, I believe there was a thread or post that had Qs to ask as a traveler....does that still exist? Thank you in advance for your valuable time!! Appreciate it!

    Just for fun - Your favorite vacation spot in NC!

    Has been Wrightsville Beach for some time.....just recently went to N Topsail Island...there may be a tie:)


    I am from the Triad (Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point) area & have been considering moving to Wilmington for some time now. Does anyone reading this post work @ New Hanover? Do you know much about it? Is it a place you would recommend? Anything you may know would help ! Thank you in advance for your valuable time & input!!!


    Happy 4th of July fellow RNs:) -- I have not updated my resume since I graduated last year. I am hoping someone might have a sample or 2 that I could get ideas from....I've googled w/o much success....nothing seems applicable. I have had 10 months on a general medicine floor. My hospital invested 3 months into orienting their new grads, so I would put that on there as well....I'm looking for an eye catching - snazzy - objective....the 1 have now is not pertaining to nursing....may try to figure out how I can make it apply.... HELP!??!?!?! Thanks guys! Gals! Appreciate your input:)

    Is it a law?

    I agree with Cookie -- I've always known it to be "hospital policy" not necessarily law.

    So I guess I'm the only one...

    Always up for good conversation -- haven't frequented allnurses in quite some time....new formats, etc....is there a way for us to chat on here? email me anytime! best of luck & maybe we'll run into each other sometime!!!

    Scheduling and shifts in other hospitals

    I work in western NC. In my particular hospital -- "most" RNs work 12 hrs shifts...days or nts...we have a handful of 8-hr folks...but mostly 12s....and @ our hospital, you are hired directly for week DAYS or week ENDS...there's a specific crew for week ENDS. Myself -- I was hired for 3 12-hr nights (my extreme preference as I am @ my best in the middle of the nt! lol) during the week. Will NEVER be scheduled for a week END -- EVER. Most floors do "self" scheduling...which, of course you do not always get your "wish list" -- but on my floor they ARE excellent about at least making sure you get your request offs:)
  12. Hey everyone!! It's been quite a while since I've posted -- & if I recall correctly -- @ that time there was actually a thread for NON-nursing related posts......PLEASE forgive me for posting this here, for lack of energy attempting to find the other.....(I've read enough to at least have a clue where to start the job searching when it's time ) ..... I'm needing SPECIFICS if at all possible about where to consider living and definitely where NOT to consider living....in dreamland I'd like to be as close to Wrightsville Beach as possible, but financially may not be feasible. I guess I'm more in line for an apartment (2 or 3 BR) than a house, as I'd like the pool & maintenance that comes with! Absolutely ANY insights would be appreciated greatly!!! I presently live in the Triad (W-S, HP, G'boro) area & am considering the move to Wilmington sooner rather than later as originally planned. I don't make it over to W-ton often, but happened to get over here for a couple of nights -- just visited 1 complex & wasn't impressed (+ they did not have W/D hookup which I need)..... Again, thanks in advance for your valuable time & any advice!!!!

    Molar pregnancy

    Hey everyone:) I am trying to find something that might show Molar pregnancy in the news....any shows (Today, 60 Min, Dateline, etc) that may have covered this topic?? Help??? Thanks!

    New to Wilmington...dont know anyone!!

    Hi Teeta ~~ And WELCOME from the more western side of the state! I, too, am jealous! My heart truly is over there @ Wrightsville beach! If you happen to find it, just set it at the end of the pier:) I had planned to move there shortly after graduation (I graduate w/my BSN this May) ~~ but, plans have changed. I still hope deeeeep down in my heart that I'll get there:) So, did you start work? Where are you working? Do you like it? What do you think of everything so far? Best of luck w/everything!!!

    Duke or East Carolina online Masters

    happy new year everyone:) i'm just double posting to cover all my bases. i already posted this in the nc community -- but, thought i'd do it here as well! hope that's ok ~~ i was wondering if anyone is (or has) getting their masters in nursing online through duke or east carolina u ?? i am considering doing this (nursing education) & would love to hear from anyone that has done it! thanks so much:)

    Duke or East Carolina online Masters

    happy new year everyone:) i hope this year brings more peace than you ever imagined:) i had a q ~~ are any of you -- or do you know anyone -- obtaining your masters in nursing through duke or east carolina online???? i am considering going this route (nursing education) and would absolutely love to hear from anyone that is doing this / has done it. thank you in advance for your valuable time:):)