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danissa has 12 years experience as a LPN, LVN and specializes in midwifery, NICU.

like a dog with a bone, I can't leave it alone, till it's Sorted!! After the worst of days, Gin and fizzy orange,its an inspiration and a lifesaver!!!

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  1. danissa

    IV air bubbles

    Remember this is arterial. First...close all your ports to the baby, tap the air to the top, fill with flush and go ahead, Be Calm., open the ports when you are 1000000% sure! Take your time, it's not a race, it's a life. You will get there, just have faith!
  2. danissa

    smallest micro

    What happened to your wee tiny baby of 387 grammes?
  3. danissa

    Accidental Extubation

    Scary thought, isn't it! Has happened to us all, I would guess, some of these wee guys are Soooo determined that that pesky tube will come oUT! If this happens, yes, I would suggest taking that ET tube away .... Pronto....,you cant sucessfully inflate that babies lungs with a misplaced tube. Shout out for help, make certain you get it, and get someone to fast page the Docs. Just maintain that airway, thats your first priority. Always remember ABC...airway first and foremost.! Stuff like this happens with these wee ones, I'm sure you will deal with situations and learn from them as they arise. Each day brings a different challenge, but what else would we do in our worktime??????:chuckle Best of luck to ya!:heartbeat
  4. danissa

    Trimming of Neonatal Fingernails

    I bring up the subject of nail clipping with the parents when its needed, get them to bring in baby nail clippers and show them how to do it if they are nervous. I'm in agreement with prmenrs, I've also done it loads. Nothing worse than a special care wee one with BIG scratches on their wee face! I'd be more nervous of peeling the nails off though, this can go right into the Quick of the finger, ouch!
  5. danissa

    You Know You're a NICU Nurse When...

    You get such a satisfaction from catching "bogies!" so the wee ones can breathe easier! And Pregestamil..oh yes its vile!
  6. danissa

    Premature baby 'comes back to life'

    I'm happy that your wee girl is doing fine! But, I must say, in all my years in the NICU, I have never worked with "the great creater" ...only other NICU staff, absolutely overworked, understaffed and under appreciated! The "great creater" never once relieved us for a tea or pee break during a long LONG shift, just our team do that. Never once showed up to draw up drugs, to bag a wee one,.... to give cardiac massage....etc! Forgive my cynacism, but thanks for any "Miracles!" go to NICU teams the world over... WHEN the "great creater" shows up and makes us all our first cup of coffe after ten + hours..then I will be grateful. Till then... NICU TEAMS....you ARE FAB!!!!!!!!!!!!:yeah::yeah:.
  7. danissa

    bilirubin lab draw site on newborns

    Oh holey Moley! Holding an infant down for 30 mins of torture............Think I will vomit now..thats barbaric!!!! All for an SBR, when a heel prick, by an experienced Nurse would have been done and sent and tested at the lab, in that time, with available results..(well , results on a good day!_), however, as you gain experience in the neonatal field, you will not put up with such ineptitude. You will learn that to DIY is preferable in a lot of cases, such as obtaining bloods from your baby in a less painful way. NICU Nurses are not there for the purpose of " holding the baby down!" we are there for the BABIES! (this is in no way aimed at the OP BTW!) JMHO!!!!!
  8. danissa

    Gay male nurse stereotype?

    But they are damn great to have a bubble to, whilst eating chocolate and feeling hormonal!!!! ( you kinda burst the bubble there..all us girls peekin in thought you were a sensitive guy who would cry at the chick flicks along with us!!!):chuckle::chuckle
  9. danissa

    Gay male nurse stereotype?

    :yeahthat:*wine You have SO got it....In spades!!!!!:yeah:
  10. danissa

    Don't touch that!

    OMG Liz...you hit the nail right on the head! Our Docs are the same...would NEVER mess with the IV pumps, for the same reason you stated!:chuckle But the Ventilator thing>>>GGGRRRRR!!!!! Yep....same in our NICU...we have the Docs who are "fiddlers!" adjust settings while you turn your back and dont tell you! Thats my pet peeve too!
  11. danissa

    The Patient I Failed

    Both stories of human suffering on this thread are just so poignant.......... Heartfelt cuddles to those dealing with the outcomes, whether family members or nurses, you are in my thoughts.
  12. danissa

    Male Chest Hair and Scrub Tops

    :yeah:...And I'm a GIRL and I agree totally!!! (dude looks like a lady!!!........................YUK!!!!!!!!!) Weyhey Hairy Man!!!!
  13. danissa

    Isolette covers

    Liz, we use our sheets, or blankets that parents bring in, take home and launder. We had some covers made to fit over the wee ones homes, but they went amiss in the laundry, so it's any port in a storm, a sheet a blanket, any shield from the noxious stimulation all around!
  14. danissa

    Male Chest Hair and Scrub Tops

    Can I just say.., nature intended men to be hairy! !(And I like it .. ..........!)
  15. danissa

    How many hours per week do you work?

    Now 37.5 per week, which means three weeks of 3 x12 hr shifts and one week 4x 12 hr shifts per month. Counted as full time.
  16. danissa

    Anyone use the Dream Mover?

    We have this machine, fits under a pram or crib..(or a seat), which rocks babies to sleep. It's ultra safe and ultra useful, as in the case of babies withdrawing from substance abuse, who benefit from that rocking motion. Frees up a set of nursing hands too! Just curious if any of you guys use it too? It's a fab machine and I would recommend it!