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How To Start A Great Topic

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    A great topic is one in which you can find the answer(s) you seek. Here is a quick tutorial on how to start a great topic on A great topic is 1) Is helpful to you and the community. 2) Is easy to read. 3) Is personal to you. 4) And, has just the right amount of information so that others can provide feedback. This article is targeted to new and repeat visitors.

    How To Start A Great Topic

    A topic contains a title and a message. To make a topic stand out you must create a descriptive title - something that makes the reader take action. For example, the following compares titles posted on allnurses.

    I need help!!!! vs Taking NCLEX soon. I need help!

    So many... vs Many people applying to nursing school

    Finally! vs Got a job! Need Advice

    Any tips? vs Starting IV - Need tips

    Which titles do you think will help promote your topic

    You do want feedback right? LOL. I'm sure you do. That's why you are here on You want to converse, you want answers, and you want to interact with like minded people. People who love nursing.

    Starting a Topic

    Topics may only be created by registered member. If you are not a registered member, you will need to register now. Registration is free!

    Before posting a topic we ask that you abide to our Terms of Service. Any topic in violation of our Terms of Service will be removed. This is a waste of your time and ours.

    Creating a Great Title

    Submitting a topic with a bad title will get you 0 replies.
    1. Do not use txt/chat speak on your title.
    2. Do not repeat characters such as ??, !!, or pleeeeese
    3. Do not submit into the wrong section.
    4. Do not create duplicate titles/posts across multiple sections.
    5. Do not type entirely in capitals as it is considered shouting on the internet.
    6. Fix grammar and spelling mistakes (you may use a service such as

    Creating Great Content (message)

    Submitting a topic with little content will get you 0 replies.
    1. To maximize number of replies, your content should have at least 100 words.
    2. Ask questions get the reader to interact with you.
    3. Do not use txt/chat speak on your content.
    4. Do not create duplicate content across multiple sections.
    5. Do not type entirely in capitals as it is considered shouting on the internet.
    6. Fix grammar and spelling mistakes (you may use a service such as
    7. Do not use personal formatting choices such as text color and font choices to entire contents - use only for headings.

    Other Tips That Will Help Make Your Topic Stand Out...
    1. Select an avatar for your account - it makes you stand out from others
    2. Be positive - people are attracted to those who are positive
    3. Return the favor / provide support ... this will ensure that people will be there when you need them the most

    Note: We have the right to edit any posts on the site.

    Getting Started on

    How do I start a new topic on
    New Ranking System
    How to write a successful article for
    How To Start A Great Topic
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    Quote from Joe V
    Do not create duplicate Content across multiple sections.
    I guess I just want to be sure everyone sees it that can!

    I am also guilty of starting a new topic when it has already been done to death (without having looked to see). I have to remember to do a search of the topic before I post a new one.
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    creating a similar topic is ok - duplicating threads (word for word) doesn't help anyone
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    I just wish there was a ban on coloured text and comic sans for body text.
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    Great tips!
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    do we really have to be soooo formal??, I come here to relax and learn, let my hair down if you will.
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    And, that's what we want you to do.........relax, learn, and let your hair down. This Article is to help members get the best replies to their new threads.
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    awesome, i thought we had to make those changes.... i don't think i have enough brain cells left after all the studying i'm doing to keep up with many changes at this point. thanks!
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    I think we've struck a pretty good balance between looking professional and being too buttoned up to have fun, and I'm one who likes color. I don't really mind the few people who use Comic Sans and/or a "signature color".

    The txt/chat spelling continues to drive me up the wall, especially when a little Terms of Service reminder is right over the very box you are typing your reply in!!!! < I'm hoping that is one exclamation point shy of obnoxious.

    Thanks for the tips, Joe!
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    The problem with font colors/type is that we need to consider people with eye problems.

    There are many people who are color blind ... many people who have eye problems.

    By creating a thread on, we assume that you want to reach the maximum number of readers. You want it exposed to as many people as possible. You want to get many replies.

    By following the tips above you are guaranteed to reach the maximum number of readers.
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    Thanks for the add-on Joe. I used to be a posting fiend. Then I started having gray-outs in my left eye..well I still had my right. Then my fingers decided to go on strike at the oddest times. THEN my glutes decided sitting the brief time to post was too long. Sometimes the strikes go on for days in tandem, but usually one at a time. This week I'm reading with my right eye and typing one handed with my left. Ain't getting old FUNNNNNNNN?
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    I cant find where to find the "start a topic now'..
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    Quote from babusgirl
    I cant find where to find the "start a topic now'..
    Basically, you find the forum you want to post in, which are listed on the site map, then click on the button to the right that looks like this
    Name:  topic.jpg
Views: 9533
Size:  6.6 KB

    Also, here is a "how to" video that explains it all. Hope that helps!
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