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Liddle Noodnik

Liddle Noodnik

"Exploring my options" ;)

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  1. Liddle Noodnik

    Inspiration is the Fancy Half of Breathing

    It is a sad state of affairs, I agree. Call it what you will. Ok, call it customer service ... Please noooo! We knew that was a bad idea at the start.
  2. Liddle Noodnik

    Why I Became a Nurse: Discovering My Dream Job

    so wonderful! and so happy for you!
  3. Liddle Noodnik

    Nine Lives

    thank you Viva!
  4. Liddle Noodnik

    Thinking Outside the Box

    thank you Jade!
  5. Liddle Noodnik

    Back In The Saddle Again

    I didn't realize you'd already started orientation, yay! xo
  6. Liddle Noodnik

    ARDS: Should We Be Prone to Prone?

    Thank you Juan, very interesting! Thanks Karen too for your input!
  7. Liddle Noodnik

    Less Common Nursing Interview Questions (Part 1 of 4)

    Great article!
  8. Liddle Noodnik

    Anxiety Disorders: More Than Just Butterflies

    lol.. well my son had a very bad habit of coming up behind me or from behind a corner. I tried to warn him that I could literally die if he kept it up, but apparently he didn't care, the little rat Good article sweetie. I have allowed anxiety to rule over major areas of my life and because of my addiction history, I don't want to take anxiolytics the proverbial rock and a hard place ... it has become more manageable but it still is really bad sometimes!
  9. Liddle Noodnik

    Welcome To The Jungle

    Wow, Viva, that last bit about Bob's wife got me. THANK YOU for the article :) Really enjoyed it and well-written as always!
  10. Liddle Noodnik

    When Is It Appropriate to Share Faith at Work?: One Nurse's Story

    Most of us, if not all, have had to take a course called 'spirituality in nursing' or some such. Our role is supposed to be supportive not evangelistic. It would also be good for us to know about other religions - for example, how those who are Jewish handle the dead, how the Jevovah's Witnesses do not use blood products. I am sure that any education in religions would go way beyond that! It is hard not to offer the kind of support I have in my own life but it is not ok unless somebody asks for it. And if they have their own practice we are supposed to support it. If they do ask for information on our faith that is another story. When someone is terminal it is difficult not to offer our own kind of hope ... we are basically supposed to ask them/the family if the patient has a religious preference, and would they like to have their own spiritual leader/ a leader in their own religion, or a hospital chaplain, come to see them. It is definitely not ok to come in blasting fire and brimstone. It is hard since my faith urges us to share it with others as the consequences are grave but what are we gonna do? We have to trust God to give us a clear opportunity to speak and by clear I mean a patient asking. Either they express that their faith is the same as ours, or they or the family invite me to talk about my own.
  11. Liddle Noodnik

    When Is It Appropriate to Share Faith at Work?: One Nurse's Story

    I assume you are talking about "a" person who said they were a Christian, and not "all" Christians? I know there are nurses who do that, and it is not right, of course. Well said, and I agree!
  12. Liddle Noodnik

    I Ask For "Nothing".

    Who are you talking to in this post?? sounds like you are talking about a very few exceptions, or you've been conversing with too many doctors who don't know jack about what we do.
  13. Liddle Noodnik

    When Is It Appropriate to Share Faith at Work?: One Nurse's Story

    It's funny because when it happens to me, *I* feel like the one who is supported. I'm sure they do too but I really feel blessed :)
  14. Liddle Noodnik

    I Ask For "Nothing".

    Yep, I've always felt the same way. You have to be prompted by a notation on a calendar? Thank me, respect me, gee, isn't that what humans do? Don't give me a special day ...
  15. Liddle Noodnik

    (Remember) Walking In the Sand

    You are making tremendous inroads for those of us with bipolar, and giving a lot of us hope and courage. :) Well, speakin for myself of course