How Do I Start A New Topic?

You are ready to submit your first topic. But, you don't know how to start. This article will help you get started. Please feel free to post any questions that you have.


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You are free to submit any topic you wish. But, keep the following in mind...

We are a community of nurses, students, and professions.

All kinds of people visit allnurses. You have access to the same tools they have.

You can ask questions.
You can share your experiences.
You can rant.
You can leave a comment.
You can share a "study guide".
You can share an "article".
You can read whatever you want.

Before posting any topics we do ask that you abide to our Terms of Service. Any topic in violation of our Terms of Service will be removed. This is a waste of your time and ours.

What is a topic? A topic is a subject of discussion. It can be written to teach, to inform, or to entertainment. It's purpose is to start a conversation on

We are here to help you network, share, talk, and learn all things nursing.

What are Content Type labels?

We use Content Types to group content found on

News, Articles, Case Studies, Toons, Videos, etc are all examples of Content Type. They are all CONTENT. Content read by our readers. Content written by our members.

When you see a label such as Articles or Case Studies click on them. You will be directed to a dedicated page with similar topics.

Content Types

Here are examples of how content types help us filter content on the site...

How To Start A Topic...

You must be logged in to your account to submit a new topic.

STEP 1  Choose a forum that you want to post a topic. For example, the General Nursing forum (found by clicking NURSES). Or, if you are a student, the General Students forum (found by clicking STUDENTS).

STEP 2  Now, look for a green button and click it. It should look like this... 
Start New Topic Button

STEP 3  Editor should be open now...

  1. Add a title.
  2. Add your message
  3. Submit your topic

That's it!

Some  features are only available to certain groups (Writers, Innovators, etc).

Have a problem?

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Visit How to Submit An Article for general rules before submitting your article.

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Thanks for your information !

I was a bit confused about where to start.


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It confuses me how to start. But before that I love reading testimonies and facts nurses had to go through before they could get to what they wanted to be. Hope this site can help my journey once I get to the US.


12 Posts

Thanks! I think I just submitted my first topic =)


4 Posts

Thanks to you all. This is a great oportunity to be inform.


30 Posts

Specializes in Med / Surg.

Thank you for this forum. I just joined.

I tried to post a general discussion item, but realized it had disappeared when I left the keyboard for a minute. I guess I had "timed out" and was no longer signed in. Though throughout my typing the post the "auto save" sign came up several times.

What did I do wrong ?

Editorial Team / Admin

Joe V

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Specializes in Programming / Strategist for allnurses. Has 27 years experience.

if the system was able to auto save your message you can find it by going into the section (forum) and starting a new topic - the message will appear if it indeed saved

NOTE: If you tried submitting another topic within the same section this would overwrite the previous saved message.

about logging off ... when submitting a topic it is possible that you were signed out ... this happens when you are on the page for too long (the session expires)

I hope this helps.


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Specializes in Med / Surg.

Thank you. I think my session, " timed out " before I could submit it. Thank you for your advice.


5 Posts

Thank you for brief orientation it is helpful

Thank you for the facts. This gives me an idea of where to start posting. My first topic will be about how much help and resources I have found through this forum, ultimately assisting me in landing my dream nursing job before I'm even done with school! Go nurses!