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Complex pediatrics turned LTC/subacute geriatrics

Complex pediatrics turned geriatric LTC/sub acute nurse. ❤️ Love these seniors! 💕

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JustBeachyNurse has 11 years experience as a RN and specializes in Complex pediatrics turned LTC/subacute geriatrics.

No one knows everything; there is always something new to find out & learn.


forever learning something new. 

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts”. -John Wooden

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  1. JustBeachyNurse

    Doc Won't See Me Because I Treat Covid Patients

    Exactly. Technically my child can’t go to school since I work with COVID+ patients in our isolation unit. I called our state DoH who issued that directive. They updated to “contact (less than 6 feet) with a positive or symptomatic for 15 min or longer without wearing PPE (N95 or better respirator (with droplet rated surgical mask as appropriate), goggles, isolation gown & gloves). If PPE is worn you aren’t considered to have had close contact. In contrast. my schedule changed last minute due to our positive patient load increasing and staff out sick, I had to call same day to cancel an appointment. I’m not permitted to reschedule needed work now. However if I lied and said I had an exposure or symptoms I could reschedule without penalty. Can’t win with some offices.
  2. Thank you for this. Lives change and I’ve stepped back significantly but read the newsletters and pop over every now and again. I remember that day and everything associated with it. At this time grateful is the appropriate word for how I feel
  3. JustBeachyNurse

    allnurses® Defeats Test Prep Firm in Defamation Lawsuit

    Truth and justice prevails. The exaggerated presumptions on the plaintiff’s part were unique at best. long time. Lots of odd comments & messages. Lots of changes in many lives directly and indirectly affected. I can now laugh each time I received a solicitation mailer or email from them.
  4. JustBeachyNurse

    Temp Covid position

    In my experience, the only other knowledge would be typical geriatric conditions & medications.
  5. JustBeachyNurse


    Medical, dental, vision first of the next full month. 401K. 160 vacation/personal hours, 48 holiday plus extended/personal sick
  6. JustBeachyNurse


    No you cannot bill for family. Friends would be questionable.
  7. JustBeachyNurse

    Seriously why did no one tell me?

    I left complex care pediatrics last November. I was home/school care PDN. Made the transition to LTC/sub acute. I love it. Even the higher patient load. People who want to progress. Even Advancing dementia is a non-issue for me with my background & experience. Working in a facility it’s not too hard to leave work at work. No one knows where I live. No one searching me on social media or begging my scheduler to give my personal contact info. Bonus points: non-smoking campus and no heaving smokers on staff so as I work through orientation I’m not abandoned by nurses or aides going out to smoke or vape. The patients/residents cannot smoke so no holding up a Med pass because someone is outside smoking. Is it perfect? No. Am I much happier? Yes. Even with a month and a half of day/evening orientation for a die-hard night shifter
  8. JustBeachyNurse

    How long does it take to receive RN license in NJ?

    It's one or the other or you will get your account flagged for duplication. Online is preferred by the NJBoN and you can check status if you file online
  9. JustBeachyNurse

    RN volunteering at the border?

    Red Cross uses nurses more in a case management role in relief operations.
  10. JustBeachyNurse

    RN volunteering at the border?

    Red Cross doesn't use nurses as clinicians.
  11. JustBeachyNurse

    Bus Run Documentation

    Yes. But only if you want to get paid.
  12. JustBeachyNurse

    RN volunteering at the border?

    Find a school or medical organization that is going. Random strangers showing up to "help" are rarely welcomed.
  13. JustBeachyNurse

    fraud & identity theft

    Alert the board of nursing and the social security administration as well as put a freeze on your credit reports
  14. JustBeachyNurse

    LVN with Asscociates of Science in Nursing

    No. 30-unit will always be non-graduate even if you had a bachelors or masters. Why not use the credits for an ASN bridge?
  15. JustBeachyNurse

    Nursing Course - LPN

    Many states no. Did you complete clinical and theory in adult med/surg, pediatrics, geriatrics, maternity/women's health, psych-mental health, nutrition, fundamentals?
  16. JustBeachyNurse

    lpn ny license to nj

    You aren't eligible for LPN in NJ as you did not graduate from a practical nursing school. It is irrelevant that you obtained a NY LPN license