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JustBeachyNurse RN

Complex pediatrics turned LTC/subacute geriatrics

Complex pediatrics turned geriatric LTC/sub acute nurse. ❤️ Love these seniors! 💕

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JustBeachyNurse has 10 years experience as a RN and specializes in Complex pediatrics turned LTC/subacute geriatrics.

No one knows everything; there is always something new to find out & learn.


forever learning something new. 

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts”. -John Wooden

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  1. JustBeachyNurse

    lvn lisence per equivqlency from california

    No the license earned by equivalency whether partial RN program, CNA experience, equivalent military training or otherwise is only valid in CA and not eligible for endorsement to any other US state or territory. only LVN achieved from completing an actual VN education program would be transferable/endurable. The same goes for RN earned via LVN + 30 credits option the RN license is valid only in CA and ineligible for endorsement to any other state.
  2. JustBeachyNurse


    Medical, dental, vision first of the next full month. 401K. 160 vacation/personal hours, 48 holiday plus extended/personal sick
  3. JustBeachyNurse

    Pediatric home health

    Pediatric private duty/home health is generally a fixed pay rate whether you do trach or t/v mostly because the reimbursement rate is fixed and on the low side. Inquire with your agency if there is a different rate quite often not
  4. JustBeachyNurse

    Downtime during school

    That's one reason why I started nights
  5. JustBeachyNurse

    Downtime during school

    I strongly recommend against this. You are there for a student's health not to assist the teacher. Favors readily become expectations. And that can impact your coworkers when the teacher says but ____ corrects work for me. If you are hired by the school in a dual role it's a bit different
  6. Yep okay. To the OP now want to quit your fourth new job in less than two years.... more introspection is needed. All jobs you quit quickly and then can't understand why employers are reluctant to hire you. Maybe nursing is not for you and it's time to accept that and move on.
  7. Nice work. It takes a lot to step back and look at yourself in the mirror and realize in all ref sadness there is personal growth. Good luck
  8. JustBeachyNurse

    ASN or ADN??????

    No an AS in vocational nursing will not make you eligible for licensing as an RN in any state.
  9. JustBeachyNurse

    List the most frivolous complaints you've received

    Then you call 911 and let parents refuse EMS. And contact clinical nurse manager immediately to advise of situation.
  10. JustBeachyNurse

    How long does it take to receive RN license in NJ?

    Many positive changes. There is even a temp license for select situations.
  11. JustBeachyNurse

    Private Duty in California for RN

    Adult shift cases for nurses are extremely rare with the few usually being ageing out pediatrics (age 21+), total care that exceeds CHHA level, or trach/trach/vent dependent with a community care waiver. Most adult home cases are skilled visits and/or supervision of CHHA. The shift cases are usually pediatrics
  12. JustBeachyNurse

    List the most frivolous complaints you've received

    If the MAR says ask parent that is indicative that the attending physician authorized the order to be written that way. Parents lose a lot of control when they have a complex child needing PDN. k I have one case that nearly all medications except one plus an injection is given by parents. All of those medications require compounding and reconstitution for which the parents were explicit trained. All PRNs are must ask parent as parent keeps track of any meds given without nursing. The child has a specialized regime that must keep scheduled and PRN separate especially Motrin & Tylenol. It's fully "legal" as this is exactly how the attending physician prescribed. I've also had DCFS cases that PRNs and controlled are kept in a safe with only nurse access. Both were suspected munchausen by proxy with possible misuse of the controlled substances (one was giving 1/2 doses of Diastat for "headaches"). This was physician and court ordered. The child had 24 hour care at one point (16 paid by Medicaid, 8 by DCFS).
  13. JustBeachyNurse

    List the most frivolous complaints you've received

    Sorry I misread I thought it said cell phone. It was rude when she knew darn well you were getting orders
  14. JustBeachyNurse

    List the most frivolous complaints you've received

    I would have taken issue with her walking off with your personal phone.(of course in addition to not having the needed orders)
  15. JustBeachyNurse

    HIPAA Violation, Fired

    That's not a HIPAA violation and you wouldn't need to cover your ass for walking into the room saying hi how are you and politely exiting.
  16. JustBeachyNurse

    HIPAA Violation, Fired

    Do the police warn you when you leave a bar intoxicated to not drive? At some point you need to take personal responsibility. The first nurse passively tried to warn the OP

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