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  1. malestunurse

    Injured doing compressions?

    Wrong. You work environment is crap if that is the case. In the many 'code blues' I've been a part of we are always looking out for each other and making sure the person doing CPR is not getting tired.
  2. malestunurse

    need clean catch urine specimen

    It's bad practice but I wouldn't fret too much about how clean or sterile the specimen is, it doesn't really make that much of a difference to the test. Put a paper pan in the toilet and use that.
  3. malestunurse


    Can't for the life of me figure out what PPD is at 3am can anyone please enlighten?
  4. malestunurse

    Drug seekers

    How about PRN fentanyl as per protocol. 20mcg Q3Min for as long as their resp rate is over 10.
  5. malestunurse

    Drawing labs from CVC locked with heparin

    I keep hearing conflicting information on this. Some people saying that not discarding 5mls doesn't make a difference and some do. I need to do some research.
  6. malestunurse

    Considering to apply for dialysis nurse position.

    Our acute dialysis unit has the same shifts as SmilingBluEyes. You cannot get away from shift work!
  7. I actually kind of think that all nurses should try and know as much about all the patients on the ward as they can in case an emergency comes up or even something as simple as taking someone to the bathroom. Really while you are an inpatient on a ward you are under the care of all the nursing staff on that ward.
  8. malestunurse

    What not to say to patients

    You know this isn't a very normal situation/attitude to have right?
  9. malestunurse

    Where is everyone from in the world?

    New Zealand. States on Tuesday.
  10. malestunurse

    Recurring Pediculosis

    Ahh the joys of mixed sex forensic psychiatric units.
  11. malestunurse

    What makes a COB crusty?

    What is a DH?
  12. malestunurse

    Post-Op Pain with PCA

    What is your actual question? I'm struggling to decipher it.
  13. malestunurse

    Can a patient video tape me?

    Your facility is not a public place.
  14. malestunurse

    HR's mistake hurt my paycheck

    What a ridiculous statement. You are saying that a nurse should be reprimanded because her hospital's administrative side is inefficient, she gave them plenty of time in my opinion. IT should be checking every day for license renewals. I imagine all it takes from them is hitting a checkbox to stop someone being locked out of the system.
  15. malestunurse

    Nicotine Test, No smoking policy

    What if you only smoke before or after work?
  16. malestunurse

    Is there a line floating?

    This site talks a lot about people not doing things within their scope of practice and are usually wrong about what that means, but this is actually a scope of practice issue if she has not had mental health or OB training then that particular branch of nursing isn't in her scope of practice. In NZ it actually says on your registration card that you have a restriction to work in that area if you haven't had that training. For example, there are lots of nurses that did the old style hospital training that didn't have a mental health aspect and these nurses have a mental health restriction on their license.