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  1. What to expect fron Davita Dialysis Training??

    Thanks everyone, I started with Davita and am almost finished with training. It has been an intense experience to say the leadt. I work with great teammates. Still trying to see if this is gor me. I havent done the LPN training yet. Im not sure if I ...
  2. Hep. B in the dialysis chronic clinic

    chello, I just wawated to ask what the procedures are for patient assignments in chronic dialysis with hep b (HBsAg)? Where is patient treated and how many patients does that nurse care for in that block of her shift??
  3. Davita Patient Care Technician

    Chello, I'm also in the star program as an LPN trainING with the PCTs, it's a lot really fast but I like it. Yes you get paid training.
  4. What to expect fron Davita Dialysis Training??

    So has anyone done the davita education after being hired? It's like 9-12 weeks so I imagine it is really thorough which I would love. Also did anything new have to go out of town for training? Was it just for the day?? Out of town training is like 5...
  5. What to expect fron Davita Dialysis Training??

  6. What to expect fron Davita Dialysis Training??

    Chello everyone, I recently took a LPN position with Davita and start the training/education part of the job in a week. I dont really know what to expect. I know some portion is out of town but I dont know yet if its over night. I would just live t...
  7. Nursey Compression Socks

    So sockwell and nabees'. I will have to check those out. Do you all think they make a real difference? When you get home from a very busy shift are your feet not hurting and no sore legs?
  8. Nursey Compression Socks

    Chello Nurses!!! I was wanting to ask you nurses that wear the compressions socks what you think of them. Im a type1 diabetic soon to start a job in dyalisis oon 12-14 hour days and want to take care of my legs as well as avoid tired sore legs. I ha...
  9. Fun: Coke or Pepsi Nurses?

    Does diet coke count?? Lol
  10. Win $100! February 2013 Caption Contest

    Slow down!!!! I just know you can handle this itty bitty needle in your BIG boy hinney!!!!
  11. Win $100! February 2013 Caption Contest

    You must take this insulin BEFORE lunch!!!!
  12. Win $100! February 2013 Caption Contest

    Find yourself another pin cushion!!!!!
  13. I have a Video CEU's question.

    Hi everyone, DO ANY OF YOU KNOW if there is such a thing as video ceu's??? I can't find anything on google. I need to be able to get credit for my job ofcouse but I just get sooo sleepy while trying to do these things. I have always been a visual lea...
  14. How To Write A Great Topic

    Awesome, I thought we had to make those changes.... I don't think I have enough brain cells left after all the studying I'm doing to keep up with many changes at this point. Thanks!
  15. Chello all, Just wanted to see if anyone has any suggestions for a hands on CPR class in the Ft.Myers/Cape Coral, Fl. area. I have already been to american red cross with no luck. Unless I'm doing something wrong. I'm preparing to return to nursi...