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  1. Hairstylingnurse

    I have a Video CEU's question.

    Hi everyone, DO ANY OF YOU KNOW if there is such a thing as video ceu's??? I can't find anything on google. I need to be able to get credit for my job ofcouse but I just get sooo sleepy while trying to do these things. I have always been a visual learner and seems to be getting worse as I get older!!! Lolz:rolleyes: anyways would love to know if you guys and gals can suggest any sites!!! Have a great weekend. :thankya:
  2. Hairstylingnurse

    How To Write A Great Topic

    Awesome, I thought we had to make those changes.... I don't think I have enough brain cells left after all the studying I'm doing to keep up with many changes at this point. Thanks!
  3. Chello all, Just wanted to see if anyone has any suggestions for a hands on CPR class in the Ft.Myers/Cape Coral, Fl. area. I have already been to american red cross with no luck. Unless I'm doing something wrong. I'm preparing to return to nursing and can only find tons of info on online cpr. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.:thankya:
  4. Hairstylingnurse

    How To Write A Great Topic

    Do we really have to be soooo formal??, I come here to relax and learn, let my hair down if you will.
  5. Hairstylingnurse

    Cypress Cove of Ft. Myers Florida???

    Hi, just wanted to see if anyone has worked at cypress cove or knows anything about the people and work conditions there. I see that they are always hiring so I'm just wondering. thanks in advance.
  6. Hairstylingnurse

    Comfort Food After a L o n g Shift

    *wineUmmmm, bake mac & cheese, real mash taters & gravy, birthday cake, fried green tomatoes, turnip greens and:teapot: way to many awesome things to mention. I think I need a bedtime snack now. hee~hee.:WHCk:
  7. Hairstylingnurse

    Inept New Grads?

    Why can't we all just get along??????? Instead of gripping about these nurses, tell them what they need to be doing and show or tell them how to get it done. I had negative zero confidence in being a nurse on meds~surg when I first came out of school. I also remember how I HATED to have to ask from help from the other nurses. I could always tell quickly who liked mentoring and teaching, so I seeked them out asap. You must have been amazing coming out of school sooo experienced. If u have a true problem can't u report to ur superior or ur nurse manager??I was in med~surg my first year, would've never made it in er. I really just wish nurses could be more like caretakers to their own(nurses) instead of sooo nasty. Let me just say there r some amazing nurses that don't eat their young because I have worked with some of them...
  8. Hairstylingnurse

    Too many know it "allnurses"

    :nurse:I have said it b4 on here and I will say it again... We r all adults on here and a little debate:igtsyt: aint gonna kill anybody:devil:!! Actually speeds the :redbeatheheart rate and metabolism!!!!!! :yeah:And yes we can even learn from it as long as we avoid the silly name calling!!!!!! :flwrhrts:
  9. Hairstylingnurse

    700 pages of reading, per week, for one class

    If I'm not mistaken this is the part of nursing school (usually begining) where they want to weed out the students from the slackers. It usually gets people to start dropping out on thier own. Just the ones that arent really ready to commit to the nursing program. Hang in there, u will be capable of much more than u think u r. And a few do usually drop at this point. That being said be ready to commit to studying like u never have before, missing out on lots of sleep(for studying) and anything else nurse related. Its a whole new world. Good luck to you, and remember there is alot more to YOU than u realize at this point.
  10. Hairstylingnurse

    BP & weight for child????

    :yeah:If you guys could see this young lady(little girl):wshgrt: she looks 14-15ish, except for her still baby face. She just is really tall and healthy looking. Thats why I wasn't sure how I should figure her bp & other assessment findings.
  11. Hairstylingnurse

    BP & weight for child????

    Chello everyone, I have a quick question. If you have a 101/2 yr. female that weighs 132 and is 5'4. what would be a normal bp and pulse rate for her? Would you base the results on her age or weight and height????? . Thanks in advance.
  12. Hairstylingnurse

    insulin pump concern

    :nurse:I like to hook mine more around the back of my scrubs because it doesn't hook on the doorknob, and patients don't even realize its there. I do wish they were lighter though.
  13. Hairstylingnurse

    insulin pump concern

    :chuckle:clown::yeah:"This keeps everything inside her pants". She sounds like a an absolute lady. Love how u said that. That was a nice little laugh. Too cute.:heartbeat
  14. Hairstylingnurse


    this is pretty awesome. They email me really cool case studies. Sign up for free it's cool. "eMedicine CME Case" That is where it comes from in my email. I'm kinda useless on the computer. I think it is also known as medscapecme. One of these adresses will get u there. Let me know what u think.
  15. Hairstylingnurse

    EKG HELP!!!

    :yeah:Thanks Be Moore,:heartbeatThat totally worked. I'm soooooo computer illiterate:typing Ur a doll and I'm sooo appreciative. Don't ya just love that site???
  16. Hairstylingnurse

    EKG HELP!!!

    Thanks this is a totally cool site, but it's soooo tiny I can't see what CHOICE i'M PUSHING. Is it also that way on ur computer? I can't believe I have never seen this site.