Would you feel uncomfortable with your coworkers caring for you?


My facility offers free care if we get maternity/OB care there. This is awesome but I don't know how I feel about coworkers being that personal with me. I don't work on the OB unit but I do know that the nurses there are phenomenal....am I paranoid or right in being wary about delivering there?

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I work on the OB unit unit at my job and due to have my baby where I work in three weeks. I definitely have some anxiety about them caring for me because I love my privacy. However, I have great coworkers so I know I will be in great hands. Plus it was way cheaper to have my baby where I work so the sacrifice was worth it.

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I work in ED i have had 2 asthma attacks and been treated by why friends and coworkers.all were awesome.


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I had a coworker when I worked in surgery that needed her gallbladder removed. They coordinated who could come into the OR room during her surgery and covered the windows. Nothing like having your coworkers seeing you naked on an OR table.

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I would want to be in the hospital that gave the best care to me and my baby. If that was where I worked, so be it. If that was the hospital across town ... then I would go across town (while asking myself why I wasn't working at the best hospital.)


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I did. Honestly I never see OB or post partum nurses outside of the United so why not? If I worked that unit, I would prefer to go elsewhere. I prefer privacy.

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It was much cheaper to see the OB in my facility, plus I knew I could trust him and his staff. Sure sometimes it was a bit embarrassing, but when it's all said and done I would do it again. When there was a concern I only had to walk a few feet to talk to him and his staff.

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I think that's actually one of the benefits of working in health care- I know who I absolutely don't want anywhere near me, who would be okay in a pinch, and who I would absolutely love to have caring for me. So, I would actually rather have surgery in my own OR, where I would be able to say who I want in the room, than go somewhere else and have no idea of the skill level of the people caring for me.

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I had my babies at both of the facilities where I worked at the time. I did not work on the OB floor, but through the OB nurses decided who my OB/GYN MD would be. I had good experiences at both facilities. When I had a craniotomy back in 1997, I was in the ICU where I worked with my co-workers taking care of me. It was a very extreme surgery for me, and to know that my co-workers were taking care of me helped to reassure me that I was getting the best care. I might add that my insurance at these times was through my husband's employer. I have seen shift supervisors who had no direct care contact with the employee/pt go through the chart to get info and I am totally against this. You are there as a patient and unless it is someone who is giving you direct care they should not be scanning your medical information. I don't know how risky it is to have your medical care done at the same facility where you get your health insurance.

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Yes, I would feel uncomfortable and at least ask not to be on the unit in which I was working. People I work with do not need to see me naked. I would feel very awkward.

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I would be worried sick- because I'm 59 years old and they are peds nurses!!!!! :)

Wait, maybe I would get popsicles and have the Child Life lady bring me a coloring book.......

I hope I never have to be on my floor, as it would mean I was pretty sick. But I'd have no problem having my coworkers be my nurses. They're awesome.