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  1. BSNbeauty

    Fall risk

    We don't have a nursery so we do the same as Klone . If it's a mag mom, and she has no visitors then we will open up the newbirn procedure room and the charge nurse would be assigned to the baby.
  2. BSNbeauty

    I miss The Commuter!

    Definitely one of my favs!!! Commuter I pray all is well !
  3. BSNbeauty

    Can night shift cause missed periods

    No but pregnancy can
  4. BSNbeauty

    Did you leave bedside nursing?

    I left the bedside to do case management and yes I did feel like I was less if a nurse. I felt line an over said secretary and missed the bedside so much that I return 7 months later. This is why I'm scared to get my MSN FNP degree. I feel I would miss the bedside too much.
  5. BSNbeauty

    What did you do after nursing school graduation?

    I went on a cruise, came back and passed my boards.
  6. BSNbeauty

    Why do some nurses hate it in others pump at work?

    That traveler is wrong. Hopefully, she won't stay too long. I never have a problem covering for nurses to pump.
  7. My job is the same. Some hospital pay a lot hourly rate while being on call but not mine. It sucks but I don't think it's illegal.
  8. BSNbeauty

    To Keep or Ditch Past Certifications?

    I'm certified and do my job well. I know of a nurse who is certified and is horrible at the bedside. She is just an awesome test taker, with 2 years of exp. I'll take a 20 year seasoned nurse over a nurse with 2 years experience and certified.
  9. BSNbeauty

    New Grad Needing Advice on Postpartum Nursing

    Get STABLE and NRP certs. Keep applying. Maybe you can even volunteer on the unit if able.
  10. How would anyone know your age if you didn't tell them ?
  11. BSNbeauty

    Nursing career

    Don't let "they" stop you. Nurses Change specialities all the time. However, a job isn't gonna just fall on your lap. You actually have to apply, follow up and sell yourself for the specialty you want. You don't sound like a good getter at all which is why you are still a mother baby nurse.
  12. BSNbeauty

    clinical instructor versus didactic instructor pay

    I'm adjunct and make 55 an hour. I have a BSN.
  13. BSNbeauty

    nursing for money

    Sign me up for that psych consult because nursing IS my calling. Yes the pay is nice but I really do enjoy it and have taken a pay cut to do what I love. I just hate people like you that judge people that feel like they are called to nursing. I don't judge you for doing nursing for the money.
  14. BSNbeauty

    RNC- MNN paper pencil test

    I did mine electronically
  15. I've seen nicu nurses wear short fake nails. Not saying I agree, just stating an observation.
  16. BSNbeauty

    New grad - night shift difficulties

    Nights are not for everyone. Some people can manage them and others cannot. Can you seek a day shift position somewhere else ?