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  1. BSNbeauty

    Celebrate Our LPN/LVNs October 7-13, 2018

    Great article! I was a LPN for years before becomi f a RN. I have much respect for LPNs. Being LPN first helped me tremendously in my nursing career.
  2. BSNbeauty

    Fall risk

    We don't have a nursery so we do the same as Klone . If it's a mag mom, and she has no visitors then we will open up the newbirn procedure room and the charge nurse would be assigned to the baby.
  3. BSNbeauty

    I miss The Commuter!

    Definitely one of my favs!!! Commuter I pray all is well !
  4. Yay,God, not science. I'm a firm believer that God had everything to do with the process, He created science after all.
  5. BSNbeauty

    No real time for bedside nursing...I have got to chart!

    I chart as I go. It does not take away from my bedside care.
  6. BSNbeauty

    Can night shift cause missed periods

    No but pregnancy can
  7. This is my pet peeve!
  8. BSNbeauty

    Failed last semester and it hurts

    I'm so sorry . Don't give up, many people have had to start over but then succeeded.
  9. BSNbeauty

    I think I might hate nursing

    If you're basing your decision on how other nurses act and feel about nursing than no you shouldn't become a nurse.
  10. BSNbeauty

    Postpartum Nurses being the Baby Nurse?

    If we are the NAN nurse we do the admission assessment , meds and everything else needed on l and D. We take care of the baby until we are called to another delivery. At that time we quickly report of to the L and D nurse and go to the next delivery ...
  11. BSNbeauty

    Medication administration confusion???

    I would not feel comfortable. This violates the 5 rights. How do you know it's the right medication, and dose if you didn't witness her draw it up?
  12. BSNbeauty

    Postpartum Nurses being the Baby Nurse?

    Our PP do assign apgars and provide resuscitation. We are NRP certified. However , if resuscitation is needed than we also call the NICU nurses and NPs to take over.
  13. BSNbeauty

    Advice on my next steps from those who have gone before me...

    I took a 7 month break from the bedside and worked as a case manager that did not involve pt care. I returned to the bedside because I missed having my stretch of days off and me time during the week. I also missed pt care. I may want to try mon-fri ...
  14. BSNbeauty

    Older Student, Unprofessional Nurse During Clinical

    You're most welcome !