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  1. AmyRN303

    My rights after pt assault

    RadioJenn, do we work at the same hospital? That sounds very familiar, unfortunately. I'd honestly push the case as far as you could. No one has the right to treat anyone that way. It sounds as though his behavior continues because it goes unchallenged. I know it sucks to have to be the one to do it, but for your safety and the safety of others, I'd be talking to everyone I possibly could about what's happened.
  2. AmyRN303

    When confidentiality isn't quite the same

    No, no, no. Women are not "happy to let it all out". People who are sick bypass the modesty issue because they are used to providers of all genders displaying professionalism, even in awkward or discreet procedures. This is getting beyond weird.
  3. AmyRN303

    Is nursing school really "that" bad?

    Nursing school is demanding, yes. Like some of the others have said, it's nothing compared to your first year on the job. I was a single mom of four during nursing school, and everything still got done, and my gpa was a 3.8. Easy? No, but totally doable.
  4. AmyRN303

    Sro delegation october

    I juz dunno.
  5. AmyRN303

    Difficult Patient - Definition

    Sometimes the most technically "easy" patient is actually the most "share the love with others" patient, as Ixchel said. I've often had that situation happen. I don't think there's any standardization possible, though I agree that sometimes, you need a break.
  6. AmyRN303

    Best way to learn IV skills?

    Many hospitals here have training/skills labs which have hours available....don't know if this is a possibility for you, but it's a great resource.
  7. AmyRN303

    PICC line: flushes, but no blood return

    Mine as well...just shows how common the problem is!
  8. You may have to resize or reformat your proof of nursing photo. I did mine on mobile, tapped "page back" and re-entered my .jpeg and it went through!
  9. AmyRN303

    PICC line: flushes, but no blood return

    Sometimes you'll get a little fibrin flap on the end of the lumen....kind of flaps over on one side so you can flush, but when you go to draw back, it occludes the lumen so you get no return. Try vigorously pumping the flush, maybe a few if fluid status isn't critical. Have the patient turn their head to the opposite side, reposition a few times and see what you get...We have an IV team which maintains our lines. If I get no return even after my interventions, I call the doc for an alteplase vial order and have the IV nurses unclot the line.
  10. AmyRN303

    why do many MAs and CNAs call themselves nurses?

    We do too, though there are rumors of mandated uniforms. I've yet to see a patient misidentify their nurse/NA/RT...as we are part of the critical care line, we float to several other critical care floors, and get to know who's who there too. I find mandated uniform colors unnecessary and irksome. Especially when a year ago I spent a small fortune on scrubs.
  11. AmyRN303

    Apple Watch - Why I Love It!

    I think I want one....practical question: does the clasp stretch out over time? I lost my Fitbit early in my orientation because the clasp (which looks similar to the apple watch) stretched out and it must have fallen off my wrist unnoticed. I think I'd cry if that happened to an Apple watch.
  12. AmyRN303

    Nurse Slang Yo!

    Any gentleman with white hair and a beard= Santa guy. I've had a few Santa guys. I often refer to patients "buying themselves xyz", as in, "Santa guy freaked out, ripped off all his leads, and ran down the hallway naked. He bought himself some haldol and 4 points."
  13. AmyRN303

    Feeling Very Discouraged

    I'm still a little curious as to how you've experienced several preceptors in a few weeks' time, but I'll bite on your initial question: sometimes what initially seems criticism or negativity may not, in fact, be criticism or negativity. Without specifics, very difficult to tell on a board such as this. When I was in school, I had many different instructors with many different personalities. Negotiating the differences is a vital part of development as a nurse, or heck, even an adult human in any field.
  14. AmyRN303

    Nurses with pedometers - How far do you walk?

    And I usually hit 11k during a shift. Usually a couple of transfers, couple of walks down for diagnostics.
  15. AmyRN303

    Nurses with pedometers - How far do you walk?

    I have a walkingspree inspire, comes with a wristband and a clip, about $40 if I remember correctly. I got it right after my Fitbit fell off my wrist, never to be seen again. I prefer the clip, and often I just leave it in my pocket. The band is like a normal watch band as opposed to the Fitbit's simple clasp, but when removing an isolation gown, I've lost the unit out of the band twice. That and the fact that I had to remove to scrub my wrists, just not a fan of the wristband. While on vacation, I've submerged it in water, snorkeling for an hour before I realized. Not a problem. Durable, fairly accurate, inexpensive. The mobile interface sucks a bit, but it counts my steps, so I'm okay with it.
  16. This is such an amazing story.

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