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  1. richardgecko

    What is your schedule like as a nurse?

    3 12s/wk, however I work extra because I'm buying a house soom
  2. richardgecko

    Why do minorities have more respect for nurses?

    i agree with this, but throughout this country wealth is typically stratified by race, so it's not too far fetched to say that the behavior that T/S is referring to is pretty typical of your affluent white person. And you're more likely to receive this type of treatment from a white person because there are far more affluent whites than affluent minorities. Now I will add this: I can say that I have received this treatment from more whites than minorities but my experiences differed greatly depending on what facility I worked in. When I worked in an inner city trauma center, I got treated like a chambermaid by people of all races. I found that people's frustration and loss of control over their unfortunate condition caused them to seek control over the one group of people they can control: nurses. They would run me ragged and complain about every little thing. And most of these people were far from affluent. They were minorities just like me, and they would routinely make comments about how much they hated the facility and how much the care sucked despite the fact that they/their loved one didn't have a smidgen of insurance and should be grateful that they are receiving tax funded healthcare. Inmates would do this as well: they were so used to the restrictions of prison, so when they had someone to take care of them, they abused it. now when I changed jobs and started working in a heart/lung transplant unit full of affluent whites with iron-clad insurance policies and end stage heart failure, I experienced the type of treatment T/S is referring to.
  3. richardgecko

    9/5 What I learned this week.....

    1. I traced in a stressful toxic work environment for one that has complex ethical issues. Either way,it's going to take a mountain of maturity to function in either environment. 2. Nurses are horrid patients
  4. richardgecko

    What did you do before nursing?

    No camming, although I knew several who did.
  5. richardgecko

    What did you do before nursing?

    Bartender and stripper by night, nurse intern by day. All the way through nursing school. True embodiment of the stereotype that every stripper is in nursing school.
  6. richardgecko

    8/22 What I learned this week....

    That nursing instinct is real even when you're a new nurse. my preceptor wanted to extubate my emergent c-mag pt because he was "doing so well" but I wasn't convinced. True he was responding to commands and on 40% fio2 but he still didn't look "right." His flows were great, everything on paper looked great but he just didn't look right, ya know?? I feel bad and I feel like I didn't advocate for my patient by saying "hey, maybe we should wait or at least get him bronched before extubating". I felt like since she had 10+ yrs experience and I have less than 1 yr I should suck up the experience for what it's worth and help when I can. She had RT put him on cPAP while we weaned him off diprivan. He was following commands and oxygenating well. We called the doc and he gave the green light to extubate 10 mins later. We extubate and he's making the nastiest rattling sounds, it's not stridor but clearly there's something in his airway. He's trying to cough as hard as he can but its not completely clearing his airway. Secretions are copious, bright pink and frothy = flash pulm edema. We call the pulm doc to bronch him immediately and he comes within 6 minutes. We bronch and reintubate. PA pressures skyrocket and don't come back down. As we're re intubation, bright pink frothy secretions shoot out of the ETT. Dude went into flash pulm edema before my eyes and I feel like crap because I didn't speak up on my intuition. I had a feeling it wouldn't go well but I didn't say a word....out of fear that my inexperience would invalidate my intuition.
  7. richardgecko

    Are weekender positions worth it??

    I'm considering taking one in a few months. The pay is 50% more, I don't take benefits from the job anyway so that doesn't bother me, and I have a kid going to school next year so it seems as though it'd be easy for me to spend more time with him if I were off all week. I do feel like I'd miss out on some family events though. how has it worked for those of you who have been weekenders?
  8. richardgecko

    What is your dream unit?

    The unit I'm currently on: cardiopulmonary transplant ICU. i told my manager she's going to have to pry me away from this job to get me to leave
  9. richardgecko

    This week, I have learned... (8/8)

    1. Nonpulsatile LVAD/RVAD/BiVAD pts have funky looking rhythms/art line waveforms and I really have to attune myself to it. It freaked me out to see nurses silence alarms on a heart rate of 0 and a clear vtach rhythm...but the patients sitting up watching wheel of fortune, lol. 2. Nurses are hard patients to have. 3. Changing specialties is like starting over in nursing.
  10. richardgecko

    Offered job while still an extern

    As a person who recently bought out of a new grad employment contract, I highly suggest that you investigate the contract thoroughly and decide if the contract, the unit, the facility, and the organization is best for you.
  11. richardgecko

    Sexual Comment from Boss???

    I'm not going to insinuate that the comment isn't offensive because no one can say what personally offends you; however, i think you should take it up with your manager personally first.
  12. richardgecko

    Maryland nursing program that doesn't require TEAS

    Don't think I want a nurse taking care of me that doesn't have a grasp on basic math, reading comprehension, and science...
  13. richardgecko

    Be honest, what pt behaviors do you find annoying?

    *call light dings* me: how may I help you? pt: I need my nurse. me: what can she/he bring you? pt: I need my nurse. *enters room* pt: can i get a second blanket? And can I get more pain medicine yet? Me: sure! *walks to the clean linen room and then the omnicell, muttering expletives under my breath* JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU NEED!!!! PLEASE SAVE ME THE TRIP!
  14. richardgecko

    RED flags to look for when interviewing

    ^^^omg this applies so well to my last job. The vast majority of the staff had many nights the most experienced person on the unit was the NP and we came to them with issues we should have been able to go to the charge nurse with, except our charge nurses had maybe 6 mos more experience. The NPs would get stressed because they had their own jobs to do.
  15. richardgecko

    RED flags to look for when interviewing

    What are some red flags to look for when interviewing on a new unit? 1. Poor communication with the HR department. 2. Mass hiring into one unit (why did so many people leave in the first place? Things that make you say HMM?) 3. Not being able to get a straight answer when asking about patient ratios (well, our optimal ratio is typically __, but lately it's been __ to __) -- chances are they're tragically understaffed and you'll be working like a dog until they can get staffed...however long that takes please add on!!!
  16. richardgecko

    My first 100 days on the job: The Beginning

    This makes me so happy! I love seeing others happy. Hopefully after my 1st 100 days I can post something equally refreshing. I'm still in nursing orientation and struggling to stay awake.