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NICU Guy has 5 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in NICU.

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  1. NICU Guy

    Reasonable Accommodations

    Thank you for posting a similar comment that I chose to delete that the OP took offense to.
  2. NICU Guy

    I am a male nursing student

    Men are fully integrated into the nursing profession. The stigma of males in nursing has been for the most part been eliminated. Except for L&D, there really are no specialties that males would be excluded from. I have read on this board that there is some issues with male nurses caring for female patients, but I do not have any experience as to how widespread the problem is. I have no issues with the female patients in the NICU.
  3. NICU Guy

    Must Pass all exams?

    I would clarify it with the instructor. When I was in school, the grading system was that you had to have an average of XX on the tests before adding in assignments, group projects, term papers, quizzes. So, if passing was 75%, you could not average 74% on tests and have the rest bring your class average above passing.
  4. NICU Guy


    You must have an active license. Passing NCLEX does not necessarily lead to a license. The BON may find an issue that may delay the issuance of the LVN license. In some states, you can apply for a Graduate permit. It allows you to practice (in a limited capacity) until you take NCLEX. The moment you leave the testing site, your Graduate permit is expired. You either fail and you can no longer work under the GN permit or you pass NCLEX and the GN permit is replaced with an active license.
  5. NICU Guy

    Is there a Stigma with a Male working in Nursing?

    I have been in my current position for almost 6 yrs with a male to female nurse ratio of between 1:300 to 3:300 in my NICU. Currently there are two male nurses and approximately 300 female nurses. I have never had any issues with coworkers, families, or doctors. I get along with most of my colleagues (some people you will never get along with regardless of the gender). I treat them as a person and they treat me like a person. There are times that being the only male on the unit is brought up in a joking way, but never in a negative way.
  6. NICU Guy

    Has anyone else been in a similar situation?

    What do you mean she "didn't feel like giving the med"? So, the patient was in pain, but she wasn't in the mood to give the med? Were you giving the med unsupervised or did the instructor intentionally give the wrong dose to teach you a lesson because although you "academically" had a med error, she is the one with the nursing license and had the actual med error. When you scanned the med, did you not see that it said to administer 300 mg. It doesn't matter when the order was changed, it is your responsibility (and your instructor) to verify the dose is correct with the MAR.
  7. NICU Guy

    Can I become pediatric nurse and CRNA?

    CRNA is a Master's degree level position. You will need to get your BSN first before applying to a CRNA program. CRNA programs are very competitive and require a high GPA during nursing school. Most programs require 3-5 yrs of ICU experience. Once you are close to starting your first nursing job, determine if you still want to pursue CRNA. I do not know if PICU experience counts towards the 3-5 yrs ICU experience, many schools do not count NICU experience.
  8. NICU Guy

    Choosing a school

    The clinical and lecture is part of the same class. I do not know of a state BON that allows separate lecture and clinical portions. State BONs establish what courses that schools must include in their curriculum. It is up to the schools to arrange the courses. One school may have a separate pharmacology class and another school may include pharmacology into each class. It would be very difficult to find a nursing school that will accept other school's nursing credits.
  9. NICU Guy

    Compact license NY to NJ.

    How a multi-state (compact) license works: Live in a Compact state and obtain a multi-state license from that state. With your multi-state license, you are able to work in any other Compact state. A multi-state license does not allow you to work in a non-compact state, you must obtain a single state license from that state. In your case, you live in NJ, but do not have a NJ license, so you are not able to work in any other compact state. Since NY is not a compact state, you must get a NY license to work there.
  10. This may be relevant to someone that wants to pursue adult nursing. NICU is a very specialized unit. A majority of what you learned in nursing school and would learn on an Adult Med/Surg floor does not apply to NICU. A nurse residency teaches you the basics of what you need to be competent as a NICU nurse. While experience as a PCT in a NICU or having a Capstone in NICU during school would have been a benefit, it is not required. If you have the ability, applying nationwide would help your chances getting a NICU residency. When I graduated, I applied to every posting on indeed.com that did not require NICU experience.
  11. NICU Guy

    What is a BLM medic and what are their qualifications?

    They are basic EMTs that administer basic first aid, the same as anyone else could. They can not do anything invasive such as start IVs since they are not working through their employer and medical director.
  12. NICU Guy

    What would you do?

    What was the reason for being let go during orientation? If it is a performance issue, then I don't recommend going straight to an ICU job. The learning curve will be steeper in an ICU.
  13. NICU Guy

    Are Certifications Necessary?

    I would look at the job postings for the PCT at the hospital. If CNA is not required, then apply. I wouldn't get the CNA unless I wasn't having any success getting an interview without it.
  14. NICU Guy

    Nurse Beth Pops New Grad's Bubble

    I agree. I hate when a hospital has 30 RN postings and they are all identical. At least tailor it towards what you are looking for in an applicant.
  15. NICU Guy

    Are Certifications Necessary?

    Working as a PCA/PCT while going through nursing school will help you get an RN job after graduation, if you intend to work at that hospital (hospital system). First, you will be applying for RN jobs as an internal candidate and second, hiring managers will have more information about your work ethic when you are already an employee of the hospital.
  16. NICU Guy

    Hey! Southpaws!

    I was in therapy for PTSND (Post-Traumatic Spiral Notebook Disorder) for most of my childhood until I started loose leaf paper.