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NICU Guy has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in NICU.

“Sometimes,' said Pooh, 'the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”― A.A. Milne

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  1. NICU Guy

    Y Site

    Think of the IV tubing as a highway and the Y-site as an on-ramp with a toll booth that only allows X number of cars onto the highway per minute. It doesn't matter how fast the cars go once they get onto the highway. You are concerned about how many ...
  2. NICU Guy

    Had my first bad clinical experience - L&D

    While I am not going to deny that I have had my own experience of nurses gossiping while alarms are going off and babies crying, that has nothing to do with you being a male. You will find these types of NICU nurses at the Lvl I & II NICUs in whi...
  3. NICU Guy

    Failed NCLEX 3 times

    You can apply to be licensed in another state that does not have a limit on the number of attempts. If your intention is to get licensed in another state, then apply for a license by endorsement in your current state, call you current state and see i...
  4. NICU Guy

    What happens if my nursing license expires?

    This applies if the only license you have expires. If you move and endorse to a new state and let your original license expire, you can reactivate your original license by proving you hold an active license.
  5. NICU Guy

    Accreditation process

    The student panel is a minor part of the accreditation site visit. The team is looking at the student's perspective of the program. A vast majority of the site visit involves the program and the administration. If a school doesn't get accredited, the...
  6. NICU Guy

    withdrawing from job offer

    Depends on the hospital. If you never intend to apply for a job at that hospital again, then it doesn't matter. If that hospital is someplace you may want to work at in the near future, it may be an issue. It also depends on the reason for withd...
  7. NICU Guy

    Neonatal Nurse Practicioner School

    I work at a large Level IV NICU and there have been about eight nurses that were in an NNP program in the last few years. None of them had a difficult time getting in. It was an online program with clinicals in a NICU. The difficulty for a few of the...
  8. NICU Guy

    Ageism in Nursing?

    I was a 48 yr old new grad (plus being a male in NICU) and age wasn't an issue. They may have confused mobility and ability to multi-task with age. There are several nurses in their 60s that are excellent at multi-tasking and handling the bu...
  9. She was your orientee. Why did she have access to the narcotics key? You keep referencing her leaving a Fentanyl vial out and having a box of Versed in the patient area, how did she get access to those drugs if you had the key? You said you do not le...
  10. NICU Guy

    Infant circumcision question

    We use Lidocaine injection for ALL circumcisions. We also use sucrose to keep the boys happy while their legs are strapped down.
  11. NICU Guy

    Timing of changing my residency for my Compact license

    If you no longer have a permanent residence in Florida, you do not have compact license privilege since you no longer live in a compact state.
  12. The problem for the faculty is that there is no way of knowing who had access to the test bank prior to the quiz. The fact that that the website was not divulged until after the quiz, is to your advantage. I would not participate further in the group...
  13. NICU Guy

    Travel NICU

    https://allnurses.com/travel-c40/ It is towards the bottom of the "Specialties" Tab.
  14. NICU Guy

    ABSN Programs with a lower cumulative GPA?

    Look at Indiana State University. They do not use your GPA from your first degree as an admission criteria. Applicants are ranked using three criteria: Cumulative pre-requisite course GPA; Science GPA (anatomy, physiology, Chemistry, ...
  15. NICU Guy

    ABSN Programs

    Preferably an in-state university. I graduated from an ABSN program at a state university. Tuition was $5k/ semester. My degree cost me a little over $20k. My niece graduated from an ABSN program from a private university and spent $16k in tuition/ s...