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NICU Guy has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in NICU.

“Sometimes,' said Pooh, 'the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.”― A.A. Milne

"A person’s a person no matter how small." Dr Suess                                                                                      "Sic Parvis Magnus- Great things come from small beginnings"

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  1. NICU Guy

    Goals while working with a preceptor

    Identify the common medical issues that cause babies to be admitted to the NICU (RDS, Gastroschisis, cardiac anomalies, HIE, etc. ) and the special care required for each issue.
  2. NICU Guy


    When I was in nursing school, our class sat in the audience of a monthly BON meeting. There was a school that had been on probation for several years for poor NCLEX scores. One of the members of the board asked "Why do we keep giving this school more...
  3. NICU Guy

    What's the magic formula?

    Do you think that this might be the issue. You may be applying your previous knowledge to test questions. There is a saying in Nursing "NCLEX is not real life". Tests are based on information in lectures and textbooks. If you are using past experienc...
  4. NICU Guy

    Want to Be a Nurse but Hesitations

    There are plenty of us (introverts) in healthcare
  5. NICU Guy

    Weird Interview, is this the new normal?

    That is a poor way to interview someone. When I was a new grad, I applied to four different units at the hospital. The recruiter asked me what my number one choice was. She said that if I was not offered my first choice, we would move onto the second...
  6. NICU Guy

    Nurses Setting the Stage for Safe Infant Sleep

    We recently had a baby that was born with ALCAPA. Anomalous left coronary artery from the pulmonary artery (ALCAPA) is a congenital heart defect in which the left coronary artery arises abnormally from the pulmonary artery. Normally, the left and rig...
  7. Since a vast majority of nursing school and NCLEX is about adults, I have forgotten 95% of what I learned in nursing school since I have been working in the land of the "little people".
  8. NICU Guy

    RNFA or CRNA?

    I just watched this interview with a CRNA on YouTube today. Very good information on the pathway and the career.
  9. NICU Guy

    Senior Preceptorship

    When I was in nursing school, I had two choices for a NICU Capstone/Externship. The first option was a small Level II that was local (10-15 drive) or a Level IV at a children's hospital 1.5 hrs away. I chose the Level IV because it would give me the ...
  10. NICU Guy

    Do you need to keep your initial license active?

    Endorsing to any other state should not be an issue, except California. Endorsing to California seems to be a lot more complicated and time consuming. I have never tried and have no desire to endorse to California. It is best to contact California BR...
  11. NICU Guy

    How long after NCLEX do you get your license?

    Many states will post a license 1-2 days after passing NCLEX. California seems to be in the several weeks to month timeline. I am not sure if it is volume of nursing applications, lack of staffing, disorganization, or combination of all factors.
  12. NICU Guy

    CDC update on masks

    My hospital group (five adult and one children's hospitals) announced a couple weeks ago that masks are optional for all visitors and employees (excluding isolation areas).
  13. NICU Guy

    NICU Dosage help

    number 2: pumps are set for ml/hr not ml/min. everything else checks out. good job
  14. NICU Guy

    New Grad NICU RN Feeling Ashamed. What to do?

    Confidence and increased skill level comes with experience. When you were learning to drive a car, you were scared that you were going to do something wrong and get into an accident. Once you got your license and started driving on your own, that fea...
  15. NICU Guy

    Archer NCLEX RN review

    I would look closer at Archer. There is a big thread on r/nursing subreddit about Archer. They are claiming that Archer is a scam. I have no personal experience with Archer, but do your own Due Diligence.