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  1. NICU Guy

    Trying to request for transfer. Advice needed.

    Is your manager in charge of both the step down unit and the hyperbaric/wound care unit? If not, then just apply to a job opening when it is available. You do not need your manager's permission to transfer units.
  2. NICU Guy

    How to retain nurses?

    It is not that they need to hire more people, they need to keep the ones they have and attract more nurses to work there. Medicare reimbursement is linked to the patient surveys. Hospitals will do what is necessary to get good surveys, including throwing their staff under the bus. That just perpetuates the abusive relationship between the patients/family and staff. They can be as nasty as they want and the staff has to take it in order to get good surveys.
  3. NICU Guy

    What is Abandonment?

    You must be at work and take responsibility for a patient. No call/no show and not coming to work on your day off can not be patient abandonment.
  4. NICU Guy

    Desperate and need advice

    You have Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, which commonly happens during adolescent and college years. It is easily fixed. https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/14295-delayed-sleep-phase-syndrome-dsps-in-children-and-adolescents/management-and-treatment
  5. NICU Guy

    Jr. Male nursing student with a question

    I doubt the OP will ever see your post since you are responding to a 9 yr old post and the OP has not been on the site since they posted the thread 9 yrs ago.
  6. NICU Guy

    New Grad NICU Support Thread

    Here is a couple of books that are highly recommended for new NICU nurses. You don't need to buy the newest edition. https://www.amazon.com/Merenstein-Gardners-Handbook-Neonatal-Intensive/dp/032332083X/ref=dp_ob_title_bk https://www.amazon.com/Curriculum-Neonatal-Intensive-Nursing-AWHONN/dp/032322590X/ref=pd_sim_14_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=032322590X&pd_rd_r=8d184d18-2ae8-11e9-9383-b9ef8e54b940&pd_rd_w=vSjy0&pd_rd_wg=bbSUh&pf_rd_p=90485860-83e9-4fd9-b838-b28a9b7fda30&pf_rd_r=1ZCTZHZG17E2DARAD5M8&psc=1&refRID=1ZCTZHZG17E2DARAD5M8
  7. NICU Guy

    How long does a call back take?

    I applied for 4 jobs at the same hospital. The nurse recruiter asked which one was my top choice and set up an interview for that job (which I got).
  8. NICU Guy

    How to go about finding a job?

    The best source would be the hospital's website, if you are specifically interested in working for that hospital. Otherwise, any of the job search engines will work (Indeed, Monster, Careerbuilder). You can also upload your resume to those sites and have recruiters contact you for openings in the future (after you have gotten a few years experience and want to move somewhere else).
  9. NICU Guy


    Amplitude (Amp)- pressure of the breath Hertz (HTZ)- 1 HTZ= 60 breaths/min Mean Airway Pressure (MAP)- Middle of the pressure wave (cm. of water) Inspiratory Time (IT)- length of time of inspiration. On an Oscillator it is the ratio of IT vs ET (Expiratory Time). Here is a video from an RT from the hospital where I did my nursing clinicals.
  10. NICU Guy

    Getting a job in pediatrics as a new grad

    A vast majority of the nurses in my children's hospital started as new grads. What makes you think that it is competitive? My unit hires primarily externs and PCAs that worked at the hospital prior to becoming an RN.
  11. NICU Guy


    You have two choices: Give up your dream specialty (I would apply locally for your dream specialty) or have a long distance relationship. While it is possible get a Weekends Only (Baylor Plan) position in which you can stay at a hotel for those two nights and then drive back home, it can get tiresome very quickly. Only other option is for your fiance to find another job closer to your dream hospital.
  12. NICU Guy

    RN Licensing by NCLEX in Maryland??

    She doesn't have to get her WV license first. She can apply for a MD license by exam without getting her WV license first. She will have a single state MD license. Once she moves there, she can apply for a multistate license, if she wants to.
  13. "Ondansetron use during an initial emergency department visit for head trauma in children not requiring neuroimaging is associated with a higher likelihood of return within 72 hours and subsequent admission." Nausea and vomiting could indicate that a head injury is getting worse. If the patient is sent home on Zofran, it might mask a worsening condition.
  14. NICU Guy

    RN Licensing by NCLEX in Maryland??

    Register with Maryland BON for License by Exam and make sure your school sends your documents to MD BON.
  15. NICU Guy

    NCLEX & Pearson Vue Trick (PVT), your experience...

    PVT, Magic 8 Ball, coin flip are all at the same level of accuracy in predicting passing NCLEX. PVT involves interpreting the Pearson Vue payment system as an indicator of Pass/Fail. Their payment system was not intended to be used in that way. You are suppose to only re-register for the test AFTER you have been notified that you failed. The system is not designed to be used immediately after completing the test. That is why you have people attempt the PVT and end up paying for another test when they passed. There are numerous reasons why you would get a "Good pop-up" and fail or a "Bad pop-up" and pass. The grading and processing of your test and the payment system are separate systems. Unless an IT person from Pearson comes here to explain the process, we are just speculating on how it works.