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firstinfamily has 33 years experience as a RN.

RN since 1981, total of 16 years in ICU, worked tele, PCU, Home health, LTC, rehab. Looking for ambulatory nurse type position

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  1. firstinfamily

    Loan forgiveness options? Help!

    The only government program that I know of that often offers to assist with student loan debt is working for the Indian Health Services. I don't know what is out in Seattle, but you might look into it. Also, being a new graduate your options will b...
  2. firstinfamily

    I hate night shift

    We all want only the best for you and your family. All of us have made some sacrifices between our nursing careers and family needs. It does help to have a mature mate who understands that just because the shift is 7a-7p that does not mean you get ...
  3. firstinfamily

    I hate night shift

    I am just guessing, but it almost sounds like you have not been married for very long. Working night shift takes a toll on any relationship. My husband and I have been married for 30 years, and I have worked various shifts. The best shift for me w...
  4. firstinfamily

    But you're a nurse, you could've done this....

    Personally, I would not have been very objective with my family members and you made the right call. As we all know, those who look "normal" at the scene can develop complications hours or days later, having them checked out through the hospital was...
  5. firstinfamily

    Time To Start That Final Trip To The Locker Room?

    I'm only 57 and thinking that I have at least another 10 years that I will have to work. I don't know all the names of the new medications nor the mattresses that we use. I most likely won't know that information 6 months from now. But I do know h...
  6. firstinfamily

    Reporting a facility for staff ratio issues?

    Is there an admission criteria or nurse/pt ratio listed in your nursing requirements/job descriptions? If so, then the facility can be held liable for this---do a little digging, maybe see what they advertise on line etc.
  7. firstinfamily

    To tell or not to tell!

    Instead of calling out individual nurses, it is something that perhaps has been "accepted" as standard practice on this unit. Has a new manager taken over recently? Do you have a Quality Assurance team/person you can address the issues with? It s...
  8. firstinfamily

    Intimitaded by day shift position, vent...

    I think every nurse goes through this when changing shifts. The focus on each shift is different, having the MDs available on day shift also makes it an opportune time to learn more. The flow of patients is different on day shift, and I found littl...
  9. firstinfamily

    Central line dressing days

    WE still have an IV team in place who change all central line dressings and central line tubing. Nursing staff is not to touch either of these.
  10. firstinfamily

    My ER Rant

    At my facility, I get upset when the stroke patients are told by the ER staff they can have something to eat when they get up to the floor. Its not like I have a swallow test ready to give them before they want something to eat, and I don't have any...
  11. firstinfamily

    first RN paycheck?

    You know it has been so long, I really don't remember. I most likely put some towards my student loans, paid rent and put some in the bank to enjoy later!!! It is a decent living, but I don't think any of us have ever made more than we could spend ...
  12. firstinfamily

    Help choosing, Homecare or Dialysis?

    I interviewed for Fresenius in my area and went through about a month of interviews before I accepted a different hospital position. From what I was told working dialysis can be very long hours, so perhaps more than 12 a shift. It is a controlled e...
  13. firstinfamily

    Calling an MD during night shift

    The SBAR tool for communication has been mentioned here and it is very helpful as an organizational tool. It is great when you can cluster the phone calls together. When there is an acute change and you need orders, you call. Never feel that it ...
  14. firstinfamily

    Narcan infusion

    Would you feel comfortable with a narcan infusion on a telemetry unit?? I recently had a young drug overdose who came up from the ER on a Narcan infusion. When I questioned the shift supervisor about the pt being on a telemetry unit versus IMC I wa...
  15. firstinfamily

    Nonsedated Pt's equal self extubations

    We stopped using restraints on our intubated pts about 5 years ago, there are some who extubate themselves when the sedation wears off. We also follow-up with incident reports, sometimes it makes changes happen, sometimes it does not. This is a ver...
  16. This is happening in Maryland, but the nurses are NPs and able to prescribe, do orders under their MDs guidance. They do not partake in the hospital regulations that apply to nursing staff who are employed by the hospital. Your employer will be the...