Who else made Dean's list???

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Not to brag and I have been absent from the board a while. But staying off the Computer had to have helped in acheiving a 3.75. Not too shabby for working full time PM 12's and taking 12 credits eh? Let me know what you took and how you did as so many threads are about bad experiences let's brag a little. I'd like to hear from some of you working adults!

Psy A

Soc A

Enl Comp A

Alg/Trig B


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I don't get paid in dollars but I have 3 daughters....

Alg. B

Comp B

Micro A

Soc A

US Hist A


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Congrats! :)

I got a 3.6 for the quarter...only two classes. I work full-time too.

A&P II (with lab) B

Nurse Aid Training A


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I made dean's last semester... probably same this semester.


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I have gotten all A's since starting back to school in Aug. 2002 except for Chemistry, and I was happy with the B because the teacher was just such a total disaster that it was an impossible class. This semester I had Pathophysiology, Assessment & Shaping Healthcare. I have three boys 18 mos, 4 years and 6 years and a husband who doesn't even want me in school so I'm often swimming against the current.

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Has anyone ever wondered where this "Dean's List" is posted? Is there a physical dean's list? I wanna see it! (visualizing dean working late into the evening, pipe in mouth circling smoke, making a list with my name on it!! LOL)

A throwback to the old (very old) days, my dad still gives me $5 for every A, $4 for every B, on down the line. An "A" in A&P is worth at least $10.


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I am not a working student, but I do have 3 children and 22 angora rabbits to care for. I am also a Sunday School teacher and very active in children's ministry in our church. Anyway, I made the President's List this semester. One of the older ladies in the church even cut it out of the paper for me-how sweet!


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Well, so far I have a 4.0. I just hope I can continue to acheive A's throughout the program. I do not currently work, but I have 3 children also (3, 6, 9 yo) and my husband feels since I am not "working" I should do everything else.

Classes this semester were:

Basic Con/Care of Elderly A

Basic Skills Nursing A

Pathophysiology A

Practicum Care of Elderly A

Lifespan Development A

For a total of 12 units. Congrats to the rest of you, too, who did so well. I know at my school they ONLY recognize the valedictorians. :o

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Physiology: A

Microbiology: A

Sociology: B

Religious Phil: A

Not to brag (to much...lol) but I'm on the deans list every semester, keeps me motivated I guess... Actually we have a Presidents Honor Roll (4.0) and Vice Presidents Honor Roll (3.5) and they send you a certificate every semester you are on it.


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Gosh, I don't know if we have a Dean's list, but I made all As my first semester:




Health Assessment-A

Health Care of Diverse Poplulations-A

Context of Health Care Delivery I-A

A total of 18 credits.


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All A's for the last two semesters and I retain my 4.0 G.P.A. I started to feel really proud about such an accomplishment, until I found this board and realized I am surrounded by whiz kids! :roll Oh well. Better than being surrounded by idiots. :chuckle


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I only took 1 class (worked FT), but I got an A--Anatomy & Physiology I :)

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