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wonderbee is a BSN, RN and specializes in critical care; community health; psych.

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  1. wonderbee

    Day in the life of a PHN??? Please respond.

    It's been a while. For those interested, an update. After 2 years with WIC, I will be transferring to our maternal/child health division. Unfortunately the WIC program's funding has been slashed and they can no longer afford a nurse. They use nutritionists and nutrition assistants. For me this is a good move. I lost my autonomy working with the WIC clinic and I was utilized within a very narrow scope which was more suited for a technician than a nurse. In other words, they wanted the credentials but that was it. They never knew quite what to do with me other than run hemoglobins. Now it's time to spread my wings again and take up the profession I hold in high esteem. I'm happy to be staying in public health. My heart has always been with my moms and their children. I wish I could do more for them.
  2. wonderbee

    Pt from Psych unit knew everyone in my community!

    You are operating under an occupational license which is public information. Not just some public, ALL the public. It is not your identity and information which is protected under HIPPA, it's the patients'. It is unprofessional not to disclose your last name. It doesn't say much for the nursing profession either. Either we are professionals (with last names like our MD counterparts), or we're not.
  3. wonderbee

    Blood typing at birth?

    Thanks for the info. Yes, it does answer my question. A nutritionist colleague asked me if she could call the hospital and find out her preschooler's blood type. I figured a cord blood sample was collected. I can answer the question and not sound like an idiot.
  4. wonderbee

    Blood typing at birth?

    It's been a while since my OB rotation and even longer since I had kids. Has it become standard practice to blood type newborns at delivery?
  5. wonderbee

    PHN Poorly defined and understood role

    It would be safe to say that I'm new to public health (less than a year) in a newly created position working for WIC. The primarily nutrition staff have a limited focus. Mine is broader. For example, as I do hemoglobin testing, part of my patient education is necessarily about iron which does overlap with nutrition. While I see it as a nursing function to educate about everything within my scope, especially when asked, the nutrition staff (unlicensed) feels it to be their responsibility alone. They would be happy if all I do is fill out forms and test for hemoglobin and keep my mouth shut. I'm fighting for the integrity of my profession, as well as for optimal outcomes among the population we all serve. It's extremely frustrating. Very poorly defined role. I'm curious if other nurses experience this. I realize that I may be kind of unique in that I'm only one nurse in a large department of non-nurses, but what I do here will have an effect on whoever follows in my footsteps when I retire and hopefully the public health.
  6. Has anyone found that your role as a public health nurse is a blurry one? Poorly understood by other non-nurses? In short, have you run into flack just performing the basics because non-nurse staff feel threatened? I'm the only nurse in my program so there is no one to compare notes with. Are there similar experiences out there?
  7. wonderbee

    young mothers and their children-Question for PHN

    Not in our state. Our public transportation is also being cut. Services aren't centralized either.
  8. wonderbee

    Day in the life of a PHN??? Please respond.

    Thanks for the well wishes. No, I will be the only nurse for this program. Without giving any identifying information, it's really kind of hard to address the question. Let's just say it's a medium sized metropolitan area. Being the only nurse has its advantages and disadvantages. Mostly advantages. The disadvantages are misconceptions of what my nurse role is and what an RN can and cannot do as perceived by my fellow non-nurse employees.
  9. wonderbee

    Does anyone else ever get tired of "stupid" nurses?

    I'm in the role of a government nurse in the field of public health. I'm being asked to dumb it down. Dumb it down??? Are they serious? Client: "What are you testing for?" Me: "hemoglobin." Client: "What is hemoglobin"? Me: "You have a nutritionist appointment next week (or month). She can explain it to you then." Client goes home with a low hgb, may not return and there is no intervention or education. But hey, I got the blood sample. Oh and my title is "Public Health Nurse." Whhhaaaattt?????
  10. wonderbee

    Being Sued / Losing License

    The fear for losing one's license is genuine in the hospital setting. Short staffing is the main culprit for the fear. It's one of the reasons I left hospital nursing. I've only personally know one nurse in 5 years who has actually lost his license and it was for being intoxicated on the job. As for being sued, the hospital is the deep pocket. Being named as a defendant is usually part and parcel of a suit against the hospital. It's the deep pocket they're after.
  11. wonderbee

    looking for my dream job...

    What you are describing sounds like an outreach coordinator kind of position. There is no actual hands-on nursing involved. It involves a lot of setting up tables at health fairs, some public speaking at community gatherings, staff inservices, putting some miles on your shoes dropping off pamphlets at barber shops, public libraries, etc. Yes, there are such positions. A lot of public health nursing isn't what you know, it's who you know and getting them to know you. You will want to be invited to gatherings and you will need to get your name out there. That only comes with experience within the department and getting your own identity established doing the more 1:1 stuff. Not sure if this is what you are looking for.
  12. wonderbee

    Job Interview

    Hope my PM gave you what you were looking for.
  13. wonderbee

    Job Interview

    Hey Dimples. I know too many nurses who work ridiculous shifts, burning themselves out in micro managed short-staffed facilities and hating every minute of it. They do it because they got themselves into debt right off as their careers began thinking generally more about the $$ they could make than about the price it would exact on them. So if you start off your career with the attitude that you live within your means without killing yourself in the process, the money is secondary. I love public health. It just feels right. If teaching and hooking people up with services is your thing, you will love it too.
  14. wonderbee

    Acceptable sites for capillary blood sampling

    I think it's because my supervisor is not a nurse and if it's not "by the book" (the Hemocue book), she's worried that it is in violation of state protocols. I really need a nurse to be able to talk to with regard to practice issues. This is a new position and I don't think they realize that a non-nurse cannot supervise the practice aspect of my job. There are no other nurses in my department.
  15. wonderbee

    Question for commun. health folks

    I'd say about half of our clinics have a doctor on the premises. Our health department is essentially nurse run with protocols for just about everything. I work in the WIC setting. We don't have doctors at all. I'm the only nurse and my role is screening and education. I make limited referrals.
  16. Recently just started working with peds after years with adults. What are best practice sites for obtaining capillary samples for hemoglobin for children to 18 months? I know of the heel in newborns and very young infants. What about the big toe? I'm running into some flack about performing toe sticks on infants coming from my supervisor whose discipline is nutrition. I am new to my job and want to be sure of my facts. Finger sticking those tiny fingers doesn't seem like the best option.