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  1. mitchsmom

    pulling ob nurses to other floors

    We are a closed unit, too. We only float within Women's and Children's- L&D floats to postpartum to task or take patients, postpartum can float to us to baby-catch if needed, but not to take patients (one way street), they try not to have us even task in peds because they are usually so contagious / "dirty" but we have on occasion (usually they would put a postpartum nurse on peds and then put us on postpartum to avoid it - then we can float back to L&D if needed). Totally agree w/ babyktchr... "Nursing administrations simply must get it into their heads that the "nurse is a nurse" mentality is just not applicable anymore" ... most of our staff are also career-long L&D people. I always liken it to MD's... would you go to an OB/GYN for heart surgery? I don't think so! ... you really don't want an L&D nurse for another specialty, either.
  2. mitchsmom

    Questions to ask at interview for womens health floor

    "I think the MB overflow is truly just for times when the normal MB unit is full. So its probably not very frequent that they get postpartum women/babes." There's one of your questions right there! We used to have an overflow area before our LDRP was split into separate L&D and Postpartum units... some probably would have said that "it's just when LDRP is full" - but in reality that was quite frequently (which is precisely why we split). I would ask how many MB overflows in a typical day/ week. Ask if you can shadow a nurse on the unit and see how things feel to you, and ask that nurse questions as they arise, too. This might seem funny but you may want to even ask if men are ever on the unit if that is something you'd like to know about... in our current overflow area, in the WOMEN'S & Children's unit... does sometimes have MEN. They try to keep it all women, clean sugical, etc. but sometimes there ends up being men, chest pain, occasionally "unclean"/contagious conditions... Those are some of the gripes that I see... Also I agree with nfahren05 in general.
  3. mitchsmom

    Antepartums, Term pregnancies and flu

    Doesn't sound like a great idea for sure. Here's the CDC page on Considerations Regarding Novel H1N1 Flu Virus in Obstetric Settings. I don't know if it specifically addresses that, but it seems like common sense!! http://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/guidance/obstetric.htm They are constantly reviewing the situation and the recommendations can change at any time, so it is good to check now and then on the latest info.
  4. I don't think Doula/CBE experience would be frowned upon at all, but I also don't think it would get you "in" like actually working on the unit in some capacity (OB tech, CNA, unit clerk, etc.). It can be an adjustment to go from a circle of peers who are educated, healthy, and on the same page as you are about birth- then hit a unit where the vast majority of the patients may be largely uneducated about pregnancy and birth. It can be dismaying. I pretty much knew it would be that way before I started - and you know what? You really can turn that dismay into an opportunity. It may sound cheesy, but you have so much more opportunity to teach and empower those patients who are not informed! You probably won't turn their entire world around in the time that you are with them, but at least you are not preaching to the choir - you have more chance to make a difference with these kinds of patients than with those who have already read the book & signed the birth plan to the last "T". They are usually very appreciative, too, that you have taken the time to explain things to them (like maybe no one has before!). It's all shades of grey out there... usually people are doing the best they can with what they know. You mentioned that you plan on doing a healthcare mission, if that will be in a different culture then you'll see even vaster differences in health beliefs... the L&D thing is just a milder version of the same thing, in your backyard. Does that make sense?
  5. mitchsmom

    What are your thoughts on AROM?

    Wish they'd leave it alone, or at least wait until good & active in labor... but our MD's do it ASAP if they are around.
  6. mitchsmom

    Cheat sheets

    Here are two that I have; the first one is the one that most of us use on L&D, the second is just an extra I have on file that has a postpartum side. We actually use a different one that I don't have on file. They are Word documents, so you can alter them to suit your needs. Under 'provider' and 'pediatrician', my real one has abbreviations for our providers so we can just circle the answer. CheatsheetGeneric10-17-07.doc CheatsheetLaborPostpartum.doc
  7. mitchsmom

    breastfeeding gone wrong

    I agree with the others who say, this is probably an apneic epidsode (or choked up on some mucus?), which happens whether at the breast or not. Baby just happened to be at the breast at the time. As moms who have nursed will attest to (think of nursing a baby who is stuffy with a cold), nursing babies (in regular nursing positions, obviously not if they are under a breast actually, literally being suffocated) will typically struggle/ try to turn their head/ get fussy & dis-attach themselves from the breast if they can't breathe - happily, they won't just sit there and suffocate as many moms are afraid of. Sorry you went through this & thank goodness someone noticed in time!!!!
  8. mitchsmom

    IBCLCers? Started down the road, anyone else?

    If you don't find any luck here, you can also check out the Yahoo Group IBCLC2B Best Wishes! mm
  9. mitchsmom

    Process of signing up for call

    I don't have much to offer here. I feel the same way. We have the same issues. I am part-time, so lately I've gotten ours when it has already been attacked. Plus I have kids and can only do it when dh is off work (cutting into our few days off together!) (plus dh also does shift work, further complicating it), so it's just about impossible. Further, there isn't much flexibility because we have to do 12hrs of call/wk so most people don't have much wiggle room to move -they are already working! Our unit is just too small to support a call system, we are burning out alot of people and losing people at least in part because of it, but of course they won't hire more staff either.
  10. mitchsmom

    anyone seeing this maneuver?

    This link show a diagram (thru perineum): http://www.accessmedicine.com/search/searchAMResultImg.aspx?rootterm=delivery+by+ritgen+maneuver&rootID=44752&searchType=1 It is also described in Varney's Midwifery.
  11. Just assume that work space, breaktime, etc. isn't an issue; just asking more purely from the breastfeeding viewpoint.
  12. mitchsmom

    anyone seeing this maneuver?

    YES!!! We have one MD who uses it all the time (thru the rectum). Ugh!!!
  13. mitchsmom

    Question about pumping at work.

    PS: If for any reason you or someone else can use it, the Dept of Health and Human Services has put together a nice/informative kit on "The Business Case for Breastfeeding: Steps for creating a breastfeeding friendly worksite" that can be obtained here: http://ask.hrsa.gov/detail.cfm?PubID=MCH00250
  14. what do you think about a nurse breastfeeding her infant at the l&d nurse's station during a break?
  15. mitchsmom

    Question about pumping at work.

    Hopefully it will be percieved as being a good role model for other women and patients & the best thing for your baby since that's what it is :) We have someone pumping right now and it hasn't generally been an issue (although someone had an issue with her breastfeeding the baby at the nurses station on a break and complained to the manager about that... I am going to post a separate thread about that). As the others said, just get as much squared away patient-wise as you can before you take the break, just as you would for any other break.
  16. mitchsmom

    Do you circulate/recover your c section patients? More...

    Thanks for the feedback! :)