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  1. Orientation Timeline

    I am wondering what most units are using for their orientation timeline? Also, do you set a goal for an actual number of checkoffs (certain minimum number of deliveries, baby catches, c/s, mag, etc.)? I am updating ours and so I'm just curious and l...
  2. Who is in the OR during a c-section?

    This has been mostly answered, but every place is a little different. At my work: Patient Patient's support person OB First assist (RNFA or tech; we VERY rarely have a 2nd MD present) Scrub Tech Circulating Nurse (L&D nurse who is primary care nu...
  3. Does working in L&D affect your sex drive?

    Yes, it affects me because I'm too freaking tired to fool around after a 12! Otherwise, it is honestly a completely separate, & strictly clinical entity for me.
  4. On call pay for OB nurses

    You said "They need an RN to staff a department even if it's closed." --> if you are working on staff, then I would think you should be getting paid at least your regular wage. Our on call (at home) pay is $2/hour and if called in, time+1/2. As f...
  5. car seat challenge/test

    Hmmm... I think our ped hospitalist is ordering it be done just if
  6. Maternity Nursing Supplies

    I carry a lot of crap, YMMV: L pocket: some kind of breath freshener, chapstick, Evo smart phone (which of course is my phone, schedule/calendar, medical spanish app, translator, flashlight, internet, drug guide, do not forget list mp3 player, radio,...
  7. AWHONN Staffing Guidelines Please check this out:

    Article regarding the release Guidelines can be purchased here, but as I said before I'll try to post sometime:
  8. AWHONN Staffing Guidelines Please check this out:

    I didn't look through all the posts to see if someone wrote it already, but if not, be aware that the staffing guidelines were updated last year (2010) --> *to our advantage* --> for example, pitocin patients are now supposed to be 1:1. I will...
  9. Rocephin Question

    Wow... I didn't know rocephin was especially painful (I don't think I've ever given it)... my son got it in the ER about a year ago (with a couple of other shots) and didn't have any particular reaction or comment to it.
  10. Helicoptor trauma transport cost

    Currently in my area I think they are around $20k+
  11. pulling ob nurses to other floors

    We are a closed unit, too. We only float within Women's and Children's- L&D floats to postpartum to task or take patients, postpartum can float to us to baby-catch if needed, but not to take patients (one way street), they try not to have us even...
  12. Questions to ask at interview for womens health floor

    "I think the MB overflow is truly just for times when the normal MB unit is full. So its probably not very frequent that they get postpartum women/babes." There's one of your questions right there! We used to have an overflow area before our LDRP wa...
  13. Antepartums, Term pregnancies and flu

    Doesn't sound like a great idea for sure. Here's the CDC page on Considerations Regarding Novel H1N1 Flu Virus in Obstetric Settings. I don't know if it specifically addresses that, but it seems like common sense!!
  14. I don't think Doula/CBE experience would be frowned upon at all, but I also don't think it would get you "in" like actually working on the unit in some capacity (OB tech, CNA, unit clerk, etc.). It can be an adjustment to go from a circle of peers wh...
  15. What are your thoughts on AROM?

    Wish they'd leave it alone, or at least wait until good & active in labor... but our MD's do it ASAP if they are around.

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