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  1. agent


    i experience this quite a bit as well.. depends on how fast you have to run the irrigation
  2. sounds like a fabulous idea =)
  3. What are your thoughts? I wonder about this every year..
  4. What are your pearls of wisdom as I study? What did you find most effective?
  5. agent

    Electrolyte and Mineral Replacement

    Yes it seems a hospitalist should be doing this.. too much renal issue an liability for nurses
  6. agent

    Vitamin K used incorrectly.....INR 1.8

    good tip, pharm can be your friend when you need help questioning a physician order.. this order for vitK sounds pretty normal for me though
  7. agent

    Query on Lovenox Administration

    I think outer aspect of thighs would be the 2nd best place if you could not do abdomen
  8. agent

    Query on Lovenox Administration

    There are some instances if the person has a very tight distended abdomen from abd surg or is very thin sometimes you have to give somewhere else.. its a fair question. I try to avoid arms I dont think that seems like a best practice
  9. agent

    Called in... Feel guilty.

    I understand feeling guilty i know my unit is super busy today but i felt getting sick yesterday and last night my whole chest was tight and body hurt all over.. i called in this am cause i think I have the flu. How much more miserable the already sick patients would be if they got the flu! And I just got my flu shot! ugh!@$%%#
  10. agent

    Started my first IV today

    ive tried 2 times now and I'm so depressed!!!!! ive thought I used good technique but Ive been unsuccessful. I get so nervous now I sweat =(
  11. agent

    Male RN and Jobs

    Some old fashioned patients can't get beyond the image a nurse in a white nurse uniform, but for everyone else... hell a lot of my patients love me and prefer a guy
  12. agent

    The Guys Club: Guy Students Come on In!

    rodge is ethusiastic.. welcome to all the new members! Its is hard keepn up with a all the young women sometimes.. especially when they shake their little booties LOL. Just kidding ladies =)
  13. I am finding caucasian nurses to be a minority.. is it just me?
  14. agent

    Anyone going to CLC (College of Lake County)

    My advice to you guys is believe in yourself and don't let ANYONE discourage you. Don't listen to negative instructors or fall into a trap of fearing a bunch of rumors. Just keep focused on the prize and you'll do fine. Anyone currently in the program????
  15. wow its so nice to see this thread i created blossom so much.. thanks to all who have contributed.
  16. very bad question and inappropriate although as a generalization it could be true