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smk1, LPN

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i have a 3 yr old and help do clerical for our electrical contracting business. i got

Art appreciation- A

Health 101- A

Speech interpersonal comm.- A

i don't know if my school has a deans list i took 11 credits so maybe you have to be 12 or higher or something. anyway I'm ecstatic to get all a's my semester back at school.


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ME!! :: raising hand :: Made the President's list here.

For our ADN program all the nursing curriculum is wrapped up in one class... Nursing 2... so just one grade.

I also took a Healthcare Informatics class and a computer class and got A's in them as well.


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I made the Dean's List also. Between work, school, and driving back and forth I figured I was going about 83 hrs a week. I can't believe I managed to keep my grades up....

Parent/child nursing - B+

Community Health - A

Fundamentals of nursing - A

Med/surg nursing - A

Pharmacology - A

Dosage Calc - A

Clinical - A


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worked full time, took 9 hours, got a 4.0

Radiography 1- A

Clinical 1- A

not too shabby, but I have slept all thru break to make up for what sleep I lost during the semester! :D



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I got a 3.8 GPA. I don't have kids, but I do spend an ungodly amount of time online reading allnurses and playing games.


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Since we are all bragging here, I have a 4.0 for all 37 hours of pre-req's and co-req's. I am starting the nursing program in two weeks, so I imagine my streak of straight A's may be coming to an end.


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Great job!

I got a B in nursing and a B in micro. I am now down to my last semester. I am working also and have a family, so I know how hard it is. No Dean's list for me though-my GPA is a 3.3-but I worked hard for it:) Good luck next semester!


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congratulations to each of you! :cool:


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A&P I = A

Trig = A

Nutrition = A

Western Civ I = A

Visual Basic = A

2 Semesters in a row 4.0!!! Now if I can only get into those nursing classes!! :roll


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I've finally had my first 4.0 semester as a full-time student:

Fundamentals of Nursing A

Pharmacology A

Western Civ I A

I'm so incredibly happy but SO nervous about next semester!

Congrats to all!


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Great job on the Dean's list....especially with working and school...that is TERRIFFIC!!!!!!!!!!!!

I made the Dean's list at my school too. I work part -time,have three boys(16,15,5) a husband who works away from home too. My mother-in-law is a great help though. When I am stressed I will come home from clinicals and dinner will be sitting on the stove!!!:)

I had a 4.0 this semester. My classes totaled 14 crdeit hours.

Fundamentals A

Anatomy A

Health Concepts A

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who made the list? MY DAUGHTER!!!! and she's not even in nursing school..... I just wanted to brag, lol. :) Wendy

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