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  1. smk1

    About Incident Reports

    We were taught that if a mention in the patients chart or record was made of an incident report being filed then the incident report became "discoverable" and could be asked for by the attorneys. So if a patient fell, you don't document in the chart...
  2. smk1

    Your least favorite patient.

    Patients with extremely active psych issues. Sorry just not my cup of tea, I feel for them though and hope I never have to go through what they go through, but I don't have the patience needed to deal with a 12 hour shift of psych issues 3 days/week...
  3. smk1

    Doctors never sign Verbal or Phone Orders

    It is a joint commision standard that they be signed within 48 hours. The hospital needs to come down hard on the providers who are not in compliance to fix the issue. This is NOT a nursing responsibility. Yet we get emails all the time about "our...
  4. smk1

    Your least favorite patient.

    People who insist upon gathering every last relative known to man around there bedside and people are still comeing up to visit at 2 am. If you are really sick then you need rest. Visitors need to roll out.
  5. smk1

    Restraints too Tight?

    You've gotten some good advice and opinions here. Without us being there to see the situation, we can't accurately make a judgement call. If you have questions regarding a new diagnosis the best thing to do is talk with the PCP and your father. If ...
  6. smk1

    Nurses, what do u do on ur day off?

    I sleep the first day off then wake up in the evening (I'm a night shift gal) and start laundry and cleaning). THe next day I usually go out to lunch with a friend and run some errands, swim in the pool watch some tv and relax. We also like to take...
  7. smk1

    Non-blood products for raising hemoglobin

    Check your BON because this policy may be against the law. Blood is still and informed consent procedure and in my state requires the provider to explain the procedure and risks and obtain consent. People were getting lax about this policy in my ar...
  8. smk1

    Visitors are OUT OF CONTROL!!!

    We have visitors who are constantly walking into the nurses station and it bugs me to no end. No one walks behind the counter at a bank or a gorcery store, it is the same principle. THere is sensitive information in the nursing station and you have...
  9. Don't be afraid to say you don't know something. I told my manager how thankful I was to have internet access at work, because their have been quite a few times where I receive a patient who is having a procedure that I know nothing about and need t...
  10. smk1

    What didn't they teach you?

    Basic understanding of how to talk to providers. We never took orders in NS so we were out of the loop in that arena. The first time I called a doc when I started my job a few months ago, I was SOOO nervous, and he just wanted me to tell him what I...
  11. smk1

    Er Nurses

    I'm a clinical decision unit nurse so I kind of fall in the middle of the ER and the floors. Can kind of see both sides. From the perspective of someone who admits patients from the ER in large volumes nightly, I can say that it is a huge benefit i...
  12. smk1

    Nursing Misconceptions

    Here is another example of the system setting you up by promising the world, but not providing the resources to deliver. We have one pharmacist that works in the central inpatient pharmacy at night for the whole hospital. ONE! so when I send down o...
  13. smk1

    Nursing Misconceptions

    Perhaps I have missed something, but I don't see anyone stating that they don't make an effort, are not polite and do not smile. These are things that we are in control of and probably the vast majority of us do with regularity. However if I am run...
  14. smk1

    Nursing Misconceptions

    The problem is when they promise the moon and create a phony sense of what the patient can expect and fail to pay for the staff to deliver on those promises. What good is a beautiful rose garden on a terrace if the patient in room 2 requires someone...
  15. smk1

    Nursing Misconceptions

    The biggest misconception seems to be the ones that the hospitals themselves promote. The hospital decorates the place like a hotel, we have valet parking, everything is about customer service, we are supposed to write down patient requests and wish...