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  1. "Honey"

    If you don't like being called "honey", "sweetie" don't come to Texas! You'd be in a constant state of irritation! You can be condescending or patronizing just as easily using someone's name as you can saying honey. It's all in how you say it. If ...
  2. Online support group for infertility?

    I really like I have been posting there since April and have made some wonderful cyber-friends.
  3. Chaperone or not during exam

    At my hospital, it doesn't matter if the doctor is male or female, a female nurse must be present when a pelvic exam is present. That protects both the pts and the doctor. I personally once had a male doctor who performed a pelvic exam without his...
  4. Do You Have Male Nurses on your Unit?

    We don't have any male nurses in L&D, antepartum, postpartum or nursery. I think male nurse are great, but I don't see how having a male ob nurse would work. At our hospital, a male doctor must have a female nurse present when he does a vaginal...
  5. Night Nursing

    I finished my internship and started on nights this month. I love it so far. After getting home from work I'm tired, so I go to sleep around 8:30 am and get up at 4:00 or 4:30 pm. On my days off, I stay up until 2:00 or 3:00 am and sleep until 11:...
  6. Research Survey- Please Help and Answer These Few Questions!

    Did it ask questions in a similar fashion as the NCLEX? Do you think it helped you prepare for the NCLEX? I found the HESI and the NCLEX to be very different. The HESI asked specific questions about disease processes, etc. Where the NCLEX question...
  7. First Med error and plain old frustration

    I'm a new grad in L&D and I almost made a med error a couple of weeks ago. The pt's placenta was out, so I went to bolus her with pitocin. She had numerous bags hanging and I started to bolus her with magnesium sulfate by mistake! Luckily my p...
  8. nclex review: to take or not to take

    I took the Kaplan review, but I did it online instead of the in-person class. It was good, lots of test taking strategies. It consisted of online video instruction and practice questions. I especially liked the instructors' discussions of the corr...
  9. Dallas Hospitals!!!!!

    Come to Big Baylor!!! (Baylor University Medical Center) I have nothing but great things to say about Baylor. It is a very positive place to work, and there is definitly a "Baylor spirit". There is a strong focus on meeting pts' medical, emotional...
  10. Oldest and youngest mothers?

    We recently had a 46 yr old pt with IVF twins. When documenting her ob history, I realized she had her first baby in 1978!! The youngest I've seen was 13.
  11. Success Stories?? Any Positive experiences?

    I graduated in December and am working in Labor and Delivery. I have a wonderful orientation/internship. It consists of 14 weeks with a preceptor in addition to weekly classroom instruction. I choose this hospital because it has such great trainin...
  12. Finding yourself as a nurse

    I went to nursing school thinking I wanted to be a NICU nurse. But I found that what I really love about nursing is building relationships with pts, doing teaching, providing emotional support, etc. I worked as a tech during school on a postpartum ...
  13. Directed pushing

    I have a question about helping pts push. My preceptor has the pt hold her breath and push for a count of 10 x 3 per contraction, while we hold her legs. This is how I learned in nursing school and is the way I have always seen it done. The interns...
  14. Length of orientation for new nurse?

    Wow, I am really suprised that people have such short internships. Mine is 14 weeks long. I am not completely on my own until mid-April. I am working L&D/Antepartum so perhaps that is the difference, but 4-6 weeks doesn't seem very long.
  15. I took the NCLEX-RN on 1/5/06. I passed with 75 questions. I would say 85% of the test was prioritization questions. Who would you see first, who would you discharge first, etc. Unlike some other posters, I thought the Kaplan review was very goo...