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  1. Mithrah

    Per Diem/PRN pay national comparison

    While I am not technically called PRN, that's basically what I am. I get no benefits. No healthcare, no PTO, no sick or vacation, and I could get 401k but I am not signed up. I'm part time and work for $27 an hour. Last year I worked every holiday and they refused to pay me time and a half. So weekends I make $27/hr. Christmas Day paid $27/hr. I'm not happy at all with this. But my current personal situation has me here for awhile longer. There was a time I made $50/hr and had 5 weeks vacation a year and paid $5/ pay period for HMO insurance. Life takes a turn sometimes. Just have to roll with it. Please don't tell me to quit. I know that's my plan as soon as I can. The ultimate compensation is *where* you live.
  2. Mithrah


    I think that this woman may be able to afford her kids after all. There is a book deal and TV deal in the works. And I am sure she'll make millions from it. They say now it takes $300,000 to raise 1 child from age 0 to 17. That is 14 kids X $300,000. That is 4.2 million. But we know she'll spend less because her kids will have to share toys, share clothes, be babysat my grandma, etc. So if her book deal or TV deal works well for her, then that means everyone can settle down and not have to worry about their tax money going into her pocket. Also, I have actually heard that Medical (the free health insurance in CA for poor people) will provide free IVF to women. They say they can't deny a woman's right to have children. Just wanted to clarify that for some of you. I guess I just can't get over how loose her abdomen skin must be. I guess she'll need plastic surgery to fix that.
  3. Mithrah

    Alarm limits and ROP

    I see quite a bit of ROP in the unit I work in. More than there should be I think. Just wondering if it is because of our narrow alarm limits. Our alarms are set 88-93%. As you know babies are always up and down on their sats. Therefore the nurses and RTs are constantly turning the oxygen up and down all the time. When they desat they increase the O2 a lot to higher concentrations for several minutes. Wouldn't it make more since to keep the oxygen level as low as possible for as long as possible instead of weaning and weaning until they desat and then have to cank up the O2? What are your alarm limits set at in your unit?
  4. Mithrah


    Now she has to pay for 14 kids! Was this IVF or fertility drugs? What do you think and why.
  5. I just have some questions for anyone who is a NICU nurse in NYC. How are the patient ratios? Do you find the working conditions to be decent? I may even consider being a travel nurse there. Do you know of any companies that place NICU nurses in NYC? Any info would would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Mithrah

    Tele travel in Phoenix...

    I used to live in Phoenix and all those hospitals are pretty good. I can't say a bad thing about any of them. My friend used to work tele at Osborn and liked it. Scottsdale would be the best place to live in that area. When are you thinking of starting your travelling position there?
  7. Mithrah

    Name a NICU product you couldn't do without

    There are a lot of really great NICU products. I especially love the Neosuckers. My last job didn't have them, and when my patient needed to be suctioned it was never effective or sufficient. Now at a different NICU I use them all the time and they are wonderful! I also love... Pampers for very low birthweight babies instead of Wee Pees. I love sterile water bullets and NS bullets. Feeding pumps!! My current job makes me hold the syringe for the feed. (Why???) Paper MAR! The computer seems more unsafe. I like to have that MAR at the bedside. Frederick T. Frog Leads that actually stick!
  8. Mithrah

    A question for some research we are doing

    I have seen Cyclomydril drops given 3 times with 5 min. inbetween. Then 1 drop q hour until Dr. arrives. Also seen Cyclomydril given 2 times with 10 min. inbetween. I think this is an eye doctor's preference. Not a nurse's or neo's. Tylenol is ordered for PRN pain. But I have seen amazing eye docs who don't cause any discomfort or bradys!
  9. Mithrah

    question about salary in the US

    I wonder who quoted you $24/hour because that is quite low for San Diego. I was making $24/hour in Orange County (just N. of San Diego) a year ago. But remember, in CA, anything over 8 hours is time and a half (anything over 12 hours is double time). So I was actually making like $28. With COLA (cost of living adjustments) I quickly got bumped up to where my blended rate was more than $33/hour. I would work an extra shift once a pay period and I was paying almost $1,000 a pay period in taxes. Of course I am single with no kids. But the taxes there are really high and the housing prices are high. My own apartment + utilities would have easily taken 50% of my net income. Instead of that I opted to get a roommate (where I rented a room in a house for $900/month). See, not cheap! Gas is more. Car insurance is more. Food is more. For you to take your wife and kid to Disneyland it'll cost you $189 just to get into the resort! I don't know how people afford it. I knew married couples making $120K/year and struggling. Of course this is the state where many people have 40 year mortgages. Now I am a travel nurse and happy as can be. And just so you know, I hear TX is a great place for nurses as far as cost of living and there is no state income tax!
  10. Mithrah

    Ever do a flu shot clinic?

    I did this last year and what a waste of my time for only $16/hour. Maxim was the company I worked for, and yes, they do pay very poorly. I did it more for "fun" and to get out there for the experience. I doubt I would ever do it again unless the pay was at least double that.
  11. Mithrah

    Are You Happy ?

    The secret to happiness is having low standards.
  12. Mithrah

    Nurses who smoke - I'm a smoker

    I have never smoked a cigarette in my life. I used to never know a single person who did quit smoking, but just recently I met 4 people who have quit 100%. And they all did it the same way: cold turkey. You are not imprisoned by your cigarette smoking. Just quit. If others can, you surely can.
  13. Mithrah

    LPN Program in PHX, AZ (Maricopa Skills Center)

    My friend from nursing school actually worked with a lady who went to that school. My friend was amazed at the lack of education she received and how she didn't even know her medications and their actions. Maybe it is different now or it could have just been that individual. The Skills Center is known for helping the underprivileged.
  14. Mithrah

    Transfer of License

    I have an AZ license and applied for a CA license in mid April. So far it has been 11 weeks and I am still waiting!
  15. Mithrah

    Thinking about becoming a nurse.

    (1) How long does it take to become an RN? 4 years for either an ASN or BSN. (2) Once you do become an RN can you pick and chose your area of work you want to concentrate in (like L&D?) Yes, all my friends in my nursing class got what they wanted. (3) Do all RNs have to start out working nights? No, I have nursing friends who said they would only work days and got days. (4) What are the things that most people DON'T know (or realize) once they become an RN that may be difficult? Dealing with family members of the patient. Working holidays. You may not get any breaks.
  16. Mithrah

    What are some of the most common meds used in the NICU?

    sucrose for pain aquaphor for diaper rash