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  1. sierranic

    Lpn Student Questions???? Help

    Get one of those NCLEX-PN review books. Saunders is a really good one. This will really help you understand the format of some of the test questions you may get in class, as well as why that answer is correct. Nursing test questions are much more different than any other test you may take, try to remember that when you get a test question to pick the "best answer" not always what answer looks right, because most test questions may have all four answers that are correct to the given situation. My teachers used alot of questions that were really similar to the questions that were in our study guides and reviewing the material before a test really helps with your understanding on certain subjects.
  2. sierranic

    How are you "paying" for school???

    Ummmm... I'm not ...... Yet! :) I took out max on student loans, and qualified for grants (which really helped) Alot of the Hospitals around my area will pay back some of your loans once your employed, so that will also cut back on my future payments. But as of right now, I'm not paying a cent...... In the future, well that's a different story
  3. sierranic

    Need help with homework!!!

    More Diagnoses: Disturbed body image Risk for injury Impaired physical mobility Disturbed self-concept Ineffective sexuality patterns Self care deficit in toileting Interventions are always the easiest.... just think of... what are you going to do for this person. So you could use these examples but in more detail: Reduce or eliminate factors that increase pain collaborate with client about possible methods to reduce pain intensity (alternatives to medications) provide optimal pain relief with prescribed analgesics assess client's response to the pain-relief medication reduce or eliminate common side effects of narcotics Buying a good careplan book is really helpful...... I know the first careplan I had to do, I was so confused, so I hope this helps you our a little Good luck
  4. sierranic

    Priority question

    I'd have to say the 3 y/o boy
  5. sierranic

    refusing care based on conscience

    I was taught in nursing school that if you have a bias in certain areas of nursing then you should not seek employment there.... ex. If a person didn't agree with abortion they should not work in an abortion clinic. These pharmacists do have a right to their own opinion and views however they should seek employment elsewhere.... there was a story on tv last night that stated a pharmacist refused to give a women with 6 kids her BC and she ended up getting pregnant, If I was that women I'd go back and sue that pharmacist for medical expenses and support for raising that child for a life time because he now had a role in the creation of that child!! So as a nurse are they telling me that I have a right to refuse my patient care because I don't agree with a belief that they have...... What is this world coming to??
  6. sierranic

    For those of you who passed NCLEX-PN

    What did you do after graduation but prior to boards to prepare yourself for the exam? If you studied from the review books, on average how many questions did you do each day and for how long? Thanks
  7. sierranic

    Physical before entering LPN school?

    Our school required a physical and once I got into the office I got very upset. I assumed with this being a health care program that I would only have to answer some questions and possibly prove that I can lift, push, and pull heavy objects. However, I swear this was no normal physical and I voiced this to the NP that was doing my exam. She checked everything, reflexes, hearing, vision. The thing that upset me the most was that she said I also had to have a breast exam!! I was furious, I couldn't understand why I wouldn't be capable of being a nurse if I had a lump in my breast... I couldn't believe that this was required as part of the physicial, I told the NP that I felt like this was something my school did not need to know!! And the NP stated that they also wanted to do a pap test, but she somehow talked them out of requiring it!! WHAT IN THE HECK!!! It was unbelievable what they HAVE to know before you enter the program that I did! But I did it, and it still baffels me to this day... I'm just glad that I got through my course, and don't have to go through that again!!
  8. sierranic

    You know you are in nursing school when ctxt

    - By second semester you realize that the three alarm clocks you had are no longer waking you up, so you go out and buy two more! - Your dinnerware now consists of plastic silverware, plates, bowel, and cups! - You can't remember the color of your carpet.... cause you can't see it, you can't afford the 5 min it takes to vaccum - You seriously look into and apply at other colleges.... just in case you fail! - You no longer buy white socks with colored stripes for your spouse... you buy all white... because you don't have time to pick through the basket for their mate.... or you just leave them unmated and throw them in a drawer, or leave them in the basket - You start teaching your children at the age of 1, how to do the dishes, laundry and cleaning - After graduating, you finally get started on the spring cleaning from 2+ years ago. - You get a 78% on a test and scream with Joy!! - You leave clinical, sniffing yourself, wondering if you smell like the hospital
  9. sierranic

    personal portfolio

    We also have to make a portfolio and don't get graded on it. We were told that we need to include our first and last careplan from each semester, as well as any papers that show our pre-nursing test scores, such as: the NET test, etc. We are only in the second semester so far and that is what we were told to have so far. I hope this helps.
  10. sierranic

    year wait untill i START clinicals, any advice?

    Krissypoo, I see that your here in Iowa too. I started out last year applying to my first choice CC, and after receiving a letter stating that they were revamping the selection process I came to the conclusion that I wouldn't be accepted. This of course was in Dec, I was hoping to get into the program for Fall 04'. Well I then applied to a few other schools here in Iowa, one 70 miles away and another 100 miles away, they were both CC so the cost was low, being a single mom of 2 I need to save as much as I can. However, I didn't feel as if I really wanted to drive an extra 2 to 3 hours each day, especially in the winter, just to go to class for a few hours, which would leave me with less time to study and less time with the kids. On top of that I would have to maintain a part time or possibly full time job as well. I received acceptence letter from the "distant" CC, one saying I was accepted for fall 05' and the other on the alternative list for fall 04' I was accepted into one but the cost was 16k per year (ouch), even with loans, scholarships, and a pell grant, I would still have to fork out a could K's per year. That all occured last Friday, when I went to talk to the admission rep. Monday morning I went and checked my mail...... and low and behold there was my acceptence letter from my first choice CC!! I was sooo happy!! My advice to you would be to apply to as many schools as you can to see if you can get into the program as soon as possible, however if it is not possible, you could always start working on the elective credits for your BSN (if you are thinking about getting one in the future). Where at in Iowa are you, the private school that I was accepted to will more in likely take you for fall 04' if you really want to go! I can let you know where it is at, since now they have an extra opening Good luck with your choice!!
  11. sierranic

    Nursing for the wrong reasons? (long)

    It sounds like you have yourself in the perfect position to make a move! My recommendation would be to see if it would be possible to shadow a nurse and see how you would like it. Over 50K a year is a big some of money to be giving up if you aren't 100% sure your ready to go into another field
  12. sierranic

    Period 8 days late...neg HPT!!

    You may be stressing yourself out. I once went through this after having two children, I was a day late and almost had a breakdown, I wasn't ready for #3 to come yet. I stressed myself out so much "Thinking I was". I went and bought two tests both came up negative, Still I was upset because it wasn't for another week till I started. I was on the patch and had quit a few months prior to this happening, and everything was fine those first few months, but for some reason the third and fourth month were really off the calender!! I would say that you may be stressing yourself out, hoping to be pregnant
  13. sierranic


    From the little experience I have had in the work force I would recommend giving as much notice as you could. I have only had 2 jobs my entire life, both long-term jobs. The first I was there for 6 years and gave a 2 month notice, I didn't feel as if I was being treated any different then I was before the notice, although I did feel as if I was leaving my family But if they have been really good to you, I would give as much notice as I could just to win them over if you ever needed to go back.
  14. sierranic

    yay! acceptance letter :)

    Congrats!! I would say do what your heart tells you to do!! Personally, If I were you, and it sounds as if you don't have kids yet, I would jump on the opprotunity to go to school now, rather than wait possibly for another year or two... depending on the other school! Alot of things can happen in a year, and just think in one year you could be starting school, or just finishing the first year! Either way, I'm sure you'll make the right decision! Good luck!
  15. sierranic

    What is/was your hardest class?

    Thank you all for your replies!! I think I'll purchase some type of pharm book and also the book that the current students are using for med/sur, it seems like most of the replies that I received are regarding these two classes, so this should help tremendously for me the in the future!! :roll
  16. sierranic

    Medicaid madness.....

    What is the question your asking? Are you asking what % they pay? For the most part, if they are using medicaid, medicaid would pick up the majority of the bill. I believe the % the patient would pay would depend on what they get for their SSI, then I think it goes on a sliding fee scale of what their actual total costs are outta pocket. Hope that helps.