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  1. angelac1978

    Returning from LOA

    I didn't take a leave of absence, but I did have to take a year off from school and start all over again. All the things I had learned in my first semesters came right back to me, I am relieved to say! I was a little rusty at my skills at first, but once I got back into clinic, it all came back. You will do fine! Congrats on the baby! A
  2. angelac1978

    Burnt Out and showing it

    we had a tech like this at the children's hospital that I work at. She was loud, mouthy and just really unpleasant to put it nicely. one night she got into with an ED nurse who reported her behavior to his sup. A bunch of us were also required to document what happened. She got sacked thank goodness. Kids are stressed out enough in the hospital without worrying about people taking their crappy attitudes out on them. A
  3. angelac1978

    my brain is about to explode!

    i am in a radiology tech program, not nursing, so that may make a difference in having oral exams. I haven't heard of other rad tech programs having orals though. It's just very stressful, because instead of stressing concepts, which I have a pretty good handle on, minute details and numbers are the focus. I am terrible at remembering numbers, they all run together! Hopefully, I will wrap it up tomorrow and I won't have to go through this stress again until next summer. A
  4. angelac1978

    my brain is about to explode!

    This week, I have oral examinations going on. I have a list of 125 questions, some of them very in depth, that I have to write about and also talk about! Basically, what we are told to do is get a copy of notes from someone who has graduated and study those, but somehow we are not supposed to memorize. How that works I don't know, because all I am doing in memorizing! Today, I made it through 23 of the questions, tomorrow, I am supposed to go through #96 and wrap it up sometime on Wed or Thurs! I know I shouldn't have procrastinated, but I just hate rote memorization! I work much better when I can understand and explain the concept instead of parroting back info! Okay my vent is over, I will go back to studying now... A
  5. angelac1978

    How to dress for Orientation

    IMO, that is too dressy. I wore khaki pants, a red polo type shirt and sandals. Most of the other people were wearing jeans or shorts. No one at my orientation was dressed up. A
  6. angelac1978

    77% Rule

    in my program, all of our major tests had to be passed with a 75% for the first year. In the second year, we have to pass the tests with an 85%, If we don't pass, then we are allowed to remediate the exams which involves a lot of extra work. The remediation exam is harder too, no multiple choice, it's all essay and short answer. If we fail 2 remediations, then we fail the course and we are out of the program. A
  7. angelac1978

    Nursing Blog anyone?

    okay I was inspired to start a blog as well. I am a radiologic technology student. I am starting my second year on Monday and will be going on to nuclear medicine school after that, I hope. I will try to update my blog as much as possible. I would like to read everyone else's as well. A
  8. angelac1978

    Simple Spanish Phrases?

    one that I have picked up working as a student x-ray tech is asking women of childbearing age if they are pregnant. The phrase is "embarazada?" and I ask it in a questioning tone with my hand over my lower abdomen. There is a list of questions and body parts in my department so when we do have Spanish speaking patients, it is not too hard to communicate. I just wish I had paid more attention in my 4 years of high school Spanish. A
  9. angelac1978

    White Uniform Pants

    LOL Most of the guys in my program wear white boxers. They are long enough that they kind of blend in. Don't be like one guy though and wear red and white striped ones! He got sent home real quick! :chuckle A
  10. angelac1978

    White Uniform Pants

    I ended up buying Cherokee Workwear pants for my uniform. They had to be white, but I liked that they were boot cut. The pockets showed through these pants so what I did was sew the pocket opening closed with my sewing machine and then I just cut the pocket material out of the pants. It was not a big deal since I never use my pants pockets anyway! I also have 1 pair of straight leg pants that I got from Uniform Advantage. These pants don't have the pockets sewn in, but have a cargo pocket on the leg and one on the back. They actually are my favorite pair. I also recommend that you wear underwear that matches your skin tone. I have a friend who wears skin toned thongs and you honestly cannot tell. To each their own I guess! A
  11. angelac1978

    Xray tech~ more $$$ than RN???

    MOnurse, I totally agree. Nurses in the country do not get paid enough for all that they have to deal with. Right up there with teachers. (my sis teaches 4th grade and you wouldn't believe some of the stuff her students have come up with!) Also, congrats to your husband for completeing his rad tech program! I can't wait to be in his place next year! A
  12. angelac1978

    Xray tech~ more $$$ than RN???

    If this isn't a generalization, I don't know what is! The post that I replied to seemed to imply that nursing is very difficult (which I know is true) while radiography was a piece of cake, which is not the case. My feelings were not hurt, not sure where that impression came from, and there was no need to apologize, with or without the rolling eyes. However, I do not appreciate being told to "move on" and to not let things offend me. Just because a post is not directed at you does not mean that it can't be offensive to you. I have no problem with the OP and I realized her intent from the beginning. I was just commenting on some of the posts here and answering a question about an RT's job description and education. A
  13. angelac1978

    Xray tech~ more $$$ than RN???

    is this really necessary? I am about to finish my first year of rad tech school and it is tough. We have the same pre-reqs as the nursing students do, with the exception of micro, but in its place we have to take 2 semesters of physics. Right now, we are in clinic 40 hours a week. During the regular semester we have 20 hours of clinic in addition to our classes. I am not trying to make an argument about which program is harder or which career is harder or more lucrative. Why can't we just agree that both programs are tough, and that anyone who works in healthcare has a tough job, whether you realize it or not. Also, can we avoid generalizations like the one about rad techs just standing around during a code waiting for the RNs to do something. It really isn't necessary. Here is a link that explains the job that radiologic technologists do. Registered technologists must complete an accredited program that lasts from 18-24 months. There is a shortage of techs in most imaging modalities and so entrance into those schools is extremely competitive. Most schools will not accept you unless you have completed most or all of your pre-reqs. Once you complete the program you have to sit for the board exam adminstered by our national registry, http://www.arrt.org If one wants to work in an advanced modality like MRI, ultrasound, radiation therapy or nuclear medicine, more schooling is required, usually another year of classes and more clinic time. If your hospital is calling transporters radiology techs, then something is very very wrong there. I would never work at a hospital that gave transporters that title. It's like calling a CNA a nurse, which we all know is not appropriate. Also, I know of no state that requires that you be an RN before becoming an RT or MRI tech or any other imaging tech. I'm really not trying to be preachy here, but it is frustrating when there are so many misconceptions about my future career. A
  14. angelac1978

    Tricked into Nursing

    if you want to go into diagnostic imaging, you should know that there is shortage in most of the modalities and many hospitals overwork and underpay their imaging techs. If you think that ultrasound would appeal to you, then more than likely you will have to go through a rad tech program first. Most u/s schools require that you be a registered tech or at least registry eligible. There are other advanced certification fields that might interest you but for the most part you also have to be a registry eligible rad tech. These fields include MRI/CT, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, and mammography. Being a general diagnostic x-ray tech might also be appealing to you. I originally planned on being a nurse, so I got my CNA and started working at a hospital and shadowed some of the nurses and it just did not feel right to me. One day, I transported a patient to the imaging dept and happened to know one of the techs, got to chatting and I went back down for my lunch break to see more. Sometimes you just have to find your niche. I am about to finish my first year of rad tech school and I work as a student tech for a children's hospital and I absolutely love it. If you think that a career in imaging might be what you want, you can check out http://www.arrt.org for a list of accredited programs. Good luck and feel free to PM me if you have any more questions. A
  15. angelac1978

    residual ACT test

    I took the residual ACT for my school and it was the exact same test booklet as the standard ACT. The only difference was that they graded the forms right there and I walked away with my scores instead of waiting weeks for it. If you are nervous, get an ACT review book. The only problem I had with it was the more advanced math like trig, there was a little of that on the test. You should do fine though! Just brush up on the basic concepts. A
  16. if you go to the fin aid office, you can file for a change of circumstances. Typically, they use last year's info, but they do allow for events like divorce, loss of employment, etc. Your school's fin aid office should be able to help you. A