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originally posted by rn2be

oh, i am sorry i think you misunderstood. in our school we needed a 75 to pass theory plan and simple.if a person fails clinical or theory they fail the whole course and have to repeat both.what i was getting at is i believe that pass/fail classes are far more subjective than graded courses that is all. i prefer graded classes.

i apologize for the misunderstanding. :)


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originally posted by appyhorsefan

mccosner...i'm not sure how i didn't make the dean's (or president's) list myself. i thought that 3.5 was dean's and 3.75 was president's. i guess the cumulative gpa could play a factor. and due to certain circumstances last semester it's not as high as i would want, but it is a 3.17 after this semester.

thanks for the kind words.

just an update on my dean's/president's list status. i looked through the catalog online tonight and found out that we no longer have a dean's list. the school strictly has a "president's honor roll" which requires a 4.0 for the semester to make and an honor's list that requires a 3.5 to make. i made the honor's list, so i guess i can't complain too much. :)


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Way to go Appy!!! Makes you feel a little better doesn't it!! Congrats!!


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yes, mandy, does make me feel better. thanks!!


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I made all A's too, which was very difficult considering I lost my mom about half way through the semester. I really didn't think I was going to make it but All Praises Due to Allah (God), I made it!

I also have 3 babies 5,7,9.

Med-Surg A

Teaching and Learning Across Diverse Populations A

Med-Surg Clinical A:)

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