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  1. Love-A-Nurse

    Any "games" for CNA's to encourage teamwork

    I would be care not to belittle with these kinds of tactics. It is one thing to reward but to try and reward prior to the actual doings is a little sticky or rewarding in general. You as the supervisor need to portray the image of teamwork as well as saying it pitch in to pass ice, set up a meal tray, etc. Education is the key here either one on one or group. Another suggestion is to ask the DON, if that is not you, if the CNA's assignments can be change for a period of time so each of them will be taking care of different residents in the course of a week or two weeks for example. Being consistent with what ever you do will last in the end.
  2. Love-A-Nurse

    Applying for night shift RN position

    are you applying for a staff position or a supervisory position? moreover, you may at times do what veronica has described if there is a call-in. many other duties if you are a supervisor alone or the only rn in-house.
  3. Love-A-Nurse

    ADON misleading title? Rant from DON

    veronica last posting speaks volumes, however, make sure you know who you can trust. if you feel you can't [that inner instinct], you have found your answer. although this can be an assest, it can be a liability, too. please know you don't stand in "those" shoes alone. be cautious as to what you post here, too. people lurk and just might "spot" who you are if your details are point on.
  4. Love-A-Nurse

    ADON misleading title? Rant from DON

    american train, how are you? i would not worry too much about why they will or will not fire because the rules changes often. if your "tone" for leading is diffenent, your presentation of self is different, if you are emotionally stable and they aren't, get the picture. what is of upmost importance is doing what is best for american train.
  5. Love-A-Nurse

    ADON misleading title? Rant from DON

    american train, if i may be blunt, it sounds as though "they" don't want you there or at best "they" don't want you as the don. you may need your clinical nurse above you to get things resolved if this is a coporate building. i would, as suggested, speak with the admin, adon in private and air these differences. please have all your facts in writing so you may be effective with dates, times, etc. as well as all job descriptions in hand. i really do wish you well.
  6. Love-A-Nurse

    ADON's, how often...

    are you "standing in" in the absence of your don? how does or has it affected your other responsibilities?
  7. i am adon and unit manager. the other duties includes a&i, supervise all nursing staff, attending meetings don is too busy to attend, etc.
  8. Love-A-Nurse

    Is an LTAC Hospital good for a graduate nurse?

    my stars! the normal ratio is 7:1? okay, this is pitiful. we normally had 4:1 and this was risky. the times we had 7, it was not safe, period. even a seasoned nurse would run. i did. yes, you will learn a lot, but... how long is the orientation and how your preceptor responds to new orientees will be a couple of the deciding factors among others things. let us know your decision.
  9. Love-A-Nurse

    as DON/ADON ....do you help or hinder your staff?

    op, your post is well taken. i must say, all are not the same. moreover, the owner/coporate dictates a lot of the issues you mentioned. it does not mean the don/adon does not "fight" for "you", it means many times, she/he is limited in what she can do. so many times the very people you think are "getting away" with. for example being late, beleive me, it is being taken care of. there are so many variables and it depends on keep paper trails and following policy and procedures, etc..
  10. Love-A-Nurse

    What am I doing wrong?

    "i am determined to appear confident even when i am nervous enough to nearly vomit. i am even more determined to be myself."... well said.
  11. Love-A-Nurse

    Is an LTAC Hospital good for a graduate nurse?

    i would say yes if the one you are interviewing for is like the one i worked. we had a variety of patients and those patients were intubated, had trachs, drips [titrate] many different lines [hickman, picc, etc,] drew our own blood, keep our codes on our floor instead of a transfer to the hospital's based units among many things i have not named. the disadvantage, 4 patients each on a "good" day and have had up to 7 when there was a call-in. the cn would help tremendously [depending on who the charge was]. wound nurse, therapy and resp was part of the team, too.
  12. Love-A-Nurse

    Introductions:"New" and "Old" Students.

    wished i could read and reply to all the thread since my last posting. i do, however, wish you all much success.
  13. Love-A-Nurse

    Just passed my RN boards!!!

    julie, congratulations!
  14. Love-A-Nurse

    Online RN-BSN programs

    http://www.una.edu [university of North Alabama] has a great program and reasonable tution.
  15. Love-A-Nurse

    My First RN-BSN Classes, Online

    congratulations on going back to school. when i took my first online course in my rn-bsn program, i was anxious about the unknown. it did not take long to adjust. the only differences from a brick and mortal school to me, unless you post a picture, you do not see your classmates faces, you get to go to class when it is right for you, no driving to and from school, and you can dress as comfortable as you like, and you don't have to worry about a baby sitter for those who have babies.
  16. Love-A-Nurse

    What is the best shift in the ER?

    for me, 11a-11p is a shift i tried working through agency as an er nurse. i do not ever want this time frame again. it seemed as if though i got the charge nurse patients most of the time and he would only have 1 to 2 patients and they were ready for d/c in the medical rooms [2]. my trauma rooms would fill up and the other two rooms, too. all at once. granted if it was a true trauma, someone would help with the patients in the trauma, but, i was busy none stop until leaving time in a different way that it is when i work the night shift. in the er, 7p-7a works best for me.