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marilynmom is a LPN, NP and specializes in Adolescent Psych, PICU.


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  1. marilynmom


    I am applying to USA for the pt spring semester. If I dont get into that program this spring I plan to apply to other schools for the fall (just not sure where else....I want Family pmhnp in order to see adults and children). My stats are nothing impressive: 3.3 gpa, 1.5 yrs psych RN, 1 yr PICU, BSN. What about you?
  2. marilynmom

    how to assess chest pain

    I work in psych and hear all sorts of complaints from patients. Whether they are valid or not is really not up to me. What I have learned is to COVER YOUR BUTT, report things to the MD, its up to them on what to do, but whatever you do, report it and keep yourself safe because no one else will. And chart your subjective and objective assessment.
  3. marilynmom

    L&D in OKC

    I am not a L&D nurse but I do see job openings for them around here often. I think with your experience you will not have a problem finding a good job. I think most of the hospitals around here are good. Check out OUMed Center, Baptist, Norman, Moore Medical Center, Saints, etc. Right now the new grads are having a hard time finding a job here, but experienced nurses are not.
  4. marilynmom

    Psych nurse practitioner

    I just spoke with someone here in my area about the demand for Psych NPs and she said I will have offers before Im done with school. She said they are VERY MUCH in demand in my area (sigh of relief for me), there are not enough RNs in school to become PsychNPs. And as you know the field of psych is growing by leaps and bounds. But I will say I dont see any jobs advertised in the paper or online--so dont go by that. I was really worried about that before I was able to speak to more people about it who actually are the ones looking and doing the hiring.
  5. marilynmom

    University of South Alabama Family Psych NP program?

    I feel encouraged :) We have a new boss at work and she was talking about also being interested in PsychNP. I talked to her about it and she has all sorts of connections and was telling me how greatly indemand psychNP here are where we live. I feel I finally have a connection. She said she hasn't even enrolled in school but has had job offers already because they are in that big of a demand. Needless to say, that alleviates my fears about finding preceptors and being able to find a job when I graduate, so Im sending in my application tomorrow morning after I get off work :) Now I just need to get accepted lol
  6. marilynmom

    University of South Alabama Family Psych NP program?

    Sue, your right. I decided to go ahead and send it all in and then make a decision depending on if I even get accepted or not. I did find out they accept about 15 people for PsychNP every semester, she said it totally varies on how many apply. That is all the info I could get about that.
  7. marilynmom

    University of South Alabama Family Psych NP program?

    bump. Anyone sent in any app's yet? Ill be honest. I kinda freaked out and didn't sent mine in yet. I started getting really worried about not being able to find a preceptor and then a job after graduation....I just never SEE any jobs for PsychNP around here. But I think Im going to go ahead and mail in my app and just go from there!
  8. marilynmom

    Pharmacy said no, conventional practice said yes

    I really dont ever run piggybacks as a true piggyback. I almost always withdraw the med out of the big and into a large syringe (relabel) and run it over a syringe pump (flushing line with NS before and after). I just hate the small bags! LOL! Or if I use the bag I just run it by itself (flushing line with NS before and after). I agree, you dont need an order for a NS flush....sometimes if Im using a lot of flush, Ill draw it up out of a bag into a large syringe (again, labeling it) and use that. It does't matter where the NS comes from, its all the same. My background is PICU and general peds if that makes any sense. Im also talking about all of those small piggyback bags, not just Flagyl.
  9. I don't work in the OR but when I did my clinicals for school I spent a day in the OR and saw them prep and put this patient under then everyone went to lunch for 30mins, and just left her in the room hooked up to the anesthesia machine with me. I just sat there wondering what was going on. I
  10. marilynmom

    University of South Alabama FNP

    bump For those accepted into FNP what are your stats? Thanks
  11. marilynmom

    OU (University of Oklahoma) MSN Nurse Educator Program

    Congrats! I worked with an RN at OUMC who did the accelerated MSN Educator. She said the program was disorganized, but in the end she graduated and is now teaching clinicals at UCO and enjoys it. I think with most nursing schools, its what you make of it and what you put into it!
  12. marilynmom


    bump Im looking to network with other FPMHNP as well!!
  13. I should have added to the OP I am truly sorry you got laid off from a very well paying job. That could not have been easy. I know that even though I don't make great money, I do make good money (in my opinion) and me and my family would be devastated to lose my income. In order to make really good money in nursing you have to plan ahead.....look at Nurse Anesthesia programs, some NP's I know personally are making $100+ a year (I live in the south so that's great money here). To maximize your money as RN I know a lot of people who work 3/12's plus prn somewhere else, contract work ($50/hr+), float pool generally pays more. There are options to make decent money. I do agree that nurses are not paid what we are worth but I did know the pay before even applying to nursing school.....anyone can call or email the nurse requiter at any hospital and they will tell you vwhat they start new grad RNs out with, its not any mystery.
  14. I'm 36yo mother of 2 who went from making $9/he to (with my shift diff, etc) $24-$28/hr. My wages basically tripled, my whole family has health insurance, I get pto and work a full 40 hours a week and have a laid back and fun nursing job.....I sure ain't gonna complain : ) I'm also applying to grad school where I will make even more money with more responsibility and an even better schedule. I make more money now than most people I personally know......but then again im not hanging around with pilots, lawyers, etc.
  15. Ive been an RN for a little over 2 years now. I started $18.65/hr base pay at OU in the ICU and now make $21/hr base pay plus I now get better shift diff/relief charge nurse pay/weekend pay on top of that. My take home pay is $1600 a paycheck with all that included and that is with insurance, taxes, etc taken out. I just wanted to share for all the new ppl out there wondering. The experienced nurses I work with make between $31-$35/hr base pay (they average about 5-10 years experience) and then they get shift diff/charge nurse diff/weekend/etc on top of that which ends up being $40-$45/hr. I think that is pretty decent pay for around here when the average income is around $40K a year I would imagine. My hourly wage total is $25/hr and $28/hr on weekends and I work 40 hours a week and Ive just been an RN for a little over 2 years like I mentioned before. I think my pay is pretty good, I live quite happily and support my family of 4 just fine....my husband is in school full time. We have a nice house, 2 new cars, go shopping every weekend, etc. I really cant complain....
  16. OU starts new grads at $18.65/hr.....they are one of the worse paying as far as raises and stuff goes. I worked there for 2 years so I know first hand. I work for Saints now and we average about 3-4% raise a year just fyi. Saints pays $3/hr night shift diff and $3/hr weekend diff.....OU pays less than that.

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