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Adolescent Psych, PICU
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marilynmom is a LPN, NP and specializes in Adolescent Psych, PICU.


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  1. marilynmom

    Anyone know when USA will send out notices for Spring??

    Well that is good news then thanks! I'd rather have no news than bad news lol. Anyone else apply for the PSYCH NP program??
  2. marilynmom

    Anyone know when USA will send out notices for Spring??

    I have not received an email or snail mail as of yesterday. Keeping my fingers crosses, but Im thinking if I haven't heard anything by today (10/7) then I probably didn't get in. Everyone share your updates! Congrats to those who will be starting in the Spring!!!
  3. marilynmom

    University of South Alabama DNP Spring 2011

    That is awesome! I am hoping to get inot that as well! Im happy for you!
  4. marilynmom

    University of South Alabama DNP Spring 2011

    I have not no. I hope that isn't bad news then But I didn't apply for DNP, just Family Psych, so maybe that doesn't even include when they would be mailing out letters or emails from my program.
  5. marilynmom

    University of South Alabama FNP

    Talknw: I have not heard anything. I applied for the Family Psych program. Do you know when they were planning to send out emails?
  6. I applied for the Family Psych NP program, part time. Still waiting. Just wondering if anyone has heard anything or talking to anyone concerning when we would all find out?
  7. marilynmom

    How limiting is adult vs family pmhnp?

    I work as an RN in child psych now, which I enjoy. I applied to the Family pmhnp program not just so I can work with children (in my state BON that is defined as
  8. marilynmom

    University of South Alabama FNP

    I applied for Spring '10 Psych NP program, I haven't heard anything back from them yet (not expecting to until next month I guess). I did get an email from them saying they had over 900 applicants. For how many seats and what programs most are for I have no idea, but that scared me! Anyone else heard anything??
  9. marilynmom

    What do I do? Quit?

    Your own personal health scare can be enough to set anxiety into motion. I also had a personal health scare and since then I have had a really hard time with anxiety. My anxiety at work (even after I stuck it out for a year) was so overwheleming I had to quit and find a less stressful job--I was not able to cope with it. I was taking anti anxiety med but it wasn't enough to help. I felt utterly overwhelmed and it was destroying my life. I couldn't even relax on my days off! My experience with anxiety was enough to make me go into psych/mental health nursing and I love it. Ive even applied to PsychNP school. As you know mental health issues can be all encompassing and take over your life, affect every area of your life. Good luck :)
  10. marilynmom

    Oklahoma nursing job market on the news

    Just remember there are a LOT of new grads, but not a lot of new grad positions....there is a lot of competition right now. I spoke with a friend of mine who is a director over a unit at Childrens and she said that there were a lot of grads from Dec who are still unemployeed (this was in August), and a lot of the new grad programs had waiting lists. A lot of new grads are having to leave the state trying to find jobs. I wish everyone well.
  11. marilynmom


    I am applying to USA for the pt spring semester. If I dont get into that program this spring I plan to apply to other schools for the fall (just not sure where else....I want Family pmhnp in order to see adults and children). My stats are nothing impressive: 3.3 gpa, 1.5 yrs psych RN, 1 yr PICU, BSN. What about you?
  12. marilynmom

    how to assess chest pain

    I work in psych and hear all sorts of complaints from patients. Whether they are valid or not is really not up to me. What I have learned is to COVER YOUR BUTT, report things to the MD, its up to them on what to do, but whatever you do, report it and keep yourself safe because no one else will. And chart your subjective and objective assessment.
  13. marilynmom

    L&D in OKC

    I am not a L&D nurse but I do see job openings for them around here often. I think with your experience you will not have a problem finding a good job. I think most of the hospitals around here are good. Check out OUMed Center, Baptist, Norman, Moore Medical Center, Saints, etc. Right now the new grads are having a hard time finding a job here, but experienced nurses are not.
  14. marilynmom

    Psych nurse practitioner

    I just spoke with someone here in my area about the demand for Psych NPs and she said I will have offers before Im done with school. She said they are VERY MUCH in demand in my area (sigh of relief for me), there are not enough RNs in school to become PsychNPs. And as you know the field of psych is growing by leaps and bounds. But I will say I dont see any jobs advertised in the paper or online--so dont go by that. I was really worried about that before I was able to speak to more people about it who actually are the ones looking and doing the hiring.
  15. marilynmom

    University of South Alabama Family Psych NP program?

    I feel encouraged :) We have a new boss at work and she was talking about also being interested in PsychNP. I talked to her about it and she has all sorts of connections and was telling me how greatly indemand psychNP here are where we live. I feel I finally have a connection. She said she hasn't even enrolled in school but has had job offers already because they are in that big of a demand. Needless to say, that alleviates my fears about finding preceptors and being able to find a job when I graduate, so Im sending in my application tomorrow morning after I get off work :) Now I just need to get accepted lol
  16. marilynmom

    University of South Alabama Family Psych NP program?

    Sue, your right. I decided to go ahead and send it all in and then make a decision depending on if I even get accepted or not. I did find out they accept about 15 people for PsychNP every semester, she said it totally varies on how many apply. That is all the info I could get about that.