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  1. HyperRNRachel

    charging for ultrasound guided iv

    Does your facility charge for ultrasound guided iv's. If so how do you bill for the procedure? We currently do not bill for this because our billing department is unsure how to code the procedure. Looking for help.
  2. HyperRNRachel

    policy to suture picc lines in place

    I am needing a policy, procedure and competency to be able to suture picc lines in place. Currently we use a stat lock but all chemo lines going to MD Anderson have to be sutured in place or they will remove to line and start another. Anyone willing to share? You can email me at rachelnacol@yahoo.com I work for a small hospital and am willing to help the doctors with suturing in PICC lines but getting a policy, procedure and competency form from our education dept is taking FOREVER! Its as if i am asking them to kick puppies or small children. I need help. Rachel
  3. HyperRNRachel

    PICC lines started in the ER

    Ok my husband is trying to get a PICC team started in the ER of a major hospital in Houston texas. I know multiple discussions have been emotionally debated about whether a PICC line should be or should not be considered an emergent line but there is a group of nurses, with ER md backing, wanting to pilot a program. Thier dilemma lies in selling the idea to the RN director of the ER, both from an economic and an "that's not an ER function" standpoint. Any ideas, recommendations, experiences......etc????
  4. HyperRNRachel

    site rite vison with sapiens

    Anyone using Bard site rite vision with Sapiens? Hospital recieved the vision ultrasound machine today- super exicted but wanting some feedback. The good , the bad :uhoh3:and the ugly . We get formal BARD training in August- over the top excited about this. I want to be able to ask all questions and avoid any "wish i would have known that ahead of time" moments. Thanks Rachel
  5. HyperRNRachel

    changing a IJ central line for a PICC

    First a little background information. I work for a small hospital in the cath lab, we currently have two nurses who cover PICC placements not done by the interventional radiologist in Special Procedures and also help start PIV's and ultrasound guided IV's for the entire hospital except the ER. The PICC team is available during our scheduled work hours of 0630 to 1700 Monday-Friday. We take on-call until 1900 every day of the week with guidelines in place for minimal call outs (although they seem to be ignored by EVERYONE). We do not get on-call pay during the week or on weekends. We only get our regular salary plus any shift diff. when we do come out -two hour max per PICC. Ive only been placing PICC lines since Feb and am learning as I go. I don't know it all and don't ever plan on knowing it all - and now i need help from you. So here is my situation.......Tuesday at 1830 I get called from the ICU, nurse states she got an order from the primary MD for PICC placement for antibiotics. On further assessment I find the patient has a newly placed ( in the OR by GI surgeon), functioning, non infected double lumen right sided IJ and is getting amiodarone and cardizem in one lumen and TPN with lipids in the other. The problem is she needed to give Zosyn (not antibiotics as she originally stated but one antibiotic and needs an additional port. Instead of starting a PIV she called the attending MD to get an order and then called me for PICC placement. I told her I would not come out because this did not fit our on-call guidelines and if the line was still needed it would be done in the am. The next morning I go to check on the patient- cardizem stopped per MD order. Nurses started PIV the previous night. I go to nurses station and tell the charge nurse that we will not be placing a PICC- they had enough access. She states "well we still need a PICC- we struggled to get the PIV". I told her I would do some checking and be back. After talking with my picc partner he states we could remove the IJ and place a PICC. I was blown away!!!! WHY?WHY?WHY? 1.Am i missing the logic in removing a functioning central catheter to place a PICC??? After talking with the admitting MD she stated to hold the PICC order until after the surgeon saw the patient. No new orders since his last assessment. 2.Ive tried to find information on what the standards of care would be in this situation. I feel like the ICU nurse thought that two central lines would give her enough access. What are the standards? 3.Is there a such thing as having two central lines in place? Ive never heard of such a thing. 4.How cost effective is it to replace a central line with a PICC? 5. How would you have handled this? 6. How does this benefit the patient? HELP! I am one confused PICC nurse!
  6. HyperRNRachel

    ultrasound guided iv policy

    In need of a ultrasound guided IV policy. Started working for a hospital that has a PICC team and is currently doing usgiv's, but does not have a policy. In an attempt to educate nurses to do usgiv"s and do it CORRECTLY, I would love to have a policy in place! Email me at rachelnacol@yahoo.com- help me, help me, help me! Much thanks as always. Rachel
  7. HyperRNRachel

    Using a site rite ultrasound. HELP

    I've won the nursing lottery! After being burned to a crisp as a 7p-7a ER nurse for the last 4 years, I was offered an incredible day position in the cath lab working 8 hour shifts 5 days a week. The position is awesome! The hospital is awesome! It's a small hosital with a one room cath lab. Since there can be "down time" I am also being trained on PICC line insertion and LOVE IT. The set up is time consuming, but I'm comfortable in that area but I'm having one small problem- (haha only the most important part). I'm having a difficult time keeping my vein centered while attempting to access. Any advice, pointers, suggestions, thoughts or help is much needed. Are there any training aids, books, or classes that I should be looking into? Thanks Rachel
  8. HyperRNRachel

    Shoes for the ER??

    Danskos-love them. I can also wear my Muzuno running shoes but only every once in a while.
  9. HyperRNRachel

    Joke..You know you are truly an ER nurse if...

    You know you are truly an ER nurse if: You have ever told a patient that Geodon is a pain med that can only be given IM.
  10. HyperRNRachel

    How to cope with a drug error - destroyed confidence

    How do you cope with a med error? Learn from it and move on to being a better nurse.
  11. HyperRNRachel

    DKA- how often do you see the same ones

    We have one girl who comes in every 2 months in DKA. NO viens anymore, so now we are restricted to central lines! I honsestly think she does not given herself insulin in order to maintain a VERY low weight- she looks anorexic. And, although, she comes in with n/v (i have never seen her vomit) she always has a negative ct and ultrasound but asks for pain meds! How often do you see the same DKA patients? Does anyone know the name of the condition for DM patients who do not administer insulin in order to control weight? Rachel
  12. HyperRNRachel

    Strange things found on (or in) a pt.

    $972.00 on an overdose patient who came in due to ETOH and taking his mothers klonipin. He was not even sober when he started asking for his pants and low and behold he had a bunch of money!!!
  13. HyperRNRachel

    I'm guilty!

    guilty too. one pink pad. it was the patient's birthday and she asked.
  14. HyperRNRachel

    I was slapped by a doctor!

    Can you say restraining order and battery charges???? The man needs to be out of the hospital setting if he cannot handle people or stress. OUT of a job, out of a license and off the streets. DO NOT PASS GO DO NOT COLLECT $200.00!
  15. HyperRNRachel

    Can you guess what the doc I missed.

    I have a crazy obsession w. lung sounds so I listen to everyones. You come in with a possible broken baby toe and I will listen to your lungs. I have only been a nurse for 2.5 years so I am still perfecting that skill. But I do not recall his right lobes being decreased. No tracheal deviations. Since his only complaint was the right shoulder- he was very specific- I did not place him on any monitor. He was speaking- almost nonstop- in complete sentences. I do my own vitals on discharge and there was not drop in pressure, increase in resp, or decrease in pulse ox. This whole thing has me feeling a little insecure. NOT alot insecure just enough to make me smarter- hopefully. How did the pneumo get missed by the MD? I do not know. He is an excellent MD. This really has me perplexed. Its not like it started small and grew large. IT WAS LARGE to start with.
  16. HyperRNRachel

    Can you guess what the doc I missed.

    You are smart! A large pneumo!!!!!!!!!! Not small or medium but LARGE. It was picked up by the radiologist who read the xray in the am, but by that time the patient was back in the er complaining of dyspnea and needing a chest tube. Since a chest xray was done, what else do you think I could have done? I had one of those "feelings" when he told me he felt hoarse- but I knew the chest xray had been done and I chalked it up the the helmet strap. Rachel