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  1. AmyLiz

    Call: how often?

    The hospital where I work has the OR staffed 24/7, but even so, everyone (except the "outpatient/ambulatory" staff take call (the hospital has a Level I Trauma Center). We're assigned call, but most people who want extra can get it from the people who try to give it away. It works out pretty well for the most part. People who don't want call will post it on one of our staff bulletin boards & if you want it, you can pick it up.
  2. AmyLiz

    Good OR orientation programs.

    Here in southwestern Ohio there are several hospitals that have OR training programs. A couple in Cincinnati & a couple in Dayton that I know of are really good. I am in an internship right now & have been really happy with it.
  3. AmyLiz

    Counting Policy

    We use pre-printed sheets for counting our instruments. We use another pre-printed sheet for counting sponges & blades/needles. It works quite well for us.
  4. AmyLiz

    Path to Flight RN

    This is straight off of our hospital's website for their requirements for nurses who want to apply for flight nurse positions: Education - BSN required or actively pursuing. Licensed to practice professional nursing in the State of Ohio. Certifications required: Basic Life Support Advanced Cardiac Life Support Basic Trauma Life Support Advanced Trauma Life Support (audit)** Licensed EMT-P in the State of Ohio** Pediatric Advanced Life Support **Must be completed within one year of employment Physical requirements - must meet visual, auditory, and weight specifications. Must pass a physical exam utilizing department criteria. Experience - has a minimum of three years recent active experience in an Emergency Department or other Intensive Critical Care areas. Pre-hospital/transport experience recommended.
  5. AmyLiz

    New Grad starting in OR

    I graduated from nursing school this past November. I started an OR internship at a local hospital last month. It's important that the hospital you work at has a good training program. If you interview for a position in the OR, be sure to ask about their training program/internship/whatever they might call it. Ask how long it lasts, if they use the AORN training guidelines, etc. I've learned so much already after only being there for a bit over a month...there's a ton of information & you might feel like you're back in nursing school, but the big difference is that if it's something you're really interested in & enjoy, it's not so bad! I really love it & don't regret jumping straight into the OR. I knew in school that floor nursing wasn't for me! I was good at it, but I really hated it! Now though, I love my job & I can't imagine being anywhere else.
  6. AmyLiz

    I'm A Nurse!

    Thanks! :smiley_aa I'm still on cloud nine! It's been a long, hard road! Now I just have to pass the boards!
  7. AmyLiz

    WWYD? Phlebotomy

    That is WEIRD that your school doesn't teach venipuncture! I don't know of any hospitals around my area that teach you...they figure if you passed nursing school, you know all the skills. I'd definately take a class, just to get some experience. I'm not sure how far into your program you are, but if you've got a ways to go & you want to get a job as a phlebotomist, then go for the certification. If you don't want a lab job like that, then I'd just take the one class for the experience.
  8. AmyLiz

    I'm A Nurse!

    Just had to share...I got pinned last night! :smiley_aa It was such a neat ceremony. I was on the pinning committee, so I was in on the planning, but it turned out so much better than I imagined! Everyone I talked to said how impressed they were with it. We processed in from the back of the theater, up the stairs & onto the stage to the song "Where My Heart Will Take Me" by Russell Watson & were greeted with a HUGE amount of applause! I leaned over & whispered to my friend "we're rock stars!" Haha! We had two student speeches, a poem, blessing of the hands, and then we got pinned. There were 47 of us graduating, so it took awhile. They played a piano version of "How To Save A Life" in the background while we got our pins. After than, we had the candlelight ceremony where we recited the Nightingale Pledge, we had a closing prayer and then a bagpiper walked in playing, stopped at the podium & we walked out the same way we came in, and the bagpiper followed us (our school was founded by a Scotsman & our mascot is a scottish lion). We left to a ton more applause. (We're rock stars!!) It was awesome! Now I'm a graduate nurse. I can hardly believe it! Now I just have to tackle the boards & find a job!
  9. AmyLiz

    Does anyone know of any good nursing schools in Dayton

    I'm not sure if RETS is accredited yet...I thought I had heard that it wasn't yet, but I could be mistaken. I've heard that Sinclair's wait list is shorter than it used to be. I'm in the program now & the word is that since they've changed some of their policies on reinstatement, the list isn't as long. (for example, students only have 2 chances to pass any nursing course...so if they fail it twice, they cannot be reinstated into the program) I would highly recommend Sinclair to anyone. Even with the wait list, it gives you a chance to get through all (or at least most of) of your pre-req's, gen eds, etc. so that when you enter the program, you can fully concentrate on just the nursing courses.
  10. AmyLiz

    Are you required to watch videos

    yep...videos, CD Roms, etc. All to be done on our own time. Plus we have to practice a list of skills on our own time at least 4 times each during the quarter. (we have to have the lab instructor sign our practice cards)
  11. AmyLiz

    How are your clinicals set up?

    Ours is 10 students under 1 instructor. We're at clinical 3 days out of the week, the first day is Assessment day, where we are assigned a patient, go through the pt's chart and fill out our processing tool (pt profile), meet and do a head-to-toe assessment on our patient and start our care plan. The next two days are pt care days, where we are the nurse on the unit for this pt. We give all the meds, assess the pt, etc. We have one lecture day as well during the week.
  12. AmyLiz

    Normal saline rinses: yes or no

    I've noticed this myself! Scary stuff! For example...why would a doc even THINK about having a 94 y/o pt get a AVF? Or a pt who is due to get a transplant in 2.5 months (live donor)? Good lord. I know it's this whole "Fistula First" campaign that we're doing, but come on!
  13. AmyLiz

    Normal saline rinses: yes or no

    Well, it worked! We used a NS rinse on our pt...1000cc bag with 10cc of heparin mixed in. Put it on a pump and ran it directly into the venous chamber at 200cc/hr. He ran his whole tx and his dializer (and the lines) had no clots at all by the end of the tx. :) Doc d/c'd the epo since his Hgb was way up there and he raised his base weight. btw...we run Braun machines.
  14. AmyLiz

    Come one, come all...

    My school is on the quarter system, not semesters, so right now I'm on my week-long spring break (spring??? It snowed today!). My first quarter in nursing was this fall. It was easy. I got an A in 120, a B in 121, and a B in nursing math. This past quarter it got harder and we started clinicals (in an LTC). I got a B in both 122 and 123 (I missed an A by 8 points in 122...I could cried). The next quarter starts next week and I'll be in 220. It's the notorious Med/Surg quarter...also known as the weed-out quarter. Fun, fun. Trying to get organized this week so I'm not scrambling next week. So far so good though. I like it. I've made some good friends and I can't wait to graduate in November 2007! :)
  15. AmyLiz

    Normal saline rinses: yes or no

    We've tried everything that we can do without a doc's order. Today the doc came around and lowered his Epo dose, since his Hgb was extremely high. Doc said hopefully that would help some...although I have my doubts as to how much that will help. Today the pt clotted off his line yet again. It's been just over 2 weeks since he had a full tx, so we're all extremely concerned. We're going to try a continual saline drip into the venous chamber on Wednesday. Hopefully that will help solve some of the clotting issues.
  16. AmyLiz

    Normal saline rinses: yes or no

    That's what our unit does. Some folks get flushes q1/2h who seem to clot faster. We have one pt though...he's a case. He's on oodles of heparin, gets flushes and still clots off his line qtx. He hasn't run a full tx in 2 wks. It's terrible. We're considering trying to put some NS on a pump and run it into the venous chamber, since that's the one place where he seems to clot most. We've got to figure something out for the poor guy!