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RN - Operating Room (and prn at a hemodialysis cli

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    Call: how often?

    The hospital where I work has the OR staffed 24/7, but even so, everyone (except the "outpatient/ambulatory" staff take call (the hospital has a Level I Trauma Center). We're assigned call, but most people who want extra can get it from the people who try to give it away. It works out pretty well for the most part. People who don't want call will post it on one of our staff bulletin boards & if you want it, you can pick it up.
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    Good OR orientation programs.

    Here in southwestern Ohio there are several hospitals that have OR training programs. A couple in Cincinnati & a couple in Dayton that I know of are really good. I am in an internship right now & have been really happy with it.
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    Counting Policy

    We use pre-printed sheets for counting our instruments. We use another pre-printed sheet for counting sponges & blades/needles. It works quite well for us.
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    Path to Flight RN

    This is straight off of our hospital's website for their requirements for nurses who want to apply for flight nurse positions: Education - BSN required or actively pursuing. Licensed to practice professional nursing in the State of Ohio. Certifications required: Basic Life Support Advanced Cardiac Life Support Basic Trauma Life Support Advanced Trauma Life Support (audit)** Licensed EMT-P in the State of Ohio** Pediatric Advanced Life Support **Must be completed within one year of employment Physical requirements - must meet visual, auditory, and weight specifications. Must pass a physical exam utilizing department criteria. Experience - has a minimum of three years recent active experience in an Emergency Department or other Intensive Critical Care areas. Pre-hospital/transport experience recommended.
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    New Grad starting in OR

    I graduated from nursing school this past November. I started an OR internship at a local hospital last month. It's important that the hospital you work at has a good training program. If you interview for a position in the OR, be sure to ask about their training program/internship/whatever they might call it. Ask how long it lasts, if they use the AORN training guidelines, etc. I've learned so much already after only being there for a bit over a month...there's a ton of information & you might feel like you're back in nursing school, but the big difference is that if it's something you're really interested in & enjoy, it's not so bad! I really love it & don't regret jumping straight into the OR. I knew in school that floor nursing wasn't for me! I was good at it, but I really hated it! Now though, I love my job & I can't imagine being anywhere else.
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    Hospitals In the Cincinnati area.

    Children's might have computerized charting in some parts of the hospital, but not in the OR. I interviewed with them in November & asked about it. They said they're planning on getting it in a few years, but they don't have it yet.
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    No Motivation To Study For NCLEX

    Heck, I didn't study much either. Didn't have any motivation to study until one of my friends failed it. That lit the fire under my butt to study a bit! :) I really only studied for about a week...a few hours a day (ok, maybe 1-2 hours a day...if that). The day before I went over EVERYTHING I could think of just to keep it fresh in my brain.
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    Do New Grads get hired in CCU, ER, ICU, etc?

    Depends on the hospital. A classmate of mine is now working as a new grad in an ER without any prior experience (other than observing once in nursing school). A few of my former classmates are getting into ICU, NICU, CICU through internship programs at a few of the local hospital. These internships combine classroom teaching (above what you would get in nursing school) and floor time with a preceptor. So far, everyone is really liking that approach because it eases you in & gives you confidence better than just throwing you in without formalized training.
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    Hospitals In the Cincinnati area.

    I'd let you know how MVH is in Dayton, but I haven't started there yet. :) I do know that Cincinnati Children's hospital doesn't have computerized charting yet. Most of the hospitals in Dayton do though.
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    I work for a large clinic (24 chairs, total of around 150 patients). We have several buttonholes that are just fantastic...really easy to pop those needles in. Others...well, we had to give up on because they would just NEVER establish the tunnel! Then you get the odd pt who gets a nice established buttonhole & then something weird happens & the AVF shifts or something & you can't find the tunnel anymore (which happened to one of my patients a few weeks ago...the arterial buttonhole is still there & great, but the venous is no where to be found, so I have to re-establish that one. ) Sometimes I wish we hadn't started the whole buttonhole thing...there are several patients that I had never had trouble sticking with regular sharp needles, but now that they're buttonholed, I can't get the darn needle in the AVF...due to the angle or whatever that the establishing cannulator used. Other times, it's great. Kind of a hit or miss thing.
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    I Passed!!!

    OMG! I took the test on Tuesday & found out yesterday that I passed! I swore I had to have failed it. It shut off around 75 questions & I had only been there for about an hour and 20 minutes! When that screen went gray my heart just dropped into my stomach. That was by far the hardest test I have ever taken in my LIFE! What was worse was that barely anything I studied was actually on the stupid thing! But now it's over & I'm officially an RN! And the best thing about that...I don't have to take the NCLEX ever again! :whe!:
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    You can start looking at the job boards now. Maybe start sending those resumes out in February or so. I graduated at the end of November & some folks started sending them out in late September, early October with some good results. Others waited until November & got jobs easily too, so it just depends.
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    hard to deal

    Not sure if this is possible for you, but in our clinic we have a few pts who have issues with clotting who cannot be on heparin (and some who have clotting issues even with heparin!), so we put them on a saline drip at 200cc/hr per plum pump hooked up to the dialysis tubing.
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    I'm A Nurse!

    Just had to share...I got pinned last night! :smiley_aa It was such a neat ceremony. I was on the pinning committee, so I was in on the planning, but it turned out so much better than I imagined! Everyone I talked to said how impressed they were with it. We processed in from the back of the theater, up the stairs & onto the stage to the song "Where My Heart Will Take Me" by Russell Watson & were greeted with a HUGE amount of applause! I leaned over & whispered to my friend "we're rock stars!" Haha! We had two student speeches, a poem, blessing of the hands, and then we got pinned. There were 47 of us graduating, so it took awhile. They played a piano version of "How To Save A Life" in the background while we got our pins. After than, we had the candlelight ceremony where we recited the Nightingale Pledge, we had a closing prayer and then a bagpiper walked in playing, stopped at the podium & we walked out the same way we came in, and the bagpiper followed us (our school was founded by a Scotsman & our mascot is a scottish lion). We left to a ton more applause. (We're rock stars!!) It was awesome! Now I'm a graduate nurse. I can hardly believe it! Now I just have to tackle the boards & find a job!
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    I'm A Nurse!

    Thanks! :smiley_aa I'm still on cloud nine! It's been a long, hard road! Now I just have to pass the boards!
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    WWYD? Phlebotomy

    That is WEIRD that your school doesn't teach venipuncture! I don't know of any hospitals around my area that teach you...they figure if you passed nursing school, you know all the skills. I'd definately take a class, just to get some experience. I'm not sure how far into your program you are, but if you've got a ways to go & you want to get a job as a phlebotomist, then go for the certification. If you don't want a lab job like that, then I'd just take the one class for the experience.
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    Advice for entering students

    Well, people did tell me this, but you never seem to believe it...until you get there: You will have no life while you are in school. Forget about cleaning, cooking, etc...you won't have time. Especially if you're working as well. I'm almost through my program (will graduate in November)...and I haven't had any sort of a life except for the breaks (spring break, winter break, etc) since I started 2 years ago. It IS worth it...but sometimes it's tough. I haven't been able to keep up with friends or family & it's been tough on my husband, but we all know that this is the sacrifice you have to make to get through school & do as well as you can. When did I decided that I should become a nurse? My husband was in the hospital after having a tumor removed & I stayed with him for 4 days (his entire stay) and watched what the nurses did...I figured...I could do that! So...I did! :)
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    carrier molecule for glucose

    Usually glucose molecules diffuse by simple diffusion, but GLUT1 is a passive transporter found in erythrocytes and GLUT2 is found in the liver. Both are involved in importing glucose quicker than by the simple diffusion. Is this what you're looking for?
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    What do you think?

    I'm sure you can do it. But something did come to mind...you mentioned that you were interested in the mental health field...have you thought of maybe entering a psych tech program? Our local community college offers it & with it you would be able to work in the mental health field, you just wouldn't be administering medications, etc.
  20. Don't know much about MSJ, but I have heard that Xavier's got a great nursing program. It's kind of pricey to go there, but it's a great school.
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    I'd say it would be good experience. I work as a dialysis tech currently while going to nursing school (graduating this fall...yeah!). You may want to look around...sometimes there are PCT positions that just work you on the weekends, so you can have the week to devote to school. Miami Valley Hospital has these positions, but they go quick, from what I hear.
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    is dialysis less stressful than med surg

    It depends on your unit. I work at a 24 chair chronic outpatient unit as a tech (graduating from nursing school this fall) & it can be quite stressful. A couple friends of mine work at a different outpatient unit & say it's really laid back usually...it just depends on the unit & the acuity of the patients.
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    Fail math exam and we are out!!!! Help!!!

    We are required to pass a dosage calculation test consisting of 10 questions every term of the quarter. We have to get 100% on the test each time or we fail the class and are out of the program. I don't see how that's unfair though...I mean, when you have to deal with calculating drug dosages for pts, I would want my nurse to know 100% what they're doing. :) Our program also has an attendance policy...we're not supposed to miss a class or a clinical, but if we are sick or whatnot & absolutely cannot make it, usually we're given a chance to make it up, but really...it's discouraged to miss.
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    Observing a surgery

    I just got to see a prolapsed uterus repair and an open chole. The chole was awesome & the CRNA let me stand back with her at the pt's head. It was amazing! The docs were great & the CRNA explained a lot of what she was doing to keep the pt under. I loved it & I think that's where I want to be eventually! :)
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    Reviewing over the summer.

    I'd look over your notes from last term...review skills and lab values that you need to know. I start back next week & have been working on our required review...4 chapters to be read & 40 or so pages in our resource packet. Ugh. Only 15 more months of this to go & I'll be an RN!