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  1. What Does Your Agency Do Differently to Keep You With Them??

    My agency knows me by name right away when I call. The founder and president of the company is an RN and knows me by name. They treat their employees with respect, listen to our concerns, and are just about the nicest people I've ever met. They know ...
  2. Agency Nurse-from ER to Med-Surg

    I'm an ER agency nurse, and I worked one tele shift to see what it was like. It's VERY different! The facility where I was working had computer charting, so that slowed me down a lot. And I had to figure out things like...where the MARs are kept, how...
  3. Officially an agency nurse!

    Hi! I'm a full-time agency nurse, mainly ER, but I also do some other areas from time-to-time. You can't beat the variety or the scheduling! Oh, and the money is nice too, but for me it's not everything. I'm sure you'll like it!!
  4. can a single RN make it ok in Baltimore?

    Absolutely! I should know, I'm one of them. I put myself through nursing school with a mortgage and pets to take care of, and I survived just fine. I survived after graduating and starting to work, and things are even better now that I'm working for ...
  5. Tele or med-tele holds in the ER...

    We have to start the some of the paperwork within 8 hours, and the complete database has to be finished in 24 hours. So if they're really boarding in the ER for days, yes, we do the MARs etc. But if they're only there for a few hours, I don't do it u...
  6. The Ban On Knit Pants and Shirts (take 2)

    I don't understand what you mean by knit items. As in a sweatshirt or cardigan sweater? How about a cotton shirt--is that considered a knit item?
  7. My fear of nursing..

    I, too, switched from IT to nursing. I had to work some 3rd shifts in IT, years ago. I HATED it. Now I'm an RN working dayshift 7a-7p 3 shifts/week. I work in the ER and we have separate day and night staff. I was working 11a-11p for a while, but I t...
  8. Off topic: How do you keep house?

    I live with my long-term boyfriend. We share the cleaning 50/50. That way we can each have a few days of slacking off while the other one cleans up behind. Then vice-versa.
  9. Room assignments and pt load.

    We're a busy community ED. 63,000 visits/year. Each RN has 3 assigned rooms, sometimes 4 if we're short-staffed. Ideally each tech has 6 rooms (works with 2 RNs). We will also put ppl in the hallway, but usually we have float or hallway RNs for these...
  10. Longest "Visit" in ER b/4 admitted to your floor

    Prob 2 days or so. We've also had pts discharged from the ED. It depends on the time of year. It's also not unusual for psych patients to be in the ED for the weekend waiting for transfer to an inpt facility.
  11. Yoga

    I love yoga. Luckily there are two yoga studios within walking distance of my house :) Lucky me. I'm trying Bikram Yoga (hot yoga) for the first time on Friday... I'm a little apprehensive b/c I don't always do well with heat, but I've heard great th...
  12. "I'm going to sue you", What do you say?

    I have had this said to me. But never when a breach of duty and/or patient harm occurred. It has been over minor things...delays in seeing the MD, going to Xray, etc. Everyday things in a busy ER. People don't seem to realize we have to prioritize co...
  13. Sick, sick sick of IBS

    I also have GI problems, but they are of the upper GI variety. I would strongly recommend acupuncture. That has helped me more than anything. I'm now down to about 1/2 of the meds I used to take, and I can now eat and drink the things that used to ca...
  14. Baltimore Living Info

    I'd recommend areas around the JHU Homewood campus. You can take the shuttle from there. Charles Village and Hampden are safe and affordable.
  15. Would you become a nurse again

    Please spend some time following an RN in the field you want to work in. Shadow him/her for multiple shifts, if you can. Find out for sure! Although I know I won't be doing this forever, I DON'T regret becoming a nurse, or any of the course work that...