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  1. NursePru

    Attention new grads may 2009

    You have to keep in mind that there are a lot of nursing students in the state of Maryland that are staying here. New grad positions are scarce right now. Even Marylanders are having problems finding jobs. It's sad, but true. One of the reasons I entered this field was for job security. I know some December grads that are still looking for new grad spots. Even if you went to a big university, the local hospitals are familiar with the local nursing programs and which ones have good reputations and tend to hire based on that. It may be harder to relocate than you think as a new grad for right now.
  2. NursePru

    Are BSNs grads preferred over ADNs grads in MD area?

    Definitely not. I graduate in May 2009 and already have a job lined up and I'm going to start right away on my BSN. The hospital has a program where the college comes to you. I have a bachelors in another field so I was really torn about which program to go with. Now I'm so glad I went ADN. I saved so much money in tuition and parking. It might take me a little bit longer to get my BSN, but I'm ok with that. I'm still doing the job I want to do in the meantime.
  3. NursePru

    Hospitals in Baltimore

    I've had clinicals at Franklin Square, Good Sam, Upper Chesapeake, and Sinai. I love Good Sam! I just liked the environment in general. No bad experiences at any of them though.
  4. NursePru

    ccbc essex???

    It depends on your clinical instructor. Some don't even make you go on Friday's and just give you your patients that morning and let you look up the medications. If you do have to go on Fridays it just depends on when the instructor gets there. I had one that said we could come as early as noon. Most say after 5, but keep in mind, you can get into the hospital late if you have to, but you just have to look up your medications and understand their illnesses before clinical the next day. Hope this helps. Congrats on everything so far! You're going to learn so much!(in a good way lol)
  5. NursePru

    CCBC Nursing Students

    I'm getting ready to start my last year of the evening weekend program. This is how it worked for us: Your first year you get a break over the winter from about mid-December to mid-January. You get about 2 months off in the summer (June-August). Then your second year you get a break in the winter, but I'm told it's not as long because you have to take Trends somewhere in there. After that, you're done! OH! You also get off for Thanksgiving and any other holidays that fall during the school year. If the school is closed, no class, and no clinical on that weekend. Good luck...hope this helps :)
  6. NursePru

    ccbc essex???

    It's not a bad program. I'm getting ready to start my second (and last) year. I've heard so many people bad mouth the program and get people all worked up. I was petrified when I started because of all the rumors. I've never had problems with the administration. I'm assuming the "abuse" mentioned is the lab instructors and clinical instructors who want us to do things correctly. There are some that are tougher than others, but it's just because they want us to be good nurses. There were times when they were strict, but you can't take that personally. Just remember if they are being harsh or strict with you, they are probably being that way with everyone. It's their license on the line if you do something that endangers a patient. So far, my experience has been positive. Yes, I get stressed before tests and projects, but that is to be expected. If you listen to the school and don't overload yourself and prepare your family for the time you'll need to put into school, you'll be fine. Give yourself time to study the information and understand the skills you'll need. Take nursing school seriously and let the instructors know you take it seriously by coming prepared and following their directions (I can't stress that enough). They remember who does and does not come prepared and they also know which students are the most reliable. I don't regret my choice of nursing school and I was torn between CCBC Essex and Maryland's second bachelors program. I chose CCBC because it's convenient, parking is free, it's a good program, and most of all it's cheap! I plan on working towards my BSN and then MSN, but I decided to get the RN first, then do a RN-MSN program and let my hospital pay for it. It has definitely saved me some cash. Good luck to everyone. I know that there are some that probably disagree with me and may have had bad experiences, but I also know I'm not the only one that thinks the program is solid.
  7. NursePru

    Second Career: How do I begin?

    Wow you sound like me. Second career, student loan debt etc. I'm 29 now and I'll be getting ready to turn 31 when I graduate Nursing school. I just started taking prereqs at the closest Community College. When I got close enough I applied to UMD, got in, and decided to stick with the Community College because there NCLEX pass rate was excellent, I lived minutes away, and don't have to pay for parking. Plus, my whole Nursing school education is going to cost me what a year at UMD would (and we all know what Hopkins costs). I don't have children yet so I probably could've gone for the BSN off the bat, but with the loan debt I already have and they fact that I need to work at least part-time to afford living expenses made me reconsider where to go. I plan I going for my BSN and possibly my MSN right after I finish, but I'm going to let whatever hospital I work for pick up the bill for that. It might be the long way around, but it is also the cheaper way around and I have no doubt that I'm getting a quality education where I am. Just go for it though! You have a lot of great programs to choose from in Maryland. I definitely think it's a good idea to at least do your prereq's at the CC...and if you plan on UMD you have to do that anyway. Good luck!!
  8. NursePru

    Any Positive Nursing School Experiences

    I love it...it has completely changed me and is making me a better person. What more can you ask for out of a career? It is stressful, but I'm just so happy to be making this change and I know it's going to be a very rewarding career. I also just feel proud in general to be able to do this. So many people right now are on a wait list dying to start the program. We are all very lucky to be at this point right now.
  9. NursePru

    IM Injections & Z-track

    We just went over this in class and we were told to aspirate all IM injections...including Z-track.
  10. NursePru

    Any essex night/weekend people ???

    Hey there! We just finished our Fluid and Electrolytes test yesterday so I finally got some time to hop on allnurses! LOL The program is good. You will be busy your first semester, but it is totally doable. I'm working 20 hours, but I know people in class who are working full-time and also doing fine...they just seem slightly more stressed out, but they are pulling the grades. Now the one's who have kids AND work full time are VERY stressed. It's all about time management though. The information isn't really hard, you just have to find time to study and practice. Classes are on Tues and Thurs evening. Clinicals are on Sat. and Sun. morning, but you will also have to be there an additional hour each week for "small group" lab where they teach you your skills for the hospital. Times for small group vary...you get to pick your top 2 choices. You also have an hour of supervised practice before you test for each skill and then you have to sign up to actually test, but skills testing only lasts 15 minutes. It's sounds like a lot and you'll feel like you always have to stop by school for something, but it is still doable and from what I understand it isn't like that for the rest of your classes. They just have to make sure you know your skills before doing them for the first time in the hospital. The main instructor for Funds is great...he really makes class fun and I think he also teaches Med Surg I. The clinical instructors are nice too, some are harder than others, but overall they all know their stuff. For clinical we go to Franklin Sq, Good Sam, and Upper Chesapeake. I think there are more for the next class, but so far that is it. Hope this helps. Let us know if you have more questions! Good luck!
  11. NursePru

    Any essex night/weekend people ???

    Disregard my question. I got in, but I'm getting the same results as you. Says I'm not authorized.
  12. NursePru

    Any essex night/weekend people ???

    I can't even get logged into Web CT How did you get a password for it? I have my student ID, but I don't see anything where we can set it up and I have never used it before. I've just been studying the words from the Mosby's Medical Dictionary since I can't get in.
  13. NursePru

    Roll Call---How many start their RN this month!

    Start the 20th...had orientation last night and already have work to do! It's ok though...I've been waiting for this for a long time :) Good luck everyone!
  14. NursePru


    Mac lover here too...have an iBook and an old G4 Desktop. Works fine with Palm. I don't know why ANYONE would purchase a Windows PC. I worked in Graphic Design and tech support for a bit so I tend to get a lot of computer questions from my friends. My answer to their question is now, "Get a Mac."
  15. NursePru

    Whatever you do...Don't Quit.

    This is great...I'll definitely need it. I start the program this fall. Congrats on realizing your dreams!!:yelclap: