Where would your least favorite area to work be?

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  1. Least favorite area to work in........

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      Cardiac cath lab/GI Lab etc (special procedures
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      Home Health
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Take the poll....then tell us why? :)


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because I like the concrete...the physical..this does this, and then causes that! :) Not the trying decide what someones problem is, or how it can be adjusted......not explaining myself very well here......I guess the abstract..drives me nuts! :)

me :D


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LTC! I find it extremely depressing. I don't think most homes have the staff to provide the type of care these people deserve and it seems like half of them have been completely abandoned by their family. I also don't like the idea of being responsible for more than 20 patients at a time.


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LTC. Ilike to see people get back on their feet as a result of care. I think I function better in the acute care setting. Oncology would be another setting that would be difficult for me. You need a special nurse to work these areas.


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I picked psych as well. I did a stint in adolescent in-patient psych as a student and found it very sad. But the worst part was that I found myself afraid many times because some of these teens were so labile. Unfortunately, I was afraid for my own safety...:o


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Definately psych!! I was also scared for my own safety during clinical rotation. Some of the patients were very unpredictable. Fortunately, there are some understanding and caring souls that take that area on.....it's not for me. Although, we all run into a little 'psych' in our other areas don't we??? ;)


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For me it would definitely be ER. I just like to think I have some control over situations (even if I really don't.) Suprisingly, I have been working in this area for about 9 months. My greatest loves are psych and ltc.


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You didn't have Ortho/Neuro listed! I hate that area of nursing and hate when I get pulled to the Ortho unit at my place. So I chose LTC instead. I worked in a nursing home for 3 years. after a while it was very depressing. Nobody ever came to visit some people. I got hit, punched, bitten, spit on, kicked, you name it. Was called everything but a white woman too! No thanks, I'll stick to med/surg, till I find my niche !

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I picked OB L&D. Checking lochia and fundus (s), and breasts....YUK! Women who are evil in transition (at least I was!) The super high risk of complications in labor, and the possible ultimate sadness of participating in a stillbirth...not cut out for it!

Now I also hate psych, but give me a knife bradishing psychopath anyday over L&D or postpartum!

The other day, they assigned me to visit a psychotic postpartum pt for wound care. It was an very interesting visit to say the least. The pt answered the door with hair that literally looked like you see in a cartoon when someone sticks their finger in an electric socket...it got better from there!

Remind me to thank my supervisor for that one. PLEASE give me my cardiac and geri's any day!!!!

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my rule of thumb: nothing over 15lbs.:cool:


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You also didn't mention Peds. I couldn't work with terminally ill kids or critically injured kids. I work ER so I see sick and injured kids but it's short term. Any really sick or injured we transfer out to Childrens.

I give all the credit in the world to Peds nurses, you guys are special in my eyes!!:D


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OK well...our hospital ortho/neuro is part of med/surg. Peds? didnt think about that? Let me make a change here to the poll :D


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