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hoolahan is a ASN, RN and specializes in Home Health.

Mom of two teenagers

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  1. Productivity...groan

    Does anyone in case management or in particular disease management have to meet productivity "numbers?" As in how many assessments per week, contact with members per week, etc... My manager is completed focused on numbers and doesn't give a hoot abou...
  2. titration of cardiac IV drips

    I don't know of anything like what you are asking for. I can only offer that titration should be based on the half-life of the drug, and the effect it has within that time frame. In the CT unit I worked in, docs ordered titration, or weaning, of ino...
  3. Gas prices are killing me, how much does your agency reimburse?

    40.5 cents a mile. It went up 3 cents and gas went up 60 cents a gallon! Not much left over for wear and tear!
  4. Basic Home Health Care Charts

    Just do what many of my patients do, they get a notebook, and just write in it. Some family's leave me notes in there, or questions, and I answer them, usually only things like "Please order more 4x4's and gloves" and I write "OK", and they usually w...
  5. I find this to be a very accurate portrayal of the attitudes I have encountered. Is it right? Of course not! But why fault the program or writers for doing an honest job? To sugarcoat it is to do a disservice to the struggles of nurses. If you ask me...
  6. Hedis 2005...

    Ah, rub it in why don't ya! Just kidding, that sounds cool. Are you finding the diabetes and HTN measures very time consuming? I am assuming you are doing these, but I know the commercial MCO's do less measures than the Medicaid MCO's, which is where...
  7. any such thing as Male RN's in home health?

    She means Rustyhammer, one of the admin's on this forum, used to do home care. We have several male nurses at the agency I work for. It has never been a problem. It really isn't any different than the same issues you would face in a hospital. In some...
  8. Hedis 2005...

    Well, we got our assignments the end of the second week of March, and I got most of the appointments scheduled the following week. I have 4 counties in NJ, a total of 700 charts and over 250 sites. I have been on the road for 2 weeks, and the weathe...
  9. I think it's the infant because isn't like 80% of an infants total body weight water?
  10. Advice needed - Should he be fired?

    I empathize with the situation. I agree that he should be let go. Your staff needs to know that you will follow up with your expectations, and it will give them faith in you, that you will not allow one self-important person to infringe on everyone e...
  11. I cant keep doing this....

    OMG, your agency is just like mine, except that we only covered one county, and we never had to cover the whole county except for rarely on the weekend. That kind of traveling is too much. I would go to them and say no way. Let the supervisor's do th...
  12. dreading going into work tomorrow

    I did! Good to see you here. Well, you know, doo-doo happens. We can't all be saints 100% of the time. If they complained to management, I suggest you give them an apology and move on. A simple, I just wanted to say I am sorry I was short with you th...
  13. Calling all HH Nurses, roll call

    Welcome to everyone who has posted since my last post, which was too long ago. Good to see you all here. Post often.
  14. Typical Day For A Home Health Nurse | Life of a Nurse

    I used LOL = Little Old Lady, way before the days of lol on the internet. Just ask, and we'll explain them.

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