Where would your least favorite area to work be?

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  1. Least favorite area to work in........

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      Cardiac cath lab/GI Lab etc (special procedures
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Psych is definitely out for me! The only experience I have had was in nursing school. How depressing! I looked after a young man for an extended period of time...seemed to get better, went home...felt pretty good about what I had helped him accomplish. Saw his obituary in the paper the following week.


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I despise psych...mostly 'cause my mom is a headshrink, and I spent the greater amount of my early childhood on up through college having to endure her 'clients' coming first. You know, getting called @ 2330 'cause one of her whackball kids just chugged a bottle of nair in the middle of a convenience store (true story...actually happened...). Finding my pet mice killed and jewelry stolen when she had some of her 'clients' over at our house for group activities (she specializes in juvenile sexual predators and juvenile sociopaths...nice, huh?)...neat stuff like that.

So, needless to say, I loathe and detest psych with every fiber of my being, and it was nothing short of torture for me to get through my psych rotation in nsg school. Ironically, I have inherited a sort of 'sixth sense' when it comes to psych crap. I do quite well with the stillbirth patients that most people can't handle.

Anyhoo, I hate psych because my whole life has been one big psych rotation/class, and have had my fill. All you psych nurses out there...my hat off to ya...couldn't/wouldn't do your job in a million years!!


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Hoolahan, I'm wtih you on the L&D thing. Lochia and fundi blow!

But, there are those times in L&D when the fecal matter can hit a

rotating blade. Then it can be fun. I picked LTC. But what I can't stand very well is daily routine. I liked psych when the wall banging crazies came in. L&D when things went bad. ICU when a

post op or cardiac was ctd. And ER because you never know what may come through the doors. Gary


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LTC--I feel sorry for the poor little people, especially when they have no family to come see them. And I don't think I would ever feel like I was going enough. But thank god for the nurses that do it.

I was suprised not to see renal on the list. Renal is what I work and love it, but I always hear float/pool nurses complaining about having to work on our unit....I'll be the first to admit it is hard though.

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I would pick neuro (if it was on the list) because I need to be able to communicate with the patients, and see some kind of response, even if they drink Nair(ugh).

My second choice would be LTC because they have the same neuro issues, and no hope of recovery. But...I have a soft spot for old folks needing a little TLC, so so long as there was enough staffing for me to indulge myself I would be happy.

For that Nair kid- as his parent I would have let him go home and be sick. And I would have told him he had served himself right, the little hellion.

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ER would be the worst for me. I like to be able to organize myself and have a plan for my shift. I like to be able to establish a lasting relationship with my patients. I don't like being forced into making quick decisions. Too much excitement makes me sick to my stomach.

I did enjoy LTC BUT it has to be in a facility that is adequately staffed.


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I picked psych, but LTC was a very very close second. I can't even really put it into words...I just HATED psych and LTC was too depressing.

In truth, if there had been a selection for "adults" I would have picked that. I agree with prmenrs, nothing over 15 lbs.


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I don't like psych - having to be on your guard all the time, it is like walking on egg shells. I am afraid I don't have the patience for emotional manipulators,.Mind you, psych staff are alot of fun!!I don't like LTC as been there done that and there isn't enough time or staff to treat the elderly with the proper care. It is assembly line nursing. But what is really bad is pyscho-geriatric. Now there is a combo. I worked casual on such a floor and thought I was doing penance for sins in my other life. I must have been really bad. The continual noise level of screaming and shouting and psyco-babble, the physical abuse to staff, and other patients, the lights on barely and no one at home look, it was way too much.There is a shift now on that floor that starts at 5am just to bath patients. No thank you.(and don't ever bath me at 5am) I found my niche on med and will come back to lovingly haunt it.:D...pssst is my bag on straight?

Psych. The neurotic pt's desperation for anything resembling normal gets to me.Walking on eggshells with psychotic pt's is a downer too.

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anything Oncology, hospice-too depressing everyone is dying...

Give me an old bipolar,schizophrenic-paranoid, manic depressive, psychotic killer with CAD, HTN, DM, COPD, CHF, MI,CVA, MS, Alzheimered, pressure ulcerized, GT, S/P, F/C, colostomized, tracheostomized, ventilated, geriatric veteran anyday!!!:D YEESSSSSSSSS! :D

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I just cannot work in the peds area. I really love kids but I just cannot do that type of nursing!


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another choice........somebody mentioned rehab to me. Which I figured to be the same as LTC. I was informed it is not.......so rehab is now on the list also. :D


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