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  1. Chorio s/s

    What about the elevated white count?
  2. Frustrating!

    How much longer are you there? Just continue to do your job and try and ignore staff.
  3. Med error? help im going to loose ky mind thinking about this!!!!!!

    avenellpn82, google PDR and look under Rocephin will find all the information you need.
  4. Overnight Homecare CNA would like advice

    Is she expecting to to stay awake all night? If not will she allow you to bring in a blow up bed to use in the living room? Would be taken down in the am.
  5. Where to get good experience for acute care pediatrics?

    Well if peds is your passion then do it! I think you might be happier in peds LTC. There will be plenty to learn,hopefully you will enough experience to reapply at the Children's Hospital. Just my 2cents!
  6. fun: what does this photo say to you?

    What? You REALLY want me to work a double shift!!!!
  7. LPN with Felony Conviction

    In my state,a felony conviction will cause suspension of the license. Check your states BON,the information should be posted on their site.
  8. worst death you've seen

    I have seen many,many deaths but the one that was so hard for me was my younger brother. He had esophageal cancer. He had it for less than a year before he died.We took care of him at home,he lived 4 months after diagnosis.We rotated family members d...
  9. Advice needed for coworker problems!!!

    I am so sorry about the situation you are in.I think you need to first speak to an employment attorney and see how they can help you.Then you need to get out even if it means working at another hospital or not working for a while. Yes report the aid ...
  10. hospice question

    Do you think it is not used because it is such a mild pain killer?
  11. Gave up an LVN job.

    Congratulations on your new job!I worked for the military in the past and loved the job! I had numerous opportunities for further education. Any skills you lose can be easily relearned.Good luck and enjoy the job!
  12. rotator cuff surgery

    I had my repair done about 8 years ago. I had an easy recovery. I did PT for 3 months and have 100% mobility and no pain. Showering was limited until the incision healed but I was still able to wash.Driving not an option for a few weeks. I was up and...
  13. Need Encouragement

    Your speed and organizational skills will improve. Ask other nurses to share some of their tips. Are you concerned about your pt's BP is too low? Verify orders with the MD. The first year is difficult but you will become more confident as time goes o...
  14. Just for fun - Your favorite vacation spot in NC!

    The outer banks are my favorite place!
  15. Does Death Have A Smell?

    I have always noticed the smell of death.I would describe it as very similar to what others smell. I think the smell lingers on me,I have to shower,wash my hair and wash my clothes. My brother died at home....I could smell it even a while after he di...