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KRVRN is a BSN, RN and specializes in NICU.

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  1. KRVRN

    Forced meds?

    Is she pregnant? If she's that developmentally delayed she may have lacked the ability to consent to sex and that might explain some of her refusal to be reasoned with as far as meds?
  2. KRVRN

    RVN: Registered Veterinary Nurse, what do you think?

    Over the years I've noticed that once someone starts listing off all the procedures, details, and things they know, they probably don't know as much as a nurse. Maybe it's confidence or a certain smugness, but I'm a RN. If you are a RN, you won't see any need to question the depth of what I know, nor I you. We each know that a nurse doesn't just know how to do things, it goes much deeper than that.
  3. KRVRN

    Why do some nurses hate it in others pump at work?

    Well pumping isn't something that you can say "Oh, the unit is crazy today, I just won't take any pumping breaks..."
  4. KRVRN

    This person outranks me?!

    You have a collection of snippets of info that you know that he doesn't. You claim he should know more than you, but not knowing several snippets of info doesn't mean much. All areas of nursing have a body of info specific to it. As others have pointed out, "IVF" is an example. The knowledge base of a RN is much larger than a collection of snippets. If you truly think he doesn't have a clue, you need better examples that these...
  5. KRVRN

    Pre-employment physical

    It's very basic. Are you basically able to see, hear, walk, stand, use your hands and arms in full ROM, etc. They might check if you're color blind. If you can't do any of those they might explore what accomodations you'll need. They'll probably drug test you which is why they want to know your medications.
  6. The reason you can't wear gloves all shift is because you can't wash gloved hands. Once the gloves have touched something they are contaminated with whatever you touched and you have to take them off. Also, when you put on a pair of gloves your hands touch the outside of the gloves. So whatever is on your hands will be in contact with the outside of your gloves. Fake nails are considered contaminated so your gloves would be comtaminated.
  7. KRVRN

    That's not a bad nurse

    "I want the doctor to start my IV" No, no you don't. You want the nurse that all the nurses agree is the best.
  8. KRVRN

    Rocephin Injection

    It's not as harmful as you think. When giving the vitamin K shot to a one pound baby it's easy to hit the vone and I've had our doctors say it's not harmful.
  9. KRVRN

    ADC 605 vs Littmann class II infant

    True, a lot of NICUs have a stethoscope for each pt. My unit switched to this right after I replaced my old, cracked one. í ½í¸¡
  10. KRVRN

    Should I commute?

    I'm tempted to respond with live rent free and drive 90 min. But are you sure you can get there on time? Let one of us SoCal drivers who doesn't know how to drive in the rain have an accident and you've just added another 30 min!
  11. Why weren't you notified of the indicated neglect? By certified mail for instance. Should you have been but weren't?
  12. KRVRN


    You don't need to see a psychiatrist to be prescribed antidepressants, if meds are the direction you think you'll need to go.
  13. KRVRN

    Hipaa violation-What happens to RN?

    It sounds like this nurse went a step or two beyone merely calling up a census list and seeing which nurse was assigned to which pt. It's mentioned that she went through charts one by one. She didn't think she was violating HIPAA (I assume) since she wasn't really trying to snoop through pt info, but in reality she would be in violation for every pt chart she opened--assuming it wasn't just a census list. Though my employer would probably want to know why you called up a census list for a unit other than the one you were in, but I don't know if that's necessarily a violation or not. I've known HIPAA violations to lead to warnings or to termination.
  14. I think you missed your calling as a NICU nurse...
  15. KRVRN

    Occupational exposure to floor wax

    I read your whole post and I don't have a headache. Paragraphs would have been nice but I can tell you are discussing a concern you have so I will respond rather than continuing to scroll by. I feel bad for you. It seems you have your symptoms documented. Perhaps your manager needs to plan with the housekeepers to wax when you aren't working or change your schedule? If patients are also having issues then perhaps they need to rethink their floor care strategy.
  16. KRVRN

    Bicarbonate HC03 - As High as 43?

    Pt sounds very compensated. CO2 and pH?