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KRVRN is a BSN, RN and specializes in NICU.

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  1. KRVRN

    The Story of Nathan - 42 Years Later...

    Wow. A lovely story. That was obviously in the pre-surfactant days. Nowadays he'd be intubated, given surfactant, then probably extubated to NCPAP in the morning. NCPAP for awhile, then the feeder-grower thing. Amazing.
  2. KRVRN

    Forced meds?

    Is she pregnant? If she's that developmentally delayed she may have lacked the ability to consent to sex and that might explain some of her refusal to be reasoned with as far as meds?
  3. KRVRN

    Job interview while pregnant

    An interviewer can't ask if you're pregnant.
  4. KRVRN

    Cna incident investigation

    NurseBlaq I thought you weren't discussing this anymore?
  5. KRVRN

    D50 amps

    Asymptommatic? Unexpected responses? That would make me troubleshoot the equipment, switch glucometers, warm hands, question insulin overdose. Does the pt have this happen sometimes?
  6. KRVRN

    Rationale for donning PPE in correct order?

    Gloves have to go on after the hat and mask because touching your hair or face contaminates your gloves. So hat and mask go on with clean hands, then hand hygiene and then gown and gloves. For removal the dirty gloves come off before touching your hat and mask because you risk contaminating your hair and face with your dirty gloves. So gloves off (gown usually at the same time), then hand hygiene, then hat and mask come off with clean hands. Then hand hygiene again because you just touched your hair and face.
  7. KRVRN

    Turning babies Every 2 hours?

    We only q2 hr repositioning for babies on hypothermia blanket. Everyone else is q4 or even 6 hr if unslable. Micropreemies are still supine midline, but we can do a bit of a logroll tilt for their head and bodies. I don't know why, but NICU patients just don't seem to get pressure sores. I've only seen one, and that was on the back of the scalp of a poor little hydrops preemie with severe, severe edema. We just couldn't position him any other way but supine/midline and still oxygenate. :-(
  8. KRVRN

    Manager Insists....

    So is that okay to do? Accessing patient charts when you aren't on the clock and they aren't technically your patient? HIPAA and all?
  9. KRVRN

    Manager Insists....

    Everything gets rounded to the nearest quarter hour. 1922 rounds to 1915 and 1923 rounds to 1930. If you are to work 12 hrs you have to clock out no sooner than 1923, otherwise you only worked 11hrs 45 min. (off clock 30 min for lunch). Definitely stay long enough or you might be docked 15 min of PTO. But she wants you to clock at 1930 instead of 1923? Maybe that's so she doesn't feel like you got 7 free minutes.
  10. KRVRN

    Why do some nurses hate it in others pump at work?

    Well it should be pointed out that pumping isn't as quick and easy as going to the bathroom. You have to walk to your pumping place, plug things in, hook everything up, undo your clothes and pump. Then you have to clean everything back up, disinfect the area you used and put your milk in the fridge (yes, it's probably in her lunch bag in the employees break room fridge). And that's assuming you don't have to wait because there's already someone pumping. So the actual pump on breast time might be only 10-15 min, but the whole process takes longer.
  11. KRVRN

    RVN: Registered Veterinary Nurse, what do you think?

    Over the years I've noticed that once someone starts listing off all the procedures, details, and things they know, they probably don't know as much as a nurse. Maybe it's confidence or a certain smugness, but I'm a RN. If you are a RN, you won't see any need to question the depth of what I know, nor I you. We each know that a nurse doesn't just know how to do things, it goes much deeper than that.
  12. KRVRN

    Why do some nurses hate it in others pump at work?

    Well pumping isn't something that you can say "Oh, the unit is crazy today, I just won't take any pumping breaks..."
  13. KRVRN

    This person outranks me?!

    You have a collection of snippets of info that you know that he doesn't. You claim he should know more than you, but not knowing several snippets of info doesn't mean much. All areas of nursing have a body of info specific to it. As others have pointed out, "IVF" is an example. The knowledge base of a RN is much larger than a collection of snippets. If you truly think he doesn't have a clue, you need better examples that these...
  14. KRVRN

    Pre-employment physical

    It's very basic. Are you basically able to see, hear, walk, stand, use your hands and arms in full ROM, etc. They might check if you're color blind. If you can't do any of those they might explore what accomodations you'll need. They'll probably drug test you which is why they want to know your medications.
  15. The reason you can't wear gloves all shift is because you can't wash gloved hands. Once the gloves have touched something they are contaminated with whatever you touched and you have to take them off. Also, when you put on a pair of gloves your hands touch the outside of the gloves. So whatever is on your hands will be in contact with the outside of your gloves. Fake nails are considered contaminated so your gloves would be comtaminated.
  16. KRVRN

    That's not a bad nurse

    "I want the doctor to start my IV" No, no you don't. You want the nurse that all the nurses agree is the best.